About Us

ActivePedal was built from a team with a lifelong passion of cycling. In our point of view, cycling is a great way for us to immerse ourselves in nature, enjoy good health and be cheerful in every moment.

As cycling enthusiasts, we truly understand the importance of choosing a right bike with the right accessories to help you ride better, happier and more enduring.

Therefore, from many years of experience using and learning quite a lot of things about bicycles, we created this website with a view to sharing with you the most practical knowledge about bikes and help you to choose a can’t-be-wrong bike for your needs. Also, we cover a number of topics around necessary gears for you to pick on the journey with your two-wheel friend.

We regularly monitor our content to make sure they are epic and up-to-date.

Another issue that we are concerned with is the environmental pollution caused by the transportation vehicles. What could be more wonderful than we can both indulge in our hobby (that’s cycling) and help save the environment simultaneously? This question plays an important role in encouraging us to start this website.

Our biggest wish for this website is to inspire readers to get outside and start cycling joyfully. We hope that you may find some useful piece of content here.

If you want to get in touch, please visit this page and send us an email.

Have fun cycling.

ActivePedal Team.