Best Women’s Road Bikes

Best Women's Road Bikes

Nowadays, more and more women are choosing cycling as an effective workout to keep them fit and healthy. Unlike other workout routines done exclusively inside the home or a gym facility, cycling offers an exciting environment, the outdoor.

You get a chance to be with nature, breathe fresh air, and become adventurous on biking trails. What type of road bike will best fit women? There are many types of bikes to choose from. Yet, the best women’s road bike should fit comfortably with her delicate body frame.

I looked at several factors between the best ladies road bikes in this list below and decided that Trek Doman SL 5 stood out from the pack.

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5 Best Women’s Road Bikes

1. Trek Domane SL 5

Best Overall Women Road Bike

Trek Domane SL 5

The Trek Domane SL 5 is by far the best when it comes to performance. Trek make this bike to provide a smooth ride for its owner.

Thanks to its lightweight Optimum Compaction Low Void (OCLV) Carbon frame. The rider won’t feel any fatigue when biking long-distance.

With regard to speed, this bike is equipped with IsoSpeeds, both on the front and rear. It gives rider stability even on rugged roads.

The wheels of Domane SL 5 are 40mm deep-section Bontrager wheels. They work well in crosswinds because the wheels thick circumference provides enough grip and steering power even on bumpy corners.

The braking system is definitely impressive. The bike has flat-mount discs brakes and 2×11 Shimano 105 groupset. It gives the rider full control and stopping power regardless of weather conditions.

Another feature that makes Trek Domane SL 5 a standout is the provision of internal storage. Riders can store tools including biking essentials.


  • Bike frame is made from OCLV carbon frame
  • Features sleek internal storage and cable routing
  • Integrated with Shimano discs brakes, IsoSpeed fron,t and rear
  • Bike’s suitability for all-day adventures on open roads, club and racing rides


  • The bike weight is a bit heavy

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2. Ribbles R872

Most customizable

Ribble R872 - Enthusiast

Ribbles R872 is the women race bike that you can custom-build it based on your personality, needs, and budget.

The frame is available in three colors. The rest of the bike’s components is upgradeable. All depends on the rider’s level (novice riders, aspiring cyclist).

The bike has lightweight built with 11-speed, 11-32 cassette and 5-34 chainset. It’s excellent for hilly rides. The ergonomic handlebar gives the rider a comfortable grip, making turning and twisting more synchronized.

As for the wheels, the rider can choose from three models. They are the Continental 25mm or 28 mm width, the Challenge Paris-Roubaix 27mm, or Conti Ultra Sports with 25mm.

If you want durable wheels, invest in Conti’s with maximum puncture protection. They are proven to be tough on roads.

Should you buy this bike? The Ribbles R872 would be a good starter if you just start cycling and aim to be good in this outdoor sport. The bike can be custom built to match cycling know-how and be upgraded as you progressed.


  • Customizable to fit a rider’s body built, biking skills and budget
  • Has a lightweight carbon frame and fork construction
  • Product comes with 30 days cycle insurance against damage, theft or accidents


  • The bike geometry might to hostile for some rider

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3. Diamondback Bicycles Arden

Best for Fitness Training

Next on the list is The Diamondback Bicycles Arden Women’s Endurance Road Bike. Its design caters to newbie riders that want to explore all types of open roads including hilly tracks.

At initial glance, the green shade of the bike’s aluminum frame, geometric rad, and the top tube will surely capture women riders. One good thing is the bike sizes also come with versions applicable to women’s body frames ranging from XXS to large.

The speed gear specification of this bike is only 9-speed Shimano Sora shifting. Expect the bike to feel a bit heavy, but it can cycle efficiently without skipping. The bike has an 11-32 cassette, which makes riding uphill more manageable.

The tires have 28c width, offer more stability when compared with traditional slim road tires. Furthermore, the frame can fit 30mm tires. The braking system features Tektro flat-mount mechanical discs brakes on the front and rear. This, as a result, offers full-stop braking power on all-weather conditions.

Is this the perfect bike for you? If you want a bike that offers a smooth ride on the road, including uphill, the Arden Women’s Endurance Road Bike is a wise choice. It’s designed and built for more open road adventures. Moreover, the bike’s sizing availability has also for women. So, you get a chance to pick the right bike size for your body frame.


  • Bike gear mechanism is Shimano Tiagra 2-10 drivetrain and Shimano FC-RS400 crank
  • Product has lightweight carbon construction
  • Tires are 700x28c Century Folding Bead Tires
  • Mechanical discs brakes deliver maximum control power in harsh conditions


  • Difficulty when setting it up

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4. Priority Apollo Gravel

Best for Gravel Ride

Priority Apollo Gravel

The Priority Apollo Gravel has everything that women look for in an entry level road bike. It has lightweight built, comfortable, and incredibly fast. The entire frame is from premium carbon fiber with an aerodynamic fork tube, giving rider control even on wet or slippery bike trails.

The bike has Shimano Afine 11, with 11-speed drivetrain rockets, assuring rider optimum performance on any biking trail.

Its discs brakes are TRP Sypre, proved to have stabilized motion even when riding with such speed. Among the highlighted features of this bike, is its saddle with a pressure relief zone. Female riders can sit comfortably even during lengthy bike terrains.

Is it right for you? This bike is a suitable riding gear for any female rider that prefers riding at tremendous speed. It’s engineered with reliable shifting gear and brake system, giving the rider confidence to stop at full power when the need arises.


  • Suit for woman geometry
  • Built with TRP Spyre brakes
  • Fast with Shimano’s Afine 11 drivetrain


  • Aluminum (not carbon) frameset

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5. Trek Domane AL 2 Disc

Best for Those on a Budget

Trek Domane AL2 Disc

The Domane AL 2 Disc would be a great introductory road bike for any newbie female cyclist. The frame is designed to fit the female’s body built. As for the bike’s engineering, I must say the bike-s 16-speed Shimano drivetrain integrated with shifters is remarkably amazing.

Moreover, the shifters have brake levers, which allows the rider to shift gear anytime. Plus, the varying gear selections enables biker to adjust pace and momentum on different terrains.

One of the distinct features that this bike has to offer to a female rider in the saddle and handlebar. It gives a sense of belongingness as if it was solely created for you.

The fork is constructed with IsoSpeed Carbon, making it shock and impact resistant. So, even on dropouts or bumpy rides, the rider would not feel fatigued.

Another highlighted feature of this bike is the DuoTrap S compatibility. What benefit it can give to the rider? It allows the rider to monitor each riding session, which is vital in performing self-analysis of one’s cycling progress.

Is this bike for you? If you are a beginner cyclist this bike would be a good option. It possesses the features that would make a road bike comfortable and functional to women.


  • Budget-friendly road bike
  • The saddle is specifically designed to fit the female body frame
  • Bike frame is made from lightweight aluminum material


  • Brakes need a bit more responsive

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What are the types of women’s road bikes?

What are the types of women road bikes

Women’s best road bikes are classified in different categories based on their functionalities. These road bikes may have special features to perform efficiently on flat roads and rugged terrains. Here’s a list of road bikes that any female cyclist may consider depending on needs or level of cycling expertise.

  • Aero women’s road bike

This type of road bike is specifically designed to perform with greater speed and not more on comfort to the rider. Among the features that stand out with an aero bike include large tubing profiles and deep sectioned wheels. This type of road bike is way more expensive than the rest. Also, they are not suitable for most women who are just starting out. Therefore, I do not include them in the top 5 products recommended for you.

  • Endurance women’s road bike

The endurance bike as Trek Domane SL 5 is becoming a favorite for serious cyclists. They are able to cope with lengthy bike rides like Gran Fondo events. You can easily notice an endurance bike on the road because of its stable handle, upright sitting position, and discs brakes.

Some models of endurance bikes have compact built, bigger tires, and a vibrating damping mechanism.

  • Lightweight women’s road bike 

Another type of women’s road preferred by many riders on the street is the lightweight bike. This road bike has a lightweight frame, fork, and frames. They perform best when ridden on hilly terrains and going down. Trek Doman AL2 is a typical lightweight road bike for women.

  • Touring women’s road bike

A woman on a gravel road bike

If you are an adventurous female rider and join to all-road bike events with varying levels of biking trails such as gravel or wet conditions, the touring bike as Ribble R872 is the best. It’s designed to deliver superior strength in any type of terrain. It has the same level of endurance found in a road bike. The touring bike offers the female rider a comfortable ride with its upright sitting position.

  • Recreational or fitness women’s road bike

The recreational or fitness bike is recommended for beginners that solely want to stay fit and active. These bikes have with flat handlebars, flat pedals, and easy-pedaling gear ratios. The Diamondback Bicycles Arden in the list is suitable for those who need a bike for fitness training.

What size of a women’s bike should I get?

The sizes of bikes range from small, medium, and large. But, some types of bikes like mountain bikes and hybrid bikes that have a size in centimeter or inches.

Like clothing, sizing may differ from one brand to another. You may find a particular bike brand’s medium size to appear short to another.

When it comes to online shopping sites, the sizing chart may show sizes based on a person’s height, while others may require a specific measurement of the customer’s inner leg length.

Whenever possible, it’s advisable to do a demo ride on the bike to assess its suitability.

Why invest in a women’s bike?

Women should carefully choose a bike that will fit their body shape and size. There are models of bikes categorized as “unisex bikes” that some women may find comfortable to ride.

But, it’s still vital to get the right bike that conforms to the specific needs of a woman rider like the handlebar reach and saddle height.

How to choose the best women’s bike?

Choosing the best female road bike can be quite challenging. Women may have special needs when compared with men.

With many of the bikes in the market designed to fit the men’s body frame, women have difficulty finding the perfect match due to their shorter arms and leg lengths, smaller frame, and weight.

Besides, there is no bike model that fits all cyclists. Here are some pointers to consider to help pick a bike designed for women.

  • Shop around

While you have time shop around from one bike store to another. Look for a bike with the marking “WSD” because this indicates that it fit a woman’s body form.

  • Sit on the bike

When presented with various bikes and can’t decide which is the best for you, better sit on the bike’s saddle for a few minutes.

The saddle should be wide enough to support your hips, as women, in general, have wider hips than men. Plus, it should not cause any form of discomfort such as the feeling of numbness.

  • Examine the width of handlebars

Examine the width of handlebars

Normally, The men’s bike has wide handlebars, approximately 40 centimeters. This could be an issue for women because of their smaller frames.

When shopping around looking for bikes examine the measurement of the handlebars. If you have a smaller body built, go for narrower handlebars.

  • Compare the bike’s reach

You can determine the bike’s reach by trying several bikes. Reach refers to the distance from the seat and handlebars. We use two factors as a basis such as height and arms’ length.

The ideal bike should allow you to sit comfortably and be able to reach the handlebars without stretching your arms.

Final thoughts

The above products are for every female customer on the lookout for the best women road bike. Every cyclist regardless of gender must pay close attention to each bike’s highlighted features.

Remember, not all bikes sold in the market are alike. Each brand of the bike can offer a variety of models to choose from. For a women road bike to be a perfect biking partner to any female rider, performing a test drive is a must.

However, if you are buying online take time to get to know the bike’s specs, sizes including other special features that will provide a smooth ride.

As for this review, the top-performing brand is the Trek Domane SL 5. It’s a type of bike that everyone would be proud of. It has a sporty design and highly dependable regardless you are biking on paved or rough roads.


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