Best Women Cruiser Bikes

best womens cruiser bike

One of the bike lanes with a timeless design is the cruiser style. This bike is especially suitable for women to become a daily bike for commuting purposes. The colors and techniques of this cycle are totally feminine.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney bike will be almost the first choice for consumers because of its appearance, material, and strength. Almost everyone feels this bike satisfies one of their specific requirements.

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Let’s explore in more detail the list of 10 best women cruiser bikes below.

1. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 

Best overall

Brand: Sixthreezero | Frame Material: Aluminum | Weight: 39.68Ib | Wheel size: 26 Inches | Drivetrain:  7-Speed Step

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney focuses most on the benefit of the driver’s body position. The factors of comfort and safety are the highest level. Standard bike riding posture: straight back, head up, feet flat while still sitting on the saddle, comfortable hand stretch.

The 26-inch wheel design incorporates 2-inch wide semi-slick tires that stable ride and smooth movement. The drivetrain 7-Speed ​​step allows you to cycle for miles and short distances. Simple road surface and less uphill. There will be no fatigue after a multi-mile bike ride with this product.

The design has more fenders and a synchronized rear rack, easy to combine with an optional basket.

The model comes in two options: the 26-inch model fits riders from 5 feet to 6 feet, 4 inches tall. The 24-inch bike is excellent for riders from 4 feet, 3 inches to 4 feet, 11 inches.

Appearance, the bike has a vintage design with elegant colors and durable paint. The frame and wheel rim material is aluminum alloy, while the fork and the headset are steel. This bike has an average weight, precise driving feeling.

This weight is also suitable for most bike racks if you want to carry your bike on long journeys. One more thing that makes you more satisfied with this EVRYjourney is the safe and gentle control of the handbrake system.


  • Safe
  • Comfortable driving posture
  • Classic, beautiful colors
  • The bike operates smoothly


  • Complex assembly

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2. Schwinn Perla Womens Beach Cruiser Bike

Runner up

Schwinn Perla Womens Beach Cruiser

Brand: Schwinn | Frame Material: Steel | Weight: 45.4Ib | Wheel size: 26 Inches | Drivetrain:  7-Speed Step

Schwinn’s product – an American Icon with a history of nearly 130 years – has the mission to create bikes that bring a sense of freedom to the rider. The Schwinn Perla is a cruiser-style bike that genuinely feels comfortable with a soft, smooth seat with quilted and springs below.

Your back will be upright while riding, the width of the pedals is large, supporting the soles of your feet smoothly. This bike is suitable for people with a height of 5 “4 to 5″ 9. Yet, the saddle is high, so you cannot sit on the saddle while supporting both feet on the road surface. The step over height is only 19”, so leaving the saddle standing on the ground is not inconvenient for women.

There are four lovely colors for you to choose this product. Contrary to the femininity of color, the 7 speed-step rearward movement is mighty. There are no problems if you go on hard roads paved with rocks or cycle up a small hill. Alloy linear-pull brakes will assist you when needed.

Five components need to be self-assembled with this product: the handlebar, front wheel, pedals, seat, and fenders. You must also install the brakes yourself. The manufacturer has prepared all the necessary tools in the box for you to do this. Installation is a bit complicated, but make sure you check the front wheel first. In some unfortunate cases, the front wheel is bent. But, the manufacturer will quickly assist you in this case.

Because the bike has a feminine design, some parts seem thin, with many small details. If you do not want to do the installation yourself, you can use the professionals’ installation service.


  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Drivetrain is smooth
  • Easy to control the bike with a comfortable body posture


  • Thin tires, easy to curl rims

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3. sixthreezero Around The Block

Best for Comfort

sixthreezero Around the Block Women's Casual Edition

Brand: Sixthreezero | Frame Material: Steel | Weight: 40Ib | Wheel size: 26 Inches | Drivetrain:  4 options

The signature element of Sixthreezero products is the perfect cycling posture: vertical back, gentle rolling pedal. The low saddle so you can support your legs down while still sitting and your lower legs’ pose, comfortable feet when rolling pedal.

Besides, the handlebar design allows you to change the tilt so that your body is as comfortable as possible. Around The Block with 2,125-inch wide aluminum wheels with large waffle tread tires makes it extremely safe when cornering on the road. In the event of a sudden need to brake, the wheels will avoid sliding.

Available in four gearing options – single-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed for your choice.

Since the bike needs to install some parts, some customers find it difficult with the saddle and pedal. Occasionally while riding a bicycle, the pedal made an unwanted “click” sounding. Look carefully at the installation instructions so that no details are left out. Another choice is you can use the manufacturer’s full installation service.


  • Comfortable posture when cycling
  • The tire is thick, anti-slip
  • Many drivetrain options.


  • It is challenging to install the saddle and pedal.

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4. Priority Coast

Best for Commuting


Brand: Priority | Frame Material: Alloy Aluminum | Weight: 26Ib | Wheel size: 26 Inches | Drivetrain: Gates Carbon Drive Belt

Coast by Priorityan ultralight bike, just 26Ib, with frame and folk made of rust-proof aluminum alloy. Priority Coast is a great bicycle. It is amazingly resistant to sand, salt, and water conditions tested in various coastal regions. Details such as the rim, spokes have excellent rust resistance.

Plus, the Gates Carbon Drive Belt combined with sealed bearings, will put an end to your frustration if sand gets into the movement system. Beach cycling has never been so softer.

Braking is also significant. It has a traditional beach cruiser foot (coaster) rear brake, a front hand brake, and a double kickstand. This is a durable machine for the people of the sea. The shifting gearbox is also powerful enough if you use it for a short ride. The slightly steep road shouldn’t be a problem either. This gearbox does not need extra oil to operate.


  • Outstanding materials and features
  • Super light
  • Super durable
  • Suitable for coastal climate


  • High price

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5. Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike

Best for short riders

Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike

Brand: Schwinn | Frame Material: Steel | Weight: 44Ib | Wheel size: 26 Inches | Drivetrain:  7-Speed rear derailleur with SRAM

Seven-speed rear derailleur with SRAM system optimized for short trips. The frame and fork of this bike are large, made of steel, so the bike is heavy, nearly 44Ib. The retro design, tall frame but still comfortable for cyclists with the comfort of saddle and handle.

The hand brake is simple but works well. The aluminum rim is very light, giving the feeling of journey’ mastering. And equipment such as the fenders and the rear rack is always ready to help you have a complete trip. Schwinn Sanctuary 7 is a basic cruiser bike, giving the rider a sense of nostalgia.

Tires have always been a problem with Schwinn. It’s often difficult to match the rim.


  • The drivetrain is good
  • Nostalgic design
  • The brakes are minimalistic, easy to install


  • Can’t go off-road

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6. sixthreezero Relaxed Body

Best for City Touring

sixthreezero Relaxed Body

Brand: Sixthreezero | Frame Material: Aluminum | Weight: 38Ib | Wheel size: 26 Inches | Drivetrain:  7 Speed-step

Ergonomic riding position and forward pedaling always are Sixthreezero’s product elements.

The construction of this bike is suitable for many people. The height allowed by cyclists is quite wide: from 5 feet to 6 feet4. The curved design of the frame and the appropriate handlebar design make the bike look trendy.

The frame material is aluminum alloy, which makes the overall weight relatively light, only 38Ib. The saddle and handle are smooth, curved according to the user’s body structure, optimizing the experience.

Drivetrain 7 speed-step, crank arm length 170mm, combined with a 26 “x1.95” semi-slick tires cruiser makes Sixthreezero Relaxed Body become the best bike for city touring. The front and rear handbrake systems are also effortless to control. It wouldn’t be challenging to use it for a 20-mile city tour with the recommended speed of 10-15mph.


  • High-quality materials
  • Variety of functions
  • Suitable for many users
  • Beautiful design


  • Expensive

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7. Huffy 24″ Panama Jack Beach Cruiser Bike

Best cruiser bike with basket

Huffy 24 Panama Jack Beach Cruiser Bike, Sky Blue

Brand: Huffy | Frame Material: Aluminum | Weight: 41Ib | Wheel size: 24 Inches | Drivetrain:  Singer Speed

Inspired by the blue sea and white sand, Panama Jack has a signature style. The simple bike completes your outing with a single drivetrain, chain guard, front basket, linear-pull brake.

The soft, cork-style grips maintain a light touch, cushy saddle with springs against squirrels. 24inch wheels suitable for women, for short distances. Included accessories include a front cart, cup holder, bottle opener, and rear rack. Perfect for a beach pity.


  • Beautiful design
  • Many utilities included
  • Good price


  • There is a state of rust.

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8. Electra Townie 7D Step-Through Bike

Best for sturdiness

Electra Townie 7D Step-Through Bike

Brand: Electra | Frame Material: Aluminum | Weight: 34Ib | Wheel size: 26 Inches | Drivetrain:  7 Speed

Electra Townie 7D has a high price, commensurate with the quality of each of its parts. The bike is very charming with lovely colors. It weighs only 34Ib, so women favor this bike. The bike’s components are harmoniously combined.

It has a powerful 7-speed movement system, the bike is beautiful and very excellent in motion. The first is the frame made from aluminum. Curled frame suitable for facilitating many female outfits. The rider is comfortable because of the standard posture. Straight back, head up, comfortable arm span, reducing the impact force on the wrist and shoulder joints.

Flat Foot Technology ™ geometry allows bicyclists to sit on the saddle and touch their feet’ soles to the ground. Simultaneously, with the rolling pedal position, the rider can comfortably stretch their legs. The fork material is uni-crown rigid, and most other parts are alloy, such as handlebar, gear hub, front hub, stem, seat post. The saddle is a subtle design, embracing the driver’s body, soft with ergonomic with elastomer bumpers. Rim has an alloy double wall structure to avoid mud. Semi-slick street 26×2.0inch tires come standard with the rim brake making the highest safety.

Electra Townie 7D is stable in every detail. What an excellent material bike it is.


  • Elegant design
  • Outstanding material
  • Standard cyclist’s posture
  • Very light


  • The price is relatively high

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9. Schwinn Mikko

Best Classic

Schwinn Mikko & Huron

Brand: Schwinn | Frame Material: Steel | Weight: 40Ib | Wheel size: 26 Inches | Drivetrain:  3 options: 1,3,7-speed

Classic is the spirit in the design of this product. As the expected standard of quality of manufacturer Schwinn, Mikko stands out for its pure classics. The bicycle reminds us of the bustling ports of buyers and fishers in a crowded working sea town. All the details of the product are quite classical.

The bicycle frame material is steel, so the base weight of the bike is heavy. There are three options for the movement system. If you’re going every day in town, a singer speed drivetrain should suffice. If there are long-distance trips, the road is a bit rough; consider the three or 7-speed drivetrain version. Of course, the prices of the three products will increase.

With this bike, do not worry about it raining because the front and rear fenders help the rider and the chain system clean. The rear coaster brake requires a bit of time to get used to but offers a pleasant feeling of control. Pedals are very compatible with foot movements. It has absolutely no lag when cycling forward or backward. Of course, these brakes will wear your tires quickly. That’s why the tires of the 7-speed version have a width of up to 2.4 inches.


  • Classic, luxurious
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Simple structure, no need for regular maintenance


  • Assembly is a bit complicated

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10. Kulana Lakona Youth/Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

Best for Budget

Kulana Lakona YouthAdult Beach Cruiser Bike

Brand: Kulana | Frame Material: Steel | Weight: 48Ib | Wheel size: 26 Inches | Drivetrain:  Singer-speed

Affordable products and a wide range of color choices. Bright and outstanding colors. As a side note, this product is suitable for people 4 to 5 feet tall. Steel material in the frame, so the product is relatively heavy (48Ib). If you bring this bike on long trips, you should check the bike rack’s largest load.

Kulana Lakona Youth has a 1-speed drivetrain and rear coaster brake, controlled directly by a forward pedal. The bike has essential parts such as front and rear fenders, rear storage rack. The bike has a youthful design, with swept-back handlebars.

The combination of frame structure – saddle – crankset is appropriate to have the right driving posture. Yet, the saddle is stiff, and the frame’s construction makes it impossible to stand up above the cycle.


  • Modern design, eye-catching colors
  • Sturdy structure
  • Simple operation


  • The saddle is stiff

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What To Consider When Buying A Women Cruiser Bike?


For women, the first factor to consider when choosing a bicycle is the frame. There are two criteria for selecting a frame: style and material. First of all, about the style. The cruiser bike is suitable for a gentle, gentle image, often used for walking, customarily used for the daily commute, not for exercise. Of course, depending on the type of cruiser bike that can be used for long-distance trips or not.

Thus, if this bike can move without inconvenience with many unique outfits (dresses, dresses, and pants), it’s okay. Most ocean bicycles help the driver’s posture straight, comfortable, safe to stop due to low saddle. The low, curved frame will be suitable if you want the most comfortable driving.

Electra Townie 7D, Relaxed Body, Schwinn Perla, or EVRYjourney all meet this criterion. If you like the unmistakable style, consider a Panama Jack or Mikko.


The weight of the bike is highly dependent on the material of the frame and fork. Bikes made from aluminum or aluminum alloy are often much lighter than steel. Aluminum is both sturdy and light.

Most prominent of all were representatives of Priority Coast (24Ib) and Electra Townie 7D (36Ib). In general, every detail is perfect; Electra’s products are top-notch. If choosing a product with a medium mass but suitable for long distances, consider the EVRYjourney. (38Ib). Its large, light aluminum frame and safety hand brakes.


Schwinn products all feature quilted saddle (or felt), incorporating shock-absorbing springs underneath. Sitting on bicycles like the Perla Women Beach Cruiser Bike or Sanctuary 7 has a comfortable feeling and less back-hip fatigue. The width of this saddle is also outstanding.

The saddle design of Electra Townie 7D‘s to fit the body structure. It helps to hold the rider’s body snugly.


Front and rear handbrake, rear pedal controlled by a pedal, and linear-pull brake are three popular styles for ocean bikes. Depending on the preference and the purpose of using the bike to choose appropriately.

If you are walking around the city, and you like simplicity but safest, choose the front and rear handbrake. The pedal-controlled rear brake is impressive, but notice tire wear trouble. A bicycle with thin tires should consider this type of brake. Liner-pull with rear brake structure is easy to install. Choose a bike with an internal cable system; it will make the bike look much cleaner.


Handlebar-rear hub-frame combination helps you to have correct posture while cycling. This combination structure stands out most in the EVRYjourney. Two brake arms above the handlebar, making the control convenient. Cable breaks outside but creates a vintage look to anyone’s eye.

Features in Panama Jack‘s handlebar design make the product impressive. The soft, cork-style grips that maintain a light touch are the highlight component. Pedal The pedal is usually the part that must be self-assembled when receiving a new bicycle. The pedal construction supports the soles of the foot in a unified motion when moving. The pedals should be responsive, slip-free, especially with the coaster brake cycle. Schwinn Mikko has such a pedal component, which is perfect.

Sixthreezero Around The Block usually has a pedal that is difficult to assemble. Please read the installation instructions carefully. Suppose you want comfort for a long time and use the bike continuously. In that case, another representative of the Sixthreezero is the EVRYjourney. It has a durable pedal component and works most smoothly.


On this list of best cruiser bikes for women, the perfection in detail and like a piece of art is Electra Townie 7D bike. The manufacturer cares for each small ingredient. It deserves as one of the outstanding products.

The beautiful design with feminine style, yet equally powerful in operation, is the Schwinn Perla product. You will be extremely outstanding in this cycle. Do not be afraid to perform long dresses because the bike structure can give you the most comfort and safety when you move on the road. Indeed, there wasn’t any inconvenience.

A bike that will suit most people who love the cruiser bike style is the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney. It is both nostalgic and high quality, with a lightweight aluminum frame, a powerful seven-speed movement, and premium paint. The two-sided hand brake ensures safety at all times, and it is affordable compared to products in its class.

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