Best Road Bike Under $500

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Passionate about cycling but don’t want to spend much on your new road bike? If yes, then we’ve got the best road bikes under $500 for you. Buy a road bike that’s reliable and offers great performance but won’t break your bank. Start your cycling journey now!

After our thorough research of the selected best affordable road bikes, the top pick is the Voodoo Limba Adventure bike. This beats the competition because of a lightweight frame, a great range of speeds, and its strong braking system.          

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Scroll down to see more budget-friendly road bikes on the market. All the bikes listed have comfortable geometry and durable frame.

5 Best Road Bikes Under $500

1. Voodoo Limba

Best Overall Road Bike Under $500

Voodoo Limba Mens Adventure Bike

If you’re interested in road biking but want the freedom to go off-road as well, then this adventure bike is what you need. The Voodoo Limba Adventure bike features a lightweight yet sturdy alloy agile frame for all-terrain adventures. Alloy forks partnered with chrome steers reduces the bike’s weight while adding more comfort.

Plus, it uses 16 Speed Shimano Claris Groupset that offers a great range of gears. Since it’s a mix of a road bike and cyclocross, you can easily ride it on the road, woodlands, and towpath tracks. Thanks to the powerful Tektro Mira brakes; a quick stop at any point.

The absolute standout point of the Limba adventure bike is the Vee Rubber tires. These 700c speedster wheels ride smoothly on a variety of terrains.

To sum up, the Voodoo adventure bike is a combination of comfort, strength, and speed. Having qualities of both endurance bike and cyclocross, it’s ideal for your long daily asphalt commutes and gravel trails.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Sturdy forks
  • Shimano gears
  • Disc brakes


  • Loose spokes

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2. Challenge Plus CLR 0.1 700C

Best for Those on a Budget

Challenge Plus CLR 0.1 700C Wheel Size Unisex Road Bike

Designed in convergence with the experts at Bikeradar and Cycling Plus, the Challenge Plus road bike offers great ride quality at a very reasonable price. It comes with lightweight carbon-steel forks with powerful efficient caliper brakes.

So stopping is safe and easy for you while riding even at high speed.

Internal cable routing, integrated brake lever, and microSHIFT gear shifting for better control. To enhance speed and comfort, this road bike features a Bespoke lightweight frame design. It offers you 14 speed Shimano gearing.

Thanks to the adjustable Drop handlebars! This allows for a lot more positioning for your hands-on longer rides. What makes it best for the road are the high-performance Wanda tires and 700C sized wheels. This means more speed and efficiency!

Overall, this reasonably-priced and the lightweight road bike is easy to maneuver. Ride with reliable gearset, brakes, alloy rims, and shifters.


  • Alloy butted frame
  • Effective brakes
  • 14-speed gears
  • Well-built



  • Seat bit uncomfortable

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Best for Gears

Triban RC 120 Disc Road Bike Navy Orange

Take it on any trail you want, the Triban RC 120 is a versatile road bike. The bike has a very comfortable geometry; the raised position keeps your back relaxed. This puts you in a more upright position to prevent fatigue without compromising performance.

Plus, the ErgoFit saddle is extremely comfortable for long rides.

The carbon fork and 100% 6061 aluminum frame makes it very lightweight. This allows for easy maneuverability. Tubeless-ready hybrid tires and RESISTPROTECT+ filters the road vibrations. Besides, there are manual disc brakes for greater progressiveness and bring you safely to a stop each time.

Perfect for all paths and roads! This great-looking road bike under $500 offers 16 Shimano speed gears. So, it’s well-equipped to handle windy days or muddy terrains.

The Triban bike is not only easy on the pocket, but it’s also a multi-terrain bike that can easily accommodate mudguards and pannier rack. Plus, you’ll get a lifetime warranty from Triban on the stem, steel fork, frame, and handlebar.

For the best road bike under $500 budget used for commuting, exercising, or a casual fun ride, Triban RC120 is up for any exploration.


  • Disc brakes
  • Comfortable ride
  • Aluminum frame
  • 16-speed gears


  • Frame scratches easily

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4. Challenge Dynamic CLR 0.2 700C

Best for Lightweight

Challenge Dynamic CLR 0.2 700C Wheel Size Unisex Road Bike

The Challenge Dynamic CLR03 is a road bike that’s agile, nimble, ultra-lightweight, and smooth. It can be a great choice if you want an inexpensive road bike with quality components. Like all other road bikes on the list, CLR03 is designed to be comfortable on longer route rides.

This responsive bike features a Bespoke aluminum frame and a tapered carbon fork. It’s designed to lightweight but incredibly strong and results in better power transfer.

Full Shimano Claris 16 speed Drivetrain, shifters, and double-wall alloy rims! Performance is built-in; you’ll immediately feel lightweight efficiency in each pedal stroke.

Built with butted tubing and endurance geometry can offer years of cycling enjoyment. Caliper brakes at the front and back allow you to ride confidently. Cycling uphill is not a problem with Closed-circuit cable routing!

The bike rolls on Kenda tires with a 15mm wheel size that offers more traction without significant drag.

Thanks to the unisex design, the CLR03 is designed to fit both men and women riders.


  • Lightweight frame
  • 16 speeds
  • Carbon fork
  • Kenda tires


  • Hard saddle seat

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5. Carrera Zelos

Most Comfortable Ride

Carrera Zelos Mens Road Bike

Carrera knows what you’re looking for in a road bike. Alloy lightweight yet rigid frame and rigid hi-ten fork promise agile performance for smooth swift movements. The Shimano Tourney 14-speed gear system gives enough range to tackle tough inclines including hilly roads.

It features powerful Tekro Dual-pivot caliper brakes for reliable and much-controlled stopping power. You can confidently ride and stop no matter how steep or wet the slope is.

The 700c light double-walled wheels and Kenda 25mm tires roll easily on every terrain. Besides, these 28c wider tires also have a puncture-resistant coating for extra durability.

All this wraps into a lightweight and comfortable ride for all-terrains. The Carrere Zelos road bike can be a perfect option for a quick afternoon ride on paved or long-distance travel. To keep you comfy throughout the ride, it comes with memory foam Carrere saddle.


  • Powerful brakes
  • Lightweight
  • 28c puncture-resistant tires
  • 14-speed gears


  • Handlebar not adjustable

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Things To Consider When Buying The Best Road Bike Under $500

Road bikes are an ideal choice for fitness and leisure riding or commuting. They come with fast-rolling wheels with thin pressure tires. Before you make a purchase, it’s good to consider a few things.

  • Disc vs. Rim Brakes

Disc vs. Rim Brakes

Disc brakes engaging hydraulic fluids are way more effective in muddy or damp wet conditions than the conventional rim brakes. They stay clear of the dirt on your bike tires.

However, rim brakes are still a popular option for many road bikes because of ease and reduced weight. Here’s some more information about Disc and rim brakes.

Although they add a little bit of weight but offer consistent braking in all conditions! That’s why we love Voodoo Adventure and TRIBAN RC 120 DISC.

  • Frame

Having a lightweight bike frame means less effort and more speed out on the trail. Keep in mind that most road bikes under 500 are entry-level and mostly aimed at leisure cycling. It features a relaxed geometry with an upright riding position and features durable parts for many miles of happy cycling.

Mid-level road bikes have raised geometry for increased performance. Frames made with aluminum combined with carbon steel fork are light in weight. Plus, drop handlebars offer improved aerodynamics efficiency.

  • Tires

Bigger tires are better! Road bikes used to come with 21mm or much narrower tires. Now 25mm tires are becoming standard on a race road bike. That’s why Carrere Zelos with 25mm tires can roll effortlessly on all trails.

Some have compatibility for wider 28mm or 32mm tires. The wider the tire, the lower the air pressure you can run, and the more suspension you get.

  • Gears

Road bike gears allow you to maintain a comfortable pedaling speed to the terrain or gradient of the road you’re on. Gearing choices are expanding. Mostly, a road bike has 5339 upfront that refers to the number of teeth on chainrings. ’53’ on larger chainring while ’39’ on smaller one.

A more climb-friendly setup has 5034 while a new mid-compact dual chain system features 5236. This offers low enough gear to easily climb up hills and you still bigger gear to ride downhill smoothly.

These are paired at the rear cassette. Now the common ratio is 11-25T and 11-28, the larger the cassette, the more range you have.

  • Bike size

A table of road bike geometry

Whether you’re new to road biking or already a cycling enthusiast, a bike that fits you properly is most important. The seat tube, top tube, and the head tube affect the bike’s frame size. (1)

To make the most out of our ride, make sure you select the right size bike depending on your height. Refer to the (Team, The BikeExchange, 2018) road bike size chart to know your accurate bike frame size.

  • Comfort

The key to a happy ride on your road bike is comfort. It is determined by touchpoints which include saddle, seat post, and handlebars. Better to opt for a road bike with an adjustable seat and handle in terms of height, angle, and width.

Although there are road bikes with flat handlebars, drop handlebars are the most common. Drop bars have ram horns type handlebar which provides various hand positions relying entirely on your comfort and control.

Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to do your homework about what choices best suits your riding needs.

Safety and maintenance for road bike

Let’s face it! When you buy a road bike under 500, it’s essential to look after it to ensure your bike lasts long and from a safety perspective as well. Even if you’re an experienced rider or beginner, you want to ride on a safe bike.

  • Brake repairs

Spin the wheel to check if the disc or rim wheel is running smoothly through the brake caliper. If rubbing, there’s a need for brake adjustment. Squeeze brake levers to know brakes are working correctly. A spongy feeling with hydraulic disc brakes might require brake bleeding.

Confirm that both brake levers are aligned and leveled with each other.

If cable pull brakes aren’t firm, adjust the cable tension, or replace brake pads.

  • Tires

Your bike tires must be correctly aligned and seated in the rim. Carefully observe the bead where the tire contacts the wheel rim. Make sure it looks uniform all the way around.

Worn tires can be dangerous so change them before heading on a long route ride.

  • Tire pressure

Before you head out on your bike, make sure to check tire pressure. Pump up the tires to within the maximum of minimum pressure recommended on the tire. Narrower tires require higher pressure than wider tires. A heavy rider also needs high-pressure tires.

Since the grip is important, a too-hard tire doesn’t deform well to the road surface. Less rubber gets in contact with the road surface; less grip. Generally, the Ideal compression amount is 15% of the tire’s overall height.


The clear winner of the best road bike under $500 is undoubtedly the Voodoo Adventure. It’s a great pick for all beginners as well as serious cyclists! Voodoo bike features a lightweight frame with sturdy tires that roll smoothly on all trail types. Plus, the cable disc brakes are the most reliable and powerful road bike braking system. It helps you ride faster and make it more enjoyable.

TRIBAN RC 120 DISC is our runner-up. This road bike under $500 has almost all high-end road bike features. 16 Shimano speed gears, aluminum frame, disc brakes, and tubeless tires make this road a great affordable pick for you.

Happy cycling!

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