Best Road Bikes Under $300

Best road bike under 300

Road biking is becoming a popular outdoor sport among people that want to stay fit and healthy. I, myself have invested in a road bike and found it to be an awesome workout. When done regularly, road biking increases a person’s stamina.

My personal choice is the Challenge Plus CLR road bike. These brands stand out on the market based on areas of price, usability, durability, safety, and maneuverability. It has lightweight construction, a 14-speed shifting gear system with front-rear brakes.

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If you are new to road biking and thinking of trying, the best road bikes under $300 would be a good starter.

I conducted an in-depth review of cheap road bikes and left me with the top seven brands of “best beginner road bike under 300”. Here are the products:

7 Best Road Bikes Under $300

1. Challenge Plus CLR 0.1 700C 

Best Overall Road Bike Under $300

Challenge Plus CLR 0.1 700C Wheel Size Unisex Road Bike

The Challenge Plus CLR 0.1 700C road bike under $300 performed well on the road for this budget. It’s integrated with 14-speed micro shift gear. This gear system allowed cyclists to be in control of speed. The alloy frame of the bike is lightweight.

The bike front and rear brake are calipers made. These brakes allow the rider to carry out a full stop when the need arises.

I put this bike at the first in the list among the brands sold for under 300 dollars. It has a unisex design, suitable for men and women riders. The alloy frame delivered better maneuverability on the road.

The Challenge Plus had an good braking system, equipped with front and read gears for a full stop.


  • Bike’s unisex design is compatible with male and female cyclists
  • Built with lightweight allow frame
  • Integrated with front and rear caliper brakes, 14-speed micro shifting gears and 15mm wheels
  • Multiple uses (starter bike for beginners, daily commuter’s bike, and fitness bike)
  • Product has 1-year warranty coverage


  • Weight restriction on riders can only accommodate up to 100 kg

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2. Eurobike Road Bike EURXC550

Best Speed Shifting System

Eurobike Road Bike EURXC550 21 Speed 54 cm Frame 700C 3-Spoke Wheels Road Bicycle Dual Disc Brake Bicycle

Another unisex road bike under $300 that delivered fulfilling riding experience is the Eurobik EURXC550. The bike design and construction provided stable riding. The frame was made from premium steel.

The bike’s frame has two sizes available. The 49 centimeters frame is compatible for cyclists with a height ranging from 5’5” and 5’7” while the 54 centimeters would fit comfortably riders that are 5’8” and 6’1” tall.

This product is known for its 21-speed gear system and Shimano TX-30 shifters. This powerful feature is vital for riders that want stability and control on any biking trail.

It’s easy to set up this EURXC550 model. The product arrives pre-assembled with only the front wheels requiring installation.

Among the features that I think made Eurobike 700C the second on the list was its wheels. The wheels are categorized to offer the “best value” for money because they provide optimum grip.


  • The product has a durable steel frame and fork
  • Powerful gear system and shifters, 21-speed Shimano and TX-30 Shimano shifters
  • Equipped with 700x28C superior grip wheels
  • Available in sizes to match short and tall cyclists
  • Product delivered 85% pre-assembled (parts requiring installation are saddle, pedals, front wheels, and handlebar)


  • The bike to be relatively heavy can be a struggle for riders with an average body built

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3. BTWIN TRIBAN 100 Junior

Best Junior Road Bike


The BTWIN TRIBAN Junior would be an excellent entry-level bike. The bike’s frame, fork including handlebars are constructed from 100% aluminum.

However, the geometric design of the bike and wider tires categorized it as a gravel bike.

One of the features that riders liked about the BTWIN Road Bike is the strategic location of its 7-speed Shimano shifting gear. This allows the rider to shift speed effortlessly.

The wheelset showcases durable, double-walled wheels. They glide smoothly on most road types including asphalt and gravel roads.

What riders like with this bike is it has the “most resistant” when it comes to loading capacity. The bike’s durable frame allows the rider to maneuver it with ease even with heavy load on the front and back.

This product comes with accessories such as battery-powered lights, reflectors on the wheels, and a bell.

The braking system is basic. The 340 brake levers provide a stable grip while the 720 levers situated on the handlebar makes shifting easy for kids.


  • The bike has multi-function (beginner’s bike, daily commute bike, gravel bike)
  • 100% aluminum construction (frame, fork, handlebars)
  • Accessories included (battery-powered lights, reflectors on wheels, and bell)


  • The bike has no derailleur hanger, so if you accidentally bump into something hard the frame can easily be deformed and bend

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4. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear

Best Urban Road Bike

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

The 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear would be a perfect biking gear for a novice rider. It featured a fixed speed set-up. This bike could also be someone’s daily commute bike for work or school.

The bike’s frame was considerably the lightest you will come across in the market.

Thanks to its double-butted aluminum frame. Riders claimed it to be “best overall” in categories of being lightweight, affordable, and durability.

This is a fixie type of bike. Gear performance was superb, though it has been priced under $300. The bike has a single-speed track.

You can upgrade this set-up if you want. It depends on your personal preference. For example, the you can alter the wheelset and opt for freewheel to enjoy comfy rides.

The wheels of this fixed speed bike were constructed with Deep V double-walled 30mm alloy wheels. They are proven to perform superiorly on urban roads without much weight.


  • A cheap option for Urban bike
  • Durable construction made from a double-butted aluminum frame
  • Fixie or fixed speed bike with minimal maintenance
  • Lightest model available in the market
  • Can be a daily commuter’s bike on urban roads or casual bike
  • Upgradable depending on the rider’s preference


  • The saddle seat is not as comfy when compared with premium bikes, rider may opt for a high-end seat

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5. Carrera Zelos 

Best for Riding under Weather Conditions

Carrera Zelos Mens Road Bike

The Carrera Zelos road bike was designed primarily for speed on roads. The bike’s integrated 14-speed Shimano gear shifters function efficiently on any weather condition including uphill trails.

One of the features that I liked most about this bike is the large tire clearance. Riders can freely switch to thicker tires when needed.

Overall construction, the bike exhibited a geometric design. The bike’s frame only weighs approximately 11.9 kilos.

Its lightweight aluminum frame delivers a comfy ride even for lengthy distances. The seat post is equipped with memory foam, a standard on all Carrera bikes 2020.

Furthermore, the seat’s dropped style complements to biker’s riding position. The highlighted feature evident on this bike is its all-weather construction.

The bike’s built to withstand even extreme weather conditions. So, if the weather turned out to be wet and muddy, the bike’s gears and brakes will function.

Lastly, this bike can be classified as “most resistant” because the tires have puncture protection. Additional layering was infused around the tires to safeguard against punctures while on the road.


  • Bike works on all-weather conditions
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • The modern braking system, disc brakes are designed for full stopping power
  • 14-speed Shimano shifting gears, perfect for flat roads and uphill
  • Memory foam seat post


  • Available only in black color

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6. Oyama Spark 2.3 

Best Entry Level Road Bike

Oyama Spark 2.3 Disc Road Bike

This brand has been in the market for over 50 years. If you are looking for a worthy bike, the Oyama Spark 2.3 disc road bike under $300 is a wise investment. The bike has been constructed with lightweight aluminum.

The bike also featured mechanical disc brakes. Riders are guaranteed to be in control of any situation while pedaling. The bike has front and rear Shimano micro shift derailleur with 7-speed.

The wheels of Oyama Spark 2.3 are 700c wheelset. They perform superiorly on roads including rugged terrains.

Among the features that I think scored with “best value” are the bike’s pro wheel triple chainset, aluminum frame, and fork steel. These vital components of a bike contribute to its longevity and high-end quality.


  • Frameset built is a lightweight aluminum frame with a steel fork
  • Wheelset showcases Oyama A Roda Disc 700c, tires Kenda Sport (700 x 25c)
  • Front and rear Shimano micro shift derailleur
  • Has 7-speed Shimano
  • The manufacturer has 50 years in the biking industry


  • The bike’s size has limitations, it caters to riders with a height measurement of 160 – 180 cm
  • Pedals not included, customer needs to buy them separately

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7. Challenge Venture CLR 2.0 700C

Best Budget-Friendly Road Bike

Challenge Venture CLR 2.0 700C Wheel Size Unisex Road Bike

Last on the list of cheap road bikes is the Challenge Venture CLR 2.0 700C. This unisex bike was designed specifically for open road use. Its frameset was made from aluminum for easy riding even in uphill terrain.

The bike gear system has been incorporated with 14 SPD gears and Shimano shifters for comfortable shifting of power. It also has front and rear caliper brakes and hubs for the safety of the cyclist.

Bike reflectors are included in the package for safety purposes.

The other components of the Challenge Venture CLR 2.0 700C depict quality. It has a steel fork with rigid suspension for a comfortable ride even in the rugged road.

The wheel nut size of this bike is 15mm with alloy rims and Kenda tires that will provide the cyclist an easy spin whether going to work or a leisure ride.


  • With 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Unisex Road Bike


  • A little bit heavy for a road bike

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Things to consider before buying the best road bike under $300

Pick the right bike frame

Road bikes do come in varieties. They are often classified based on models, materials used, and pricing. The most important thing to consider when choosing from different models is the bike’s frame.

It’s a standard to pick the right bike frame as well as its intended usage to get the most of bike’s performance on any road.

Materials used

Yes, definitely a must to all prospective buyers of road bikes under $300, check the materials used from frame, fork including other components of the road bike. Since, we have put a fixed budget on the price, pay attention to the following:

Aluminum is the most popular choice for a bike frame. It’s lightweight steel and relatively cheaper when compared with the prices of steeled or carbon fiber frames.

For strong resistance against shocks while cycling I do recommend you go for an aluminum frame.

If you often ride on roads with high impacts, the carbon frame is a good option. This material has been regarded to be efficient in absorbing impacts while cycling.

Another material for the bike’s frame is titanium. This material possessed the same strength of steel, but lightweight. However, costs more than other frames. Titanium is a heavy-duty type of metal and can weigh more than aluminum and ideal for heavyweight cyclists.


Wheels are as important as with the rest of the bike’s vital parts. Did you know that the wheels can have a huge impact on the bike’s overall weight?

Wheels are classified based on their diameters, thin or thick. Wider wheels are widely used by cyclists exposed to rugged trails. The thin wheels are used on most roads because they glide smoothly with such speed.


Picture of a pedal

The road bike under $300 pedals come in varieties. There are platform pedals, toe clip pedals, and clipless pedals.

  • Platform pedals provide excellent grip and would best fit for beginners.
  • Toe clip pedals are similar to platform pedals. They are recommended for novice riders including those up for long-distance rides. These pedals allow the rider to pedal up and down without a struggle.
  • Clipless pedals are the most advanced type of pedals. They often resemble the ski boots “clip in” feature wherein the rider’s feet are quickly released when needed. (1)


The road bike’s brakes do vary. Here are the common brakes installed on road bikes.

  • Caliper brakes

These are very common on road bikes. They usually have a double-axle braking system and are located on the bike’s rim.

  • V-brakes

The V-brakes are widely used on off-road explorations such as the mountain or touring bikes. The brakes are mounted on the bosses of the frame.

  • Cantilever brakes

These brakes usually have 2 brake legs and a center-pull cable attached to a straddle cable. The Cantilever brakes have a powerful brake system and execute well on biking tournaments.

  • Disc brakes

These brakes are extremely dependable. They perform well on most road surfaces including muddy trails.


I do hope you become well informed after reading this comprehensive review of the best road bikes under 300 dollars. Road biking can be anyone’s routine to enjoy healthy wellbeing. It’s a fun outdoor activity as it brings you closer to nature’s beauty.

I personally picked the Challenge Plus CLR 0.1 700C Unisex as my top bet for the best budget road bike. It’s under $300 and with all those mentioned features you will enjoy, indeed a great bargain.

My runner up is Eurobike EURXC550 because it has varied sizes available to accommodate riders with varying heights.

Have you finally picked yours from the above list? If still undecided, go over and pay attention to each bike’s highlighted features mentioned in this review.

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