Best Road Bike Tires

best road bike tires

The bike tire is one of the most important parts of the bike which directly influences your riding performance.

Understanding the importance, I would like to present the list of 12 best road bike tires.

Specialized Roubaix Pro and Pirelli Cinturato are the best and the second on the list for their impressive performance and durability.

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Puncture resistant road bike tires

First of all, let’s come to the list of 4 tires that provide the best puncture resistance.

1. Specialized Roubaix Pro

Best for puncture resistance

5/5 star


The Specialized is probably the winner of the list for the outstanding features.

This cheap tubeless tire has Endurant Casing and BlackBelt design that provides pinch-flat protection, which enhances the performance of the tire in wet and slide-way conditions. Also, the 2Bliss tire allows the riders to drop the pressure quickly for a smooth and safe ride.

The tire is made from GRIPTON compound. It means that the durability of the product is prolonged and the erosion is reduced.

The size of the Specialized is 700×25/28, and it weighs 325g. With these numbers, the Roubaix Pro is standard and it can also fit high-performance bike. An appropriate weight makes the tire not heavy for duty.


  • High friction
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price


  • Limited traction in mud condition

2. Pirelli Cinturato

Best for technologies

4.5/5 star

Pirelli Cinturato VELO Tubular Road Tire 35mm 700c


Taking advantage of many modern technologies in a tire, the Pirelli branch introduces a superior item.

Built from SmartNet Silica Rubber compound, it has one of the most innovative technologies. Along with ICS and FGD technologies, the Cinturato allows users to experience rough, wet grip situations without any worry about air leaks.

Tubeless-ready helps with reducing rolling resistance to smoothen the ride in sudden route changes and corners.

This best bicycle tire features Armor Tech for puncture resistance. Not only does it offer a lightweight ride, but the nylon layer, combined with aramid breaker and fiber also makes the tire a sturdy yet flexible one.

The size of the tire is 700c. It allows either commute or high-performance rides.


  • Good puncture resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable


  • High price

3. Vittoria Zaffiro Pro III

Best for trainees

3.5/5 star

Vittoria Zaffiro Pro III Tire

This Vittoria is an ideal product for people who start learning to ride a road bike. The high traction of the tire is much useful in practice.

Puncture Resistant Belt is a sturdy material that can deal well with a rocky and hazardous route. Aramid Endura 3D compound offers low rolling resistance to the bike. Companied with Nylon as the material, it is lightweight and it facilitates flexible reactions on the road

The secure grip of the tire is also highly approved. It encourages riders to practice on the rough road because the grip system is extremely reliable and effective.

However, air leaks on sidewalls are the main problem of this product. The flats may occur after a few hours if the road is too rocky. Compared to the other types of tire, this one has inferior life-long.


  • Excellent traction
  • Flexible reacts
  • Highly secured grip


  • Air leaks
  • Limited routes

4. Maxxis Re-Fuse

Excellent appearance

4/5 star

Maxxis Re-Fuse Road Bike Training Tire

This Maxxis best tire for road bikes has a unique design of diamonds knurled stuck in the front and rear side of the tire. This is probably a suitable look for people who like shining decorations.

The Maxxis Re-fuse, nevertheless, does not sacrifice style for quality. This product features Kevlar belt and silkworm cap for the best puncture resistance. The material makes it flexible and highly secured equipment for either professional or amateur racer.

The tread type of the tire is slick. It enhances the friction of the bike toward the road surface and still deals well with rocks or muds on the way.

One minus point of the product is that air leaks occasionally happen. The approximately average distance for the tire is 500 miles. After that long, the tire may start to get flat quite quickly.


  • Unique style
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Deal well with rock and muds


  • Unendurable

Fastest road bike tires

For more professional and faster rides, these 4 best road bike tires may dramatically accommodate your high speed on road.

5. Continental Grand Prix 5000

Best for a fast ride

4/5 star

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Performance Road Bike Tire

This Continental bike tire scores high for the materials it offers. The clincher tire is made of a unique tread compound called Black Chili which is a famous German material. It helps to increase the friction and balance of the tires against the wet slippery road.

The tire is constructed with embedded technology that is leading in absorbing vibrations to support a smooth ride. Also, a liquid-crystalline polymer named Vectra is for the high resistance under the low weight of a rider.

The corner of the tire is carefully protected with a laser Micro profile structure. However, the air leaks incident still happens at some points when the tire is used over 500 miles. It would be better if the sidewall has more protective technology.

Taking a quite small room and being lightweight, the tire is indeed user-friendly to users.


  • Balanced grip
  • Absorb the vibrations well
  • High resistance


  • Air leaks from sidewall

6. Continental GatorSkin

Best for sidewall protection

4.5/5 star

Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Clincher Bike Tires, 2-Count

This is another Clincher fastest road bike tire from the Continental branch. This time, the Continental has improved its sidewall puncture with several effective technologies.

Lightweight Sidewall Protection is the emphasized method for a durable, sturdy and lightweight tire. Along with blend composite, the tire is so far one of the most favorite ones on the list for its flexibility on road.

The tire is entirely foldable and thus convenient under transition. For example, to save room on the car of a track, users just have to release all the air inside and fold it without worrying about the cracks or flat may happen. It is thanks to the soft plastic materials of the tire.

The dimension of the tire is 700 x 23mm which is suitable for almost all of the commute, race or high-performance bikes.


  • Sidewall puncture resistance
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Expensive

7. WTB ThickSlick

Best for lightweight

3.5/5 star

WTB ThickSlick Comp tire

Another fastest road bike tire on the list is a WTB product.

Utilizing rubber as the main material, the durable and longevity of the tire is significantly enhanced. Also, the rubber is double in some special spots to increase the smoothness and absorption of the rubber toward the wheeling energy.

The puncture protection is enhanced through the thickness of the tire, which is tested to wheel on the rough roads where glass, rock or sharp obstacle is on the way. The thick rubber helps to expand the life of the tire through the sturdy flexible material.

This 1-pound product is the clincher tire. The tread type is slick which is a minus point of this design. The idea routes for this type of bike are on pavement or flat road. The slide wet way will incidentally create the slippage and unstable of the bike. In order to guarantee the safety of the rider, I highly recommend checking the traction of the tire every 500 miles.


  • Impressive durability and longevity
  • Thick and flexible
  • Extreme lightweight


  • Limited road type

8. Specialized Turbo Cotton

Best for flat protection

4/5 star


This Specialized is indeed one of the best branches that feature the extra-sturdy casing on the list.

Made of 320 TPI Polycotton as the durable and soft material, the tire allows the bike performance at high speed with the extra protection of the sturdy wheel.

It also offers GRIPTON compound to help to control the rolling resistance and enhance the traction and stability of the bike. It facilitates a fast ride without any slippage or incident flat.

BlackBelt technology is to avoid the potential flat of the tire when riding on rough and rocky roads. The sidewall is also protected with durable material. Thanks to the energy absorption and bearable ability of the tire, the pressure of the rider does not affect much the performance.

This Clincher bicycle tire is designed with a size of 700 x 24 mm. This is a standardized dimension for a common bike and a racing bike.


  • Durable and stable
  • Highly protected casing
  • Good energy absorption


  • High price

Tubeless road bike tires

The third category on the list is Tubeless road bike tires. Here are 4 best productions of all

9. Vittoria Corsa G2.0

Excellent grip system

4/5 star

Vittoria Corsa G2.0 Foldable Road Bicycle Tire

This Vittoria best bicycle tire stays high on the list for the security it brings. The grip system, as well as the stability and durability of the materials, makes it highly protected on the race.

Constructed with blend compounds, the bike tire takes advantage of different materials. Premium cotton casing helps to increase the traction to the surface. It accommodates effortless riding, low resistance, free-wheeling speed and extra grip.

The friction of the road bike tires on the road usually results in erosion and slippage over time. Anticipating that, the Vittoria designers introduce the GRAPHENE 2. 0 combined in the tire to facilitate the life-expand of the product

Being tested by multiple third parties and from my own experience, this bicycle tire is so far one of the best road bike tires to use on the race.


  • Excellent security
  • Multi-usage materials
  • Good traction


  • Need frequent check on friction

10. SCHWALBE Pro One

Best for premium version

4/5 star

SCHWALBE Pro One Tire - Tubeless

The SCHWALBE presents a superb upgraded version with the outstanding approach in user-friendly features.

In addition to the sturdy tire, this version applies triple compound rubber with Snakebite and Sidewall protection for fully secured coverage. The aim of that construction is to retain air and reduce damage on the road

That structure indeed has extra effectiveness when riding over obstacles and hazardous path. Nevertheless, for a long time, the small and occasional air leaks may start to occur.

The tubeless construction facilitates low pressure and free-friction for a high-speed ride. It makes this tubeless clincher tire ideal equipment for a racing bike.

The grip system is activated on the sidewall. It helps to control the speed and enhance safety under emergency circumstances on the ride.


  • Full protection
  • Extreme sturdy
  • Excellent grip system


  • Unendurable

11. PANARACER GravelKing SK

Great for bumpy roads

4/5 star

PANARACER GravelKing SK Tire - Tubeless

The PANARACER benefits from extra protection technology which enables the bike through the bumpy and gravel routes. If you are a big fan of adventures, then this gravel bike tire is for you.

This tubeless-ready tire is designed with Anti-Flat Casing technology to activate the lower pressure of the tire on the bumpy road without any flat or air leak on the surface or sidewall.

ZSG Natural Compound helps to keep a balance between the low rolling resistance and tread lifelong. It means that not only does the compound enhance the low friction to facilitate high-speed performance, but it also retains the durability of the tire.

Nevertheless, this particular tire is designed for dry and rocky routes, not muddy and wet conditions. Its performance under such conditions will be significantly reduced.


  • Extremely durable
  • Good traction
  • Deal well with bumpy and gravel routes


  • Limited in mud

12. SCHWALBE G-One Speed

Best for traction

4/5 star

SCHWALBE G-One Speed Tire - Tubeless

The last best road tire on the list is another SCHWALBE product. This product is no less qualified compared to all the previous tires.

Perhaps the most outstanding technology of this product is the G-One Tubeless Tire design. The design focuses on the steady of the bike no matter what speed the bikers are riding. The tire remains low-pressure and puncture-resistant well, so that it facilitates great grip and traction

Constructed with OneStar compound, the SCHWALBE creates a safe and high-speed zone for a commute cycling or racing. It offers extra protection, so the product is durable and sturdy.

Utilizing Tubeless Easy MicroSkin and V-Guard Protection, the main aim of the product is a flat-free trip. Nevertheless, frequent checking on air leaks after a hazardous or extreme rough route is necessary.


  • Steady
  • Low-pressure
  • Puncture resistance
  • Durable


  • Limited type of road.

How To Choose The Best Road Bike Tires

Previous reviews may form the brief imagination of 12 best road bike tires. To get you closer to the image of an ideal road tire, the next step will focus on different criteria of a bike tire.

Types of road bike tire

There are 3 types of a road tire that need to clarify: Clincher, Tubular and Tubeless.

The clincher is so far the most common amongst all. It can be usually found on a new bike. It has a tube between the rim and the tire to inflate and hold air.

This tube is not stuck to other parts and thus can be easily replaced in case of puncture or air leaks. Continental GatorSkin and Specialized Turbo Cotton are some models that use Clincher bike tire.

Tubular is especially favored by professional riders or racers, for it facilitates extra speed and stability. It also requires a tube, but unlike Clincher, this tube sticks to the tire by glue or tape.

Although it causes difficulty when fixing the air leaks, the tire ensures the control of the bike even the flat happens on road by sticking to the tire. Lightweight as it is, the price of this tire is high.

As its name, a tubeless bike tire has no tube. The extra sealant is needed to plug all the holes to avoid air leaks. Also, the tubeless tire has superior traction and low-pressure control than the clincher. It requires a compatible wheel to fit that tire. Specialized Roubaix Pro or PANARACER GravelKing SK is a good example of this type of tire. (1)

Tire size

Nowadays, different types of biking have the same wheel size as 700c, whereas the tire size ranges from 22mm to 28mm. The larger and softer the road bike tire is, the more comfort it offers. Better traction and performance under low pressure is the benefit that the large tire brings.

Nevertheless, it is important to measure the width of the wheel rim and other frames so that the tire can sit between parts. Keep it in the right place with rim, brake and frame.

Tread Pattern

The most common tread pattern of the bike is slick. The smooth surface is designed to ultimate the surface between the bike and the road. The traction increases, but it needs frequent checks on erosion. Maxxis Re-Fuse is a good product that makes use of a slick pattern. (2)

The tread is usually made of a compound of rubber and other materials. It helps to enhance the traction and grip at the right place. Vittoria Zaffiro Pro III may be the product that offers one of the best compounds.

Frequently Asked Question About Road Bike Tire

  • Are 28mm tires faster than 25mm?

The old belief says that the smaller it is, the better, but modern technologies have changed the situation. In fact, 28mm bike tires are faster than 25mm.

The wider one provides better traction and reduces the rolling resistance, which enables the bike to wheel much faster. A wider bike tire can work well under low-pressure conditions. The inside structure of short and wider contact patch also allows the faster ride with low resistance.

  • How often should I change my bike tires?

The bike tyre needs a frequent check on air leaks, sidewall deformation and erosion at any point. It requires an instant change of tire if a flat occurs.

Normally, a durable one can perform best up to 1000 miles. It depends on the habit and riding routes of the users. Professional or recreational riding may lead to a different state of the road bike tire. Also, riding on gravel or rocky roads may result in air leaks of the tire.


Above are the reviews of 14 best road bike tires and all you need to know when picking a suitable road bike tire for yours.

So far, Specialized Roubaix Pro is the winner and Pirelli Cinturato is the runner-up on the list due to their durability, high traction and high speed offered.

Finally, it’s you to pick the ideal tire for you. Hope you have a great experience!

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