Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000

best mountain bike under 1000

There are a lot of people who fancy cycling on mountains but their limited budget doesn’t allow them to get a qualitative bike. Here’s a review list of reputable brands for you to choose a fine mtb unit at an economical price.

I pick the Trek Marlin 7 as one of the best mountain bike under $1000 this year because it’s suitable for beginners with different standover height and fine suspension.

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Here below is the list of 10 best mtb under the price of $1000 that you can buy today.

10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000

1. Trek Marlin 7

Best Mountain Bike Under $1000 With Hardtail

Trek Marlin 7

Wheel size range: S – XXL | Frame: Alpha Silver Aluminum | Weight: 30.35 lbs | Best Uses: Mountaineering, trail riding

The Trek Marlin 7 is considered a race-worthy cycling unit that is also an appropriate entry level mountain bike for newbies to try out. It provides a great level of suspension beyond its price.

This mountain bike model has a variety of wheel sizes ranging from 27.5” up to 29”. There is a curved top tube that allows different standover height for both short and tall bikers.

If you intend to bring gears along, the Bontrager stem technology of this bike helps you to clip these tools right to its stem as a user-friendly feature. You will find internal shift cable and brake hose routing in this mtb, which is often equipped on more expensive units. This if one of the best hardtail mtb recommended by ActivePedal. 


  • Beneficial for new riders.
  • Offers great suspension.
  • A variety of wheel size S to XXL.
  • Has different standover height.
  • Bontrager stem tech for gear clipping.


  • Lack of upgrade capabilities.

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2. Trek Marlin 5

Best For People On A Budget

Trek Marlin 5

Wheel size range: XS – XXL | Frame: Alpha Silver Aluminum | Weight: 31.84 lbs | Best Uses: Trail riding

In order to serve daily commutes on multiple surfaces, this Trek Marlin 5 has been designed for that specific purpose. Short-reach brake levers and narrow handlebars are available to provide you with enough comfort in use.

Its rear kickstand mount supports mtb of all sizes so you needn’t lay or lean the unit and cause harm to it. When you combine the total weight of bicycle, rider and cargo, this bike can handle a max limit of 300 lbs.

21 speed levels are available for you to experience the lightweight mountain bike. You will enjoy the way its suspension fork prevents this unit’s edge from bumps on the way.


  • Works out for daily commutes.
  • Narrow parts to gain comfort.
  • Has a rear kickstand mount.
  • Maximum weight limit of 300 lbs.
  • 21 speed levels are available.


  • Not suitable for extensive riding.

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3. Diamondback Atroz 1

Provides The Fullest Suspension

Diamondback ATROZ 1

Wheel size range: 27.5” (XS) | Frame: T-6 Aluminum | Weight: x | Best Uses: Mountaineering

While many people have to spend a bunch of money for a full-suspension bike, you can buy the best mtb under $1000 of Diamondback Atroz 1 with this function. Its 4” coil-sprung rear suspension is highly reliable to smoothly ride a mountain trail.

Besides the beneficial aggressive geometry of its lightweight frame, it consists of a replaceable hanger so you are able to cling your accessories in a more comfortable way.

During your process of climbing up and getting down the top of the mountain, you will be assisted with premium components on this bike. The 18-speed drivetrain, along with the suspension fork and mechanical disc brakes are all effective in enhancing your experience.


  • Cheap for full suspension.
  • Aggressive geometric frame.
  • Includes a replaceable hanger.
  • Suspension allows smooth trailing.
  • Helpful parts for the ride.


  • Has a limited wheel size.

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4. A:1 Adventure Bike

Best Customizable MTB

Roll Bicycles A1R Adventure Road Bike

Wheel size range: Mens & Womens (5’ – 6’4”) | Frame: 6061 Aluminum | Weight: 23 lbs | Best Uses: Daily commuting, trail riding

I see the A:1 Adventure Bike as a versatile mtb due to its multiple options of frame colors, mens and womens sizes and the ability to take on any terrain. This bike frame offers double butted and shaped tubes for thickness.

Details like the sealed hubs and bottom brackets enable better performance and longer life for the mountain bike. Even under tough weather conditions, this unit has a powerful actuated disc brake system to produce safe stopping power.

The key feature of this mtb is the custom geometric frame, which is designed to make it easier to handle with precise tracking and stable speed carriage. This bike is certainly trustworthy over different terrains.


  • A versatile and flexible model.
  • Thick and double-butted tubes.
  • Performs well with great longevity.
  • Has a strong brake system.
  • Provides custom geometry.


  • No defections discovered so far.

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5. Diamondback Women’s Lux 2

A Special Bike for Women

Diamondback Women's Lux 2 - 27.5

Wheel size range: 27.5” | Frame: 6061-T6 Aluminum | Weight: x | Best Uses: Mountaineering, trail riding

This Diamondback Women’s Lux 2 model belongs to the top mtb under $1000 this year and it is specifically designed for female riders. I see that its chains allow up to 9-speed levels so you can switch to different speeds based on surrounding terrains.

Thanks to an additional lockout, the forks of this bike are made more rigid and offer greater performance in use. To gain more standover clearance, the mtb includes a super low-slung top tube for you to maneuver this unit in an easier way.

In my opinion, this womens mtb deserves to be one of your go-to if you plan to dive into the world of mountain biking for the first time.


  • Specifically made for women.
  • Provides up to 9-speed levels.
  • Forks include extra lockout.
  • Low top tube for easy maneuvering.
  • Suitable for beginners.


  • Offers a limited wheel size.

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6. Mongoose – Argus Sport

A Great Option of Fat Bike

Mongoose Argus Sport 2020 Mountain Bike

Wheel size range: S – L | Frame: 6061 Aluminum | Weight: x | Best Uses: Mountaineering

At my first glance, the Mongoose – Argus Sport has been equipped with fat tires so the unit can tackle difficult terrains such as the mountain. I notice that its top tube is stretched and the stem is shorter to enhance stability and more responsive control for the rider.

Besides the aluminum bike frame, its rigid forks are also manufactured from this material to be lightweight and flexible for shock absorption. There is a specific buying guide for you to choose the suitable size of this mtb.

With an optimal mountain bike like this one at a price under $1000, I believe that you will be able to conquer any kind of surface, especially difficult and rough mountains.


  • Tackles mountains with fat tires.
  • Offers stability and more control.
  • Aluminum forks absorb shock.
  • A buying guide for frame size.


  • No defections discovered so far.

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7. Cannondale Trail 6

A Bike to Conquer Mountains

Cannondale Trail 6 - 2021

Wheel size range: XS – M | Frame: Aluminum | Weight: 32 lbs | Best Uses: Mountaineering

The Cannondale Trail 6 is another hardtail mtb model that can be seen as the best beginner mountain bike under $1000. Its aluminum frame delivers a fantastic performance, making the entire unit much more lightweight and flexible.

There are 8-speed shifting handles with a total of 16 gears to process steep climbing in a smooth, efficient way. Plus, the WTB Ranger Comp wheels can rip around every sudden turn with a steady, fast grip to ensure your safest experience.

Its premium fork allows up to 100mm of travel along with a great level of suspension. I enjoy using this mountain bike at such a low cost thanks to all of its wonderful and practical functions.


  • Lightweight and flexible frame.
  • 8-speed shifting for 16 gears.
  • Steady wheels enable fast grip.
  • 100mm of travel for forks.


  • No defections discovered so far.

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8. Cannondale Trail 8

Large Wheel Size Mountain Bike

Cannondale Trail 8 Bike - 2021

Wheel size range: L | Frame: Aluminum | Weight: 32 lbs | Best Uses: Mountaineering

Apart from the Cannondale 6 mountain bike model, this Cannondale Trail 8 version is also a valuable choice for you to try out. Its large 29-inch wheel size is most ideal for mountain trails, which require high steadiness and sustainability.

If you want to achieve a more controlled ride, the bike’s micro-suspension will manage to give you a smooth, satisfying experience. The mechanical disc brakes are highly reliable so its stopping power can be trusted in all conditions.

This mtb accepts 31.6mm dropper posts (not included) to have more confidence in your descending. I love how its series of components are always ready to combat with surrounding dirt on the way.


  • Ideal for mountaineering trips.
  • Micro-suspension for control.
  • Has reliable mechanical brakes.
  • Goes with 31.6mm dropper posts.
  • Offers dirt-ready components.


  • No defections discovered so far.

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9. Fuji Nevada

A MTB With Full Control

Fuji Nevada

Wheel size range: S – XL | Frame: Aluminum | Weight: x | Best Uses: Mountaineering, trail riding

Thanks to the well-engineered hardtail, the Fuji Nevada bike has been made quite practical for you to conquer mountain terrains. Even if you need to stop in an instant, its mechanical disc brakes will manage to keep you safe and sound.

Similar to most mtb on the market, this unit consists of internal cable routing that allows smooth shifting and a clean, aesthetic look. Out of the package, all necessary tools are included so you can assemble this entire bike easily.

I am fond of the adjustable forks for the bike to have a more solid setting and achieve more efficient mountain climbing. This is exactly what you need when it comes to a serious mountain bike unit.


  • Practical to climb mountains.
  • Safe mechanical brakes.
  • Delivers an aesthetic look.
  • Enables easy assembly.
  • Adjustable forks for efficiency.


  • No defections discovered so far.

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10. Sensa Livigno Evo Sport 

Economical Sport Bike

Sensa Livigno Evo Sport Mountain Bike

Wheel size range: 15” – 21” | Frame: 6061 Aluminum | Weight: x | Best Uses: Mountaineering

If you are planning to go cross-country on a bike, the Sensa Livigno Evo Sport Mountain Bike would be your most ideal companion. The forks of this bike enable up to 100mm of suspension travel with a remote lockout.

Though the mtb is sold at a low price, its following components such as the saddle, stem, handlebars and seatpost are qualified for high quality. You will be able to cover the roughest types of trails with this sport model.

I wish that the description would also include the total weight of this mountain bike so potential users will be more aware of its load. Plus, there are no bike pedals in the package and require you to purchase them outside.


  • Ideal for cross-country trips.
  • 100mm travel with lockout.
  • High-quality components.
  • Can cover tough trails.


  • Package not include pedals.

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Things to Consider When Buying Mountain Bikes Under $1000

After getting to know the insights of each best trail bike under $1000, you would like to understand more about relevant common features to concentrate on all available mtb.

  • Frame

The most common mtb frame material is premium, lightweight aluminum with extra features like top tubes, internal routing or a kickstand mount. Choosing a suitable frame size for a mountain bike largely depends on the rider’s height.

In case you are aiming to purchase any mountain bikes under $1000, consult from its frame size board since not all 5’8” bikers will fit on the same size unit. Several models are even manufactured with sizes for men and women.

  • Gearing

When it comes to gearing on a bike, the variation goes from 3 up to 27 gears on a single mtb, which corresponds with how many speed levels available.

Gearing is a tool to maintain your comfortable pedaling speed on diverse terrains. You only need middle gears on flat roads, while a mountain climbing process will require higher ones. Remember to shift the gears before you start going up to reduce pressure on the pedals.

  • Suspension

A good suspension is required in all transport vehicles, especially bikes that are made to climb mountains. It helps the bike go smoothly and keep it in control.

This system is responsible for minimizing friction between tires and the road to provide better maneuvering of the mtb. Full suspension is usually expensive but you can find a bike that exceeds this standard in this article for less than $1000.

  • Wheel size

Similar to the frame, mtb needs to have different sizings for its wheels as well. The widest range often varies from XS (27.5”) to XXL (29”) like Trek Marlin models, but other units may only have a certain wheel size for specific types of riders.

  • Weight

Almost all of the reviewed mountain bikes here are quite lightweight, weighing no more than 40 lbs with essential tubes included. That way, you can handle the unit better on mountains. Moreover, they can provide an amazing weight limit of 300 lbs in total.

  • Brake

The 2 most typical types of brakes on mtb are mechanical and hydraulic discs. The brake system should include both front and rear rotors for strong stopping power on tough terrains. Some are designed with adjustable levers for riders to have a comfortable reach.


The finest mtb on the list has to be the Trek Marlin 7, which is race-worthy and offers diverse standover heights. Whilst the Diamondback Women’s Lux 2 works out well for new female riders with 9-speed gears. If you want a low-budget option of sport bikes, you’d better go for the Sensa Livigno Evo Sport.

I hope that you will find your favorite mountain bike model in this article due to your likings since they are undoubtedly the current best ones. Make sure to use the buying guide to have a complete shopping experience.

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