Best Mountain Bike Shoes For Flat Pedals

best mountain bike shoes for flat pedals

A good pair of mountain bike shoes make for a comfortable trip. There are two types of mtb shoes: the pedal shoe without a clasp and the flat pedal shoe.

If you’re looking to buy the best mountain bike shoes for flat pedals, we recommend the Five Ten Freerider.

These shoes have a sturdy rubber sole that supplies power to the pedal. A robust construction protects your feet and ensures comfort on a long day.

Best mountain bike shoes for flat pedals for men

Five Ten Freerider

Best overall 

Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes

Five Ten is always in the top of the flat sole shoe market. Many users reviewed that they are truly pleased with the comfort this shoe brings to them.

When Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes comes to flat pedals, many people appreciate the grip and stealth rubber of the Five Ten. With stealth rubber and a full point outsole, the free-rider has the best pedal grip.

With good elasticity, the design has a slight bend over the toes, which allows a relatively relaxed gait from the bike. Additionally, the bulk of this shoe is just right to provide comfort.

This best mountain bike shoes for flat pedals also work well on a variety of foot shapes. The mountain bike shoes are just enough to protect the feet around the foot without feeling too bulky and heavy on foot.

With durability and wear resistance, this model meets the standard quality. In general, this is a remarkable, versatile flat pedal shoe that is suitable for almost activities you do.


  • The sole is beautiful and sturdy
  • The midsole absorbs shocks


  • Can be too sticky for some riders

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Shimano GR9

Best for sturdy construction

SHIMANO SH-GR9 Cycling Shoe

Shimano always shows its strength, so it’s number 2 on our list. The shoe is a design from Shiman’s Gravity collection.

The maker makes it for aggressive and downhill enduro rides. The Michelin outsole offers the fierce pedal grip you’ve come to expect from high-performance mountain shoes.

In addition to the durable Michelin sole, this shoe has a supportive midsole. It ensures that all of your sustained pedalling force is transferred to the pedal wherever you go.

The GR-9 is more than just a downhill and enduro shoe. It offers reliable performance for all types of driving, from driving gravel to hard vacuuming.

These mtb shoes feature synthetic materials for quick drying and ventilation, laces and armoured protective armour. With all its high-performance features, this shoe quickly became one of our favourites.


  • Great pedal
  • Permanent
  • Moisture resistant


  • Less ventilation

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Ride Concepts Powerline

Best for extra protection

Ride Concepts Powerline Cycling Shoe

These platform pedal shoes are ideal for those who like to charge up, ride a fast bike and go downhill. Compared to other mountain climbing shoes for flat pedals, Ride Concepts Powerline are a bit heavier.

However, given the performance it delivers, you can be confident in the weight of this shoe. DST rubber sole provides excellent pedal traction performance. Also, it offers numerous benefits in maintaining grip and durability.

Toes are muscular composites that help remove moisture and wear. So, it includes a mesh in the toe to keep you cool when you don’t need to maximize gravity. Additionally, these mountain bike shoes feature an absolute cushioning design, including toe padding, ankle padding and asymmetrical reed.

The sole of this shoe is also moderately flexible, making it easier to put your foot into the shoe. The high-quality D30 sole cradles your foot and provides extra cushioning and shock absorption under the foot.


  • The pedal offers excellent grip
  • You can use it for a long time
  • Additional cushioning


  • Less weather resistant than the toes
  • Expensive

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Giro Ventana

Best for all-day riding

Giro Ventana Men's Mountain Cycling Shoes

These best mountain bike shoes for flat pedals are very adjustable and fast. This shoe brings you a comfortable feeling and confident steps when you get off the bike. The upper synch wire features a rubber reinforced toe and heel that keep your feet comfortable and durable.

Besides, the BOA L6 dial offers a micro-lock setting (in steps of approx. 1 mm) with immediate release. This shoe also features pumped nylon outsoles for robust power.

This flat pedal Mtb shoes also include a moulded EVA stand with a central dome mount. These things work with all 2-hole pedal/bar systems including Time ATAC, Shimano SPD, Crank Brothers, etc.


  • Easy fit adjustment
  • Comfortable and supportive fit
  • Comfortable support and 2-bolt cleat compatible


  • It’s hot in the summer

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PEARL iZUMi X-Alp Canyon

Best for long hike-a-bike sections or jogging

PEARL iZUMi X-Alp Canyon Bike Shoes

Many buyers consider the Pearl Izumi X-Alp Canyon to be a very comfortable mountain bike shoe. Uses can walk and experience activities easily and comfortably with this shoe.

Many riders like this shoe because of its versatility in design and functionality. While the creation of this shoe is not eye-catching, its features always bring people many comforts.

The X-Alp Canyon feels light and breathable and always keeps you in the best and most comfortable condition. The material and construction of this shoe are also of excellent quality.

In any weather, these shoes for flat pedals keep your feet well ventilated. Also, the elastic tip feature is a feature that many people like as it prevents the lanyard from getting caught in the bicycle.


  • Comfort and style
  • Excellent material


  • It slightly lacked rigidity compared to professional athletes.

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Shimano GR5

Best use for mountain Biking

Shimano GR5 Mountain Bike Shoes

The design of GR5 mountain bike shoes allows your toes and heel to be a little broader and more profound, which helps to grip the bike.

Plus, each shoe is versatile when you turn around on a trail or bike path. When it comes to fit, the GR5 has a neutral shape but is comfortable for everyone.

Those with extensive feet will appreciate the toe box, which is nice and roomy while also offering plenty of room for your feet. With the above features, they’re still secure enough once you’ve tied the lanyard.

Unfortunately, the GR5 does not have a speed strap like the GR9, no movement in the shoe. However, for the money you spend on this shoe, it’s worth.


  • Reasonable price
  • Handles fit comfortably


  • No speed cable

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Ride Concept Liveware

Best light shoes for the toughest rides


With an affordable price, this is a product to consider. Livewire is one of the products in its Session series. It is suitable for all your activities, from park trips to long trips in the country.

This shoe sole comes with an EVA midsole, which offers sufficient rigidity for efficient transmission over long walks. With a synthetic upper combined with a mesh toe, Livewire fulfils almost every need of a rider, no matter where you go.

Livewire is more of a welded texture than the typical sewing structure of other shoes. With these features, you can count on it to last. It’s flexible with your budget and makes you more comfortable over long distances.


  • Grippy soles are designed to be very firm.
  • Fast drying


  • Expensive
  • not as breathable as other shoes

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Giro Riddance

Best for slopestyle riding

Giro Riddance Mid Mens Cycling Shoes

With simple skate-style lines, Riddance makes a good impression on mtb riders. The manufacturer uses a sturdy rubber sole to make this shoe stronger for any terrain..

So, it is durable and offers players a certain level of comfort. While the shoe is assisting the pedal, a total lack of traction does not create confidence on the trail.

The fit part of the riddance is also more significant than usual. Unless you have super wide feet, the boxy leg is too roomy. Even when the laces are tightened, our legs float around.

Besides, these mountain bike shoes are available in three different colour options as well as a mid-height boot version with a sheath strap for added security.


  • High quality
  • Dynamic design


  • Below average grip
  • The fit is too wide for most legs.

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Bontrager Flatline

Bontrager Flatline Mountain Bike Shoe

Bontrager Flatline is a formidable and beautiful shoe that always bring comfort for users. With the standard tip system, Vibram flatline rubber soles come with a unique spike pattern.

This unique spike pattern offers a combination of grip and comfort. On long or steep roads, you can be confident that you can drive safely on those roads.

When placed with other competitors, it feels loose at first, especially around the instep – but that is quickly solved by pulling on the laces for a better fit. So you don’t have to worry about the width or tightness of these mountain shoes for flat pedals.

The most valuable features of Flatline, however, are the minimalist character of the design and the easy-to-clean synthetic leather caps. There are two colours, red or black that the user can choose from depending on their preference.


  • Excellent design and good looking
  • The handle is sturdy and fits well.


  • First appropriate looseness

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Northwave Clan

Highly recommended for its stiff sole and protective upper


The Clan has received considerable support since its debut but is still relaxed. For those with slightly narrow feet, these shoes offer extra space in the toe box for comfort.

The heel area is robust and provides excellent support for the foot as well as generous support for the arch of the foot. This cycling shoes for flat pedals had a nice lanyard, and the lanyard does not deviate from the elastic.

In terms of pedals, the Clan is mighty and provides the traction the user needs. The middle part of the sole is flatter and has more grooves than high spikes that help with this.

Therefore, when you are travelling on uneven terrain, the shoes do not dampen the feeling of the pedal, which is important when driving on a flat sole.

The shoe has enough grip to give you the confidence to ride a bike, and it’s not so stiff that it’s not comfortable enough for a ride after a ride. Besides, due to its flexible design, it is non-sticky and makes it difficult to put your foot on the pedal. This pair of shoes work well with a 29er hardtail mountain bike.


  • Lots of support for long trips
  • Comfortable and well built
  • Good grip when getting in and out


  • Can be a little more spacious for people with narrower feet.

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What To Consider When Buying A Mountain Bike Shoes For Flat Pedals

Fit & Comfort

Comfort can make or break your day when you spend hours in the saddle or hiking on uneven paths. The more comfortable your shoes, the more comfortable you are and the better you can ride.

To assess the comfort, we looked at the material of the hat, the type of closure, the distribution of tension on foot, the footrest, the ventilation and the foot protection system.

Some of the most comfortable shoes we tested were designed for gravity and come with thicker, more protective caps and pillows. Shoes like the Five Ten Freerider is a little heavier than the competition but very comfortable.


Let’s face it; all other same, lighter things will be better when you’re out and about. Our weight on the ride is the sum of the weight of ourselves, our bike and other equipment.

The less we have to drive on the road, the faster we can go, and the longer we can move. The lightest shoe we tested was the Giro, weighing 716 grams, or 1 pound and 9 ounces for the pair.

They are followed very closely by the Shimano GR5, which weighs just over 2 grams at 718 grams.


The durability of a shoe is the primary concern. Whenever you invest some money, it is always desirable to keep these shoes on for as long as possible.

The durability of a shoe can only be checked over time through unevenness. However, you can choose shoes with sturdy rubber soles or shoes with stiff toes.

Also, consider artificial leather. For example, the soft and sticky stealth rubber from Ride Concept Liveware shows signs of wear. It seems like inshape even after months of use.

Foot and toe protection

Mountain biking is a challenging sport, and you need a lot of mountain bike shoes to ride fast on technical trails. Almost all shoe types include the toe box to help get rid of the football hit, but there are notable differences between shoe types (XC, Trail and Downhill). (1)

When riding off-road, weight and power transfer take precedence over full protection, so they’re usually thinnest around the sides and toes. Trail shoes have more cushioning for slips, and the downhill/freestyle is the heaviest.

An additional consideration is foot protection. Mountain bike shoes with a thin midsole and outsole may not provide adequate shock absorption, which can cause pain on long rocky trails and tree roots.

In these cases, too and downhill shoes offer ultimate comfort. A design like PEARL iZUMi X-Alp Canyon ensures that your feet stay isolated and safe.


If you drive a lot during your trip or live in warmer climates, consider buying shoes that emphasize breathing. Signs of a well-ventilated design are large strips of mesh or thin material on top.

On the other hand, shoes with sturdy and thick upper padding tend to get hot while running – often on the descent. A pair of highly breathable shoes can compromise its toughness and weather resistance – the mesh is much easier to tear and not moisture resistant.

But a well-designed version like the Giro Riddance will balance these conflicting needs. With the mesh on the toes and the holes throughout the material, it’s impressively cool in the heat.

At the same time, a lid on the lanyard and a waterproof plastic surface is resistant to wear, splashing water and extreme weather.


Mountain bike shoes offer much better power transmission, protect your feet on rocky roads and most importantly use flat pedals – grip. Hence, finding a pair of trainers is essential.

If you are looking for an excellent overall shoe, Five Ten Freerider Mountain Bike Shoes is the best choice for you. It has a beautiful design, solid materials and always bring comfort to all users on rough roads.

If you don’t care much about the system but want to find a protection product for more parts on your feet than the toes, Ride Concepts Powerline is definitely for you. Plus, this is the best for extra protection.

Finally, the products from the Shimano GR5 do not disappoint because they give you a great deal of comfort in all weather conditions.

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