Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Best mountain bike gloves

Wearing mountain bike gloves offer great protecticycon to your hands in a crash. Plus, they provide enhanced grip; your hands won’t slip even when sweaty.

Cycling gloves are also an important way to accessorize your sporty outfit for bike riding. For people who are looking for the best mountain bike gloves, I recommend picking POC Resisatance Enduro.

The product stood out from the rest when we compare them together in terms of comfortability, protection & durability.

7 Best Mountain Gloves

1. POC Resistance Enduro Adjustable Bike

Best overall mountain bike gloves

The POC resistance enduro gloves might be the perfect choice for all riders who want to protect hands-on long, rough, or hilly terrains. They are my absolute favorite because of a clean grip and a snug customized fit.

POC gloves feature hook-and-loop closure that lets you adjust depending on grip and comfort. So easy to pull on and off!

In order to feel lightweight, the POC gloves have excluded padding while focuses more on silicone printing, and flexible palm. The best thing about this Resistance endure gloves is that you will get great control over bars and levers to never miss speed dump and rapid shift. Thanks to the silicone printed fingers!

This not only strengthens your grip but also enhances dexterity. Since ventilation is important, the POC gloves use breathable fabrics. Don’t worry about sweaty palms and fingers!

The back features 90% polyester and 10% of elastane to keep air flowing. Then the 60% polyamide + 40% of polyurethane made palm securely grips the handlebars or levers while offering ample ventilation.

Best of all, taking calls or clicking pictures on touch-screen phones during the ride is not a problem. No need to take off your gloves! These gloves have 100% polyester made thumb that is touch-screen compatible.

We really recommend this Resistance Endure gloves because they have good flexibility. They offer amazing grip. Also, they are very lightweight yet breathable.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Thumb touchscreen compatibility
  • Lightweight
  • Customized fit


  • No padding

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2. Giro DND

Best Value for the Money

Looking for affordable yet good-quality mountain biking gloves? The Giro DND could be a fantastic addition to your sportswear. What’s best about these mountain bike gloves is its EVA 2mm crash padding for ultimate protection.

It’s specially designed for long-wearing; thanks to the breathable upper microfiber construction and 4-way stretch. Control, durability, grip, and comfort! These DND Giro gloves are my favorite.

The Super Fit design enhances grip while preventing discomfort and bunching. Then they have special integrated flex zones at the knuckle area to mimic your natural hand’s articulation. This offers natural-feel lightweight gloves for most control and comfort.

Let’s talk about the 3-panel palm structure! This unique AX Suede and Clarino synthetic construction not only provides superior grip but also offer great hand protection. Favorite among many trail riders and dirt jumpers, these gloves also feature touchscreen technology.

The fingertips have conductive fibers to operate your mobile phone. Simple pull-on closure allows you to wear them comfortably.


  • AX SUEDE 3-panel palm
  • Super Fit design
  • EVA pads
  • Flex zones


  • Not suitable for warm days

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Most Comfortable

MOREOK mountain bike gloves will be an excellent option for those who require multipurpose half-finger gloves for various outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and so on. These 5MM gel SBR padded and shock-proof gloves are designed to protect your palm while eliminating numbness or fatigue.

Plus, the silicone non-slip coating at the palm side gives you more control on the handlebar. As sweating is a big concern for many cyclists wearing gloves, it’s made from soft, elastic, and breathable LYCRA fabric with air holes.

This ultra-breathable resilient material fits your hands perfectly. Besides, your hands would remain dry and cool.

When it comes to comfort, MOREOK gloves have no match as reinforced flexible microfiber cloth used at the palm.

They offer enhanced grip and strength to your hands. No hand fatigue or skin friction! Moreover, you can easily wipe the sweat while cycling using the terry cloth thumb.

To enable good heat dissipation after biking, this glove pair has magic tape elastic cuffs with air-permeable Spandex design.

Adjustable Velcro will let you adjust depending on the wrist; a customized fit for your hand! Gloves can be taken off and on trouble-free, thanks to the easy-off-hooks.


  • SBR shock-absorbing pads
  • Stretch fabric
  • Spandex design; non-slip
  • Breathable


  • Gel fattens over time

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4. LuxoBike

Most Durable for this Budget

The Luxobike half-finger mountain bike gloves offer better bike control and more comfort than ordinary one. This is because these versatile gloves have superior cushioning.

The exclusive shock-proof 4-zone pads support and protect hands against rough road vibrations and accidental falls. Maximum dexterity for an unsurpassed handlebar feels so you’re always in control.

Plus, the finger length is ideal for the most accurate control. Smart finger loops feature built directly into glove makes taking sweaty gloves off easier.

Thumb protection! Thumb has ample rooms for movement and rotation while the fitted elastic band helps to prevent slippage. No discomfort of the wrist; the streamlined Velcro pull tab provides flexibility and movement while giving a custom fit.

Furthermore, the breathable soft fabric avoids sunburn and keeps hand cool. The lightweight Lycra finger liners are quick-drying so no sweat accumulates. Very durable, the microsuede leather at the palms is long-lasting.

All-day comfort, excellent grip, full range of motion, and many other convenient features make LuxoBike mountain bike gloves a good choice no matter what bike you ride.


  • Shock-absorbing pads
  • Lightweight LYCRA
  • Durable stitched
  • Thumb protection


  • Not suitable for winter use

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Best for Anti-Slip

Made from high-quality nylon, polyurethane, and polyester, FIRELION are soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear whether it is summer or winters.

The surface of the gloves is made from spandex, mesh, lycra, and terry cloth that helps to improve the breathability of the gloves. Furthermore, the thumb is made soft and absorbent so that you can dab away your sweat easily.

The gloves have a soft gel palm made from reinforced micrometric synthetic leather. It keeps your hands safe from injurious shocks.

Moreover, it has a robust anti-slip capability that makes it easier to grip the handlebars of any type of bikes and cycles. Besides this, the gloves also aid in keeping your hands free from numbness during your travel.

Calluses are one of the biggest enemies of all cyclists and bikers. No one wants them and FIRELION has made sure that you do not get them. The palm pads greatly reduce the chances of getting irritating, painful calluses.

It has adjustable straps that help you to secure the gloves on your hand conveniently and perfectly.


  • Breathable.
  • Comfortable and soft.
  • Made from durable materials.
  • The soft gel palm keeps your hand safe from injuries.


  • The touch screen compatibility of the gloves is just mediocre.

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6. Bontrager Evoke

Best for Touch-screen Usage

Protect and shield your hands with the Bontrager Evoke mountain full-finger gloves. These sleek gloves are designed for serious riders who demand handlebar control, comfort, and optimal protection from unexpected sudden falls.

This unpadded pair of gloves gives you a near-to-bar natural feel and full dexterity. Durable and soft AX Suede leather palms! It also features a lightweight and breathable back-of-hand fabric along with palm air vents.

So your hands keep cool when the pace picks up. Plus, the gloves have a touch-screen compatible thumb and index finger. These simple gloves present more comfort; thanks to the clean no-seam palm design.


  • Lightweight
  • AX Suede palm
  • Comfort fit
  • Ventilation


  • Non-padded

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7. INBIKE Thermal Windproof

Best for Weather Protection

INBIKE is our most favorite when it comes to winter touchscreen gloves. What’s makes them most comfy and warm is the inner soft polar fleece layer with an insulation fiber-filled thermal lining.

This skin-friendly lining keeps your hands warm by trapping heat inside and comfortable while you ride in chilly or windy weather. Then there’s a weatherproof shell made of mainly polyester and 7% leather.

Best of all, these full-fingers gloves feature a 3mm silicone pad in the palm. This offer shock-absorption, anti-slip, and makes them wear-resistance.

This is the most preferred feature in a mountain bike glove as it prevents palm pain from long-distance riding. No stress on your palms! Your hands will be protected when facing a sudden crash.

The lengthened wrist design prevents the entry of cold air and hands-off at the same time. Thanks to the 3D Cut, your fingers are free to move without any sense of restraint.

Another amazing feature is the touch-screen compatibility. The thick silicone thumb and fingers not only enhance the lever grip, but they’re also compatible with a touch-screen.


  • Wind and waterproof
  • EVA gel pads
  • Thermal lining insulation
  • Touchscreen compatible


  • Not for summer use

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How to find the best mountain bike gloves?

How do you know what are good mountain bike gloves? Don’t worry; we’ve done the work for you! Consider the following important things to pick the right pair of gloves.

  • Half-finger or full-finger

Mountain bike gloves fall into main categories: half-finger and full-finger gloves. The half-finger design tends to be cut off just below the first knuckle while rising highly on your wrist.

As the name suggests, a full-finger glove covers the whole hand including all fingers. Half-finger gloves are common choices for summer months as they are quick-drying and breathable. However, some tend to bunch up between the fingers causing discomfort. (1)

  • Grip

First and foremost, mountain bike gloves are present to improve the rider’s grip on the handlebar. Sweaty or bare hands make for improper handling.

That is why most bike riders prefer wearing gloves even in the summer season. Most gloves use leather-like synthetic Clarino or AX Suede on the palm and fingers. On top of that, some gloves also have rubberized patterns for additional grip.

  • Ventilation or insulation

Bike gloves come with varying amounts of ventilation and insulation. Cool or summer mountain bike gloves are thinner to keep hands cool while still offering protection and grip.

They have lightweight vented material on the top side along with strategically-placed mini air holes on the palm to let airflow. This makes them very breathable and lets you feel shifters and brake levers more.

For winters, look for thick padded gloves are especially that are designed for cold riding conditions. They are well-insulated to keep hands warm but also provide maximum dexterity. If the gloves are too thick, it gets difficult to operate levers, brakes, and shifters.

  • Protection and padding

The thickness of padding in the palm and fingers varies when it comes to mountain bike gloves. Thin or no padding is better for short-distance cycling.

If you plan to ride for longer distances or on rough terrains, you must prefer opting for gel-padded gloves for more comfort. Mountain bike gloves are designed to proffer abrasion protection not just in an event of an unexpected crash.

Choose highly armored gloves if you need maximum protection with additional protection built into the back of the hand and over the knuckles. This gives total protection in case of a fall while still giving a good grip on levers and shifters.


So, the clear winner is POC Resistance Enduro. Unlike other gloves these feature a hook-and-loop closure that lets you adjust depending on grip and comfort.

The finest factor about this gloves is that you will get great control over bars and levers to never miss speed dump and rapid shift. That will make your grip robust and improves dexterity.

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