Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

best indoor cycling shoes

Best indoor cycling shoes

Shoes never stop being one of the most crucial equipment not only for outdoor activities but also for indoor cycling.

Thus, here is the list of 12 best indoor cycling shoes, divided into men’s wear and women’s. Shimano IC5 and SPECIALIZED Torch 2.0 are the best ones in such respective category because of their excellent comfort, durability and ventilation

Best indoor cycling shoes for women

First of all, there are 6 women cycling shoes recommended. Specially designed for women, these footwears meet all requirements of style and features.

1. Shimano IC5

Best women shoes

5/5 star

Shimano IC5 Indoor Bike Shoes - Women's

This Shimano ranks the first position for their outstanding features for indoor cycling.

This pair of shoes offer different layers and materials for particular functions. The upper part is designed with synthetic leather to create a gentle and ventilate hold to users’ foot. Compressed foam is placed in the foot-bed, it generates soft and extra protection for customers.

Strategically constructed with EVA and Rubber for the midsole and outsole layers of these shoes, the designer aims at a durable and energy-absorbent shield to the foot. Also, with rigid plate, slippage on the floor when exercising indoor is reduced.

Constructed with 2-hole cleats design and a SPD compatible, that product successfully ultimate the security and power transfer to pedals. Ratcheting Cable Lace is utilized to ensure the close fit for comfortable and soft training.


  • Form-fitting design
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Good ventilation


  • Low customized closure

2. Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex

Best for people on a budget

4.5/5 star

Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex Cycling Shoe - Women's

This Loius’s cutting-edge technologies make it second just to the Shimano.

Combined with several materials in a product, these best spinning shoes bring out comfortable and effectiveness in cycling. Synthetic leather for the upper part, EVA for foot-bed, this product is excellent fit-in and soft to skin.

The sole is made from Multi Air Flex and fiberglass for extra stability and energy-absorbent. This whole combination is durable and effective in delivering power to the pedals. Garneau’s HRS-80’s rear contributes to the steady and firm shape.

Ventilation is another focus of Louis design. With breathable materials, several air holes are placed in the front and sides of these pairs. Also, reflective lines are added to enhance the fashion and safety of cyclists in case they are in low-light conditions.

Utilizing 2-bolt cleats, the Loius is acceptable for almost all types of mountain bike pedals. 3 hook-and-loop straps are effortlessly adapted and energy-support. Nevertheless, long time or extra frequent use may decrease the effectiveness of these straps.


  • Soft and good fit
  • Reflective element
  • Stability
  • Excellent air-flow


  • Unendurable straps

3. Pearl Izumi Women’s W All-Road

Best for traction


Pearl Izumi Women's W All-Road V4 Cycling Shoe

These Pearl best spin shoes have a more classic look compared to previous products, yet it features no less modern technology in use.

Constructed with rubber and plastic as a majority, the product is added with textile to increase softness and breathable feelings of that product. Made of rubber, outer sole is extremely traction and durable toward the floor.

SELECT 1:1 Nylon Composite Power Plate is utilized in this Pearl. Such a method specially aims at the stability and durability against motion. 1:1 Anatomic 3-Strap Closure is adjustable for form-fitting and comfortable practice. Nevertheless, the combination of layers and heavy materials results in extra weight for Pearl product.

These footwears feature arch support for better movement and tighter hold to feet. It helps to fully direct the energy, but sometimes it limits the movement with straps cut.


  • Durable and stable
  • Good ventilation
  • Excellent traction


  • Heavy
  • Occasional limited movement

4. TIEM Slipstream

Excellent casual appearance

3.5/5 star

TIEM Slipstream Indoor Bike Shoes - Women's

These women’s indoor cycling shoes assemble the sneakers, which brings a totally casual look for daily use.

Made of breathable mesh and cotton jersey as for upper and lining parts, the TIEM underlines the style as well as the security and fit of shoes’ size. EVA is utilized for the foot-bed and midsole, which is soft and versatile, yet a little bit thin to fully absorb energy and comfort customers’ foot during intense practice.

Rubber outsole is indeed a plus point for this product. Well-designed and anti-slip rubber can significantly enhance the safety during performance.

2-hole cleats and a SPD-compatible are featured in this TIEM. Besides, 1-strap design contributes to the quick on-off of these shoes. It would be better if the strap allows users to adapt to improve security during activities.


  • Anti-slip sole
  • Quick and easy closure
  • Daily use allowed


  • Thin sole
  • 1-size strap

5. SIDIGenius Fit Cycling Shoe

Best for durability

4.5/5 star

SIDI Genius Fit Cycling Shoe - Women's

These SIDI best shoes for spin class score for a number of upgraded technology and durability that brings one of the best experiences for users.

The product is constructed with a unique composite microfiber which is favored for their superb lightweight, soft and endurable texture. The upper part is water-repellent and moisture-absorbent to enhance the quick-dry and mold-resistance of skin.

These easy-to-clean shoes are at the same time extremely durable. The material can bear intense movement and stretches without deformation. With mesh pads, the cooling and breathable atmosphere inside of them also contributes to the longevity and sanity of that equipment.

For the outsole, Millennium 4 Carbon Composite is utilized for stability landing. Three-hole cleats compatibility is available on those pairs

Offering multi-click buckles and a Soft Arch Compression Strap, this design did a good job in customizing the form-fit of product.


  • Highly customized
  • Extra durability
  • Water-resistance upper
  • Good ventilation


  • High price

6. Fizik Women’s M6

Excellent ventilation

4/5 star

Fizik Women's M6 Donna BOA Mountain Cycling Shoes

The last best indoor cycling shoes for women are the Fizik product. Meeting all requirements for standard indoor cycling shoes, the Fizik has a superior vent system than many other shoes.

The main materials for them are reinforced Microtex and nylon mesh for extra lightweight, comfort and ventilation. Honeycomb-alike upper part allows the air-flow system and low-temperature in hot conditions.

Also, these materials make the fabric upper fit and soft to cyclists’ skin. Sculpted foot-bed and heal play a crucial role in motion traction and energy absorb, which is to protect riders’ foot from damage or instability.

Closure system is equipped with Boa and Microtex straps for adjustable size. These straps, however, can rip and be less effective over time. This Fizik is 2-hole cleats compatibility.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Excellent air-flow
  • Good traction
  • Stable sole


  • Unendurable straps

Best indoor cycling shoes for men

Next is the list of 6 cycling-equipped shoes for men.

1. SPECIALIZED Torch 2.0

Best shoes for men

5/5 star

SPECIALIZED Torch 2.0 Wide Cycling Shoe

This SPECIALIZED branch is no longer strange to people who love sports. Here comes the best SPECIALIZED shoes for men, and it is probably a must-have product for indoor cyclist.

Like other standardized shoes, these pairs have different materials placed on different spots. Mesh and TPU are used to cover the upper parts of such shoes to create zero-constrict, sock-like feeling and leather weight.

Body Geometry foot-bed supports power transfer from upper body parts such as knees, hip, to foot, and thus boost the energy transferred to pedals.

Benefitting from carbon and rubber, the stiff sole keeps excellent balance and traction to reduce potential chances of an incident. The shoes are also designed with Boa IP1 Fit System that is highly adaptable. This model is compatible with 3-bolt cleat.

The ventilation of these pairs is a bonus point. Thanks to mentioned materials and air holes, they are totally breathable and comfortable during hot weather.


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Good traction and energy-support
  • Excellent ventilation

Cons: non

2. Giro Empire E70

Excellent air-flow system


Giro Empire E70 Knit Road Shoe

Here comes another famous branch for cycling shoes: the Giro. The Giro shoes are indeed one of the best durability and ventilation on this list.

Applied with modern Xnetic Knit design for the upper part of this footwear, they are extremely lightweight and gentle to skin. It facilitates multi-direct movement of users’ foot without any crashes to body.

Also, TPU skeletal system of the upper allows quick-dry of moisture and cooling in high-temperature conditions. The upper, additionally, benefits from DWR method for water-resistant and easy-clean with a wet tissue.

Another well-constructed part of the shoes is a sole. Solid, firm outsole is treated with Easton EC70 carbon composite for stability and traction. Heel pads are easily replaced in case the old ones become less friction.

The foot-bed of these 3-bolt SPD cycling shoes is mold-resistant. It has Empire laces for the best form-fit and security.


  • Good traction but less-constrictive
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Easy-clean
  • Anti-mold
  • Replaceable parts


  • High price

3. Tommaso Strada 100

Best for cleats compatible

3.5/5 star

Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible Road Bike, Touring, Indoor Cycling Shoe

The Tommaso shoes feature many excellent user-focused characteristics.

First of all, these shoes emphasize the ventilation and breathability of that product by enhancing ventilating air holes and moisture wicking liner. The Mesh design makes them comfortable and soft shoes, which supports flexible movement of cyclists.

Next, equipped with Triple Velcro Strap, the shoes are highly adaptable and form-fit. Nevertheless, that strap may start to rip over time.

Fiberglass reinforces sole increases power transfer to pedals. It would be better if the traction of this sole is enhanced, for it is slippage on smooth floor.

Perhaps the biggest point for this product is the multi-compatible cleats that can fit either SPD or Delta Cleats. This custom-focused method is unique and outstanding for it allows multi-adaptation


  • Good ventilation
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Multi-level straps
  • Multi- compatible cleats


  • Slippage
  • Ripped strap

4. Santic Cycling Shoes

Best for people on a budget

4/5 star

Santic Cycling Shoes Men's or Women's Road Cycling Riding Shoes Spin Shoes with Buckle- Roadway

Maybe these are the solution for people who seek an ideal mate with low-budget allowed. The SPD-SL compatible Santic may meet these needs for their reasonable price with high qualifications.

These shoes for spin class are constructed with TPU to ensure the breathability of foot. Small holes are spotted all along the surface to increase the ventilation in hot conditions. Outer coverage enhances the traction as well as form-shaping of these pairs.

Utilizing an U-Heel cup shape around the upper heel part, such product activates extra boost and stability for intense practice. It holds well the foot and creates a soft fit buckle under users’ ankle to reduce potential injuries. Also, rubber lines under the sole add traction toward slip area for safety.

Designed with hook-and-loop Velcro, shoes’ lock offers different levels of fit for personal height and size.


  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Extra support and protection
  • Adaptable straps


  • Rip straps

5. Gavin MTB Indoor Cycling Shoes

Excellent foot stability

4/5 star

Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Mesh Indoor Fitness Cycling Shoes Mens Womens SPD

These Gavin shoes have a cool style that probably goes for street bike style. Also, their functions are no less impressive compared to other shoes.

Built with mesh panels, the shoes are extremely breathable and lightweight. The insole is perforated to create a good ventilation system for quick-dry and moisture absorption. Vent holes are placed at the sides to enhance the flexibility and cooling of those pairs.

For the sole and heel, synthetic is utilized to keep cycling movement stable and rigid. It helps to keep the foot safe against harsh movement and ultimate the power transferred to pedals.

This Gavin benefits from carbon fiber straps with hook and loop style for on-off. It is easy to adjust and fit in. Nevertheless, all 3 straps are considered less effective and need constant adjustment after intense practice.

Emphasizing on multi-usage of this product, Gavin shoes are designed with 2-bolt cleats that can fit SPD, Crank Brothers and MTB pedals.


  • Rigid and stable
  • Breathable
  • Extra protection
  • Multi-compatible cleats
  • Low-priced


  • Less effective straps

6. PEARL iZUMi X-Alp

Best for personalization

4.5/5 star

PEARL iZUMi X-Alp Canyon Mountain Bike Shoes - Men's

The last best indoor cycling shoes on this list are the PEARL. It offers several outstanding features and multi-usage combined in a product.

These best spinning shoes for men utilize rubber and plastic as the main materials for the upper part to keep it soft and light. Ankle buckle and form-keeping panels are integrated to provide extra support and protection of cyclists’ foot.

EVA outsole is designed to form a comfortable cushioning. Combined with an outsole made with rubber, EVA and nylon plastic, the sole of these pairs is firm and stable. An integrated traction tread increases riders’ control and safety.

Using lace-up type of closure, the PEARL allows a fit, easy adjustment. 2-hole cleats also gain points for extra compatible cleats for SPD, Time Mountain, Look Mountain and Crank Brothers.


  • Soft and breathable
  • Stable sole
  • Easy to adjust
  • Diverse compatibility cleats


  • Unendurable lace loops

How to choose the best indoor cycling shoes

Above are 12 best shoes for men and women. Brief reviews are provided to form the very first bias. Following are some buying guides or suggestions for you to find out which ones are for you.

Types of cleat

There are 2 most popular types of cleats: SPD and SPD-SL. SPD stands for Shimano Pedalling Dynamics, and SL means SuperLight.

SPD, or 2-bolt cleats, is usually used for mountain bike pedals. SPD is a double-sided entry that facilitates dual side clipping. It is constructed to allow a comfortable walk when being off the bike with a stable and anti-slip sole. It can also deal well with mud for it can auto shed mud to protect users’ pedaling ability.

SPD-SL, or 3-bolt cleats, on the other hand, appears in road cycling for their weight. The bigger platform allows full delivery of power from foot to pedals for firm and accurate pedaling. Unlike SPD, this SL is one-sided, which means cyclists have to find the compatible side of pedal before riding. SPD-SL is highly adjustable thanks to the key bolt in the back of the pedal.

Shimano IC5 is probably the best 2-hole compatibility. Meanwhile, SPECIALIZED Torch 2.0 and Santic Cycling Shoes are outstanding models for 3-bolt cleats

Types of sole

Sole is so far one of the most crucial parts of these shoes to keep stability and deliver power. Plastic and carbon fiberglass are probably the two most famous materials for soles.

Plastic is a more familiar material. As for making soles, plastic is flexible and rigid enough to keep riders’ foot safe during practice. Such versatility helps to increase power transferred to pedals It is much cheaper, but it adds weight to the whole.

Carbon fiberglass, in the meantime, is a new and favorable technology in making soles. It is lightweight, but it still ensures the full energy directly from foot. It is stiff and firm that increases foot protection. Normally, fiberglass’s price is higher than plastic-sole shoes.

PEARL iZUMi X-Alp and Pearl Izumi Women’s W All-Road are two outstanding branches that use plastic sole. Also, Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex and Tommaso Strada 100 use fiberglass as a material for the sole.


Ventilation is the third factor contributing to a great comfortable footwear. After a time of practice, remaining sweat and suffocated temperature will lead to uncomfortable feelings and potential health problems.

Mesh is a soft and breathable material that is a very popular fabric for the upper part where most of the skin touches. Also, ventilation is activated through air holes or honey-comb fabric. The foot-bed and sole should also be applied with moisture-absorbent and quick-dry technology.

Fizik Women’s M6 is definitely one of the most vents and breathable products on the list.


These are 12 quick reviews and a buying guide for you to consider. Shimano IC5 and SPECIALIZED Torch 2.0 are still our top recommendations for their superb durability, ventilation and user-friendly.

Now is your turn to make up your mind. Wish you a great purchase experience.

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