Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

best full face mountain bike helmet

If you are a biker who loves to explore adventurous routes, then you will need a mate that fully protects you.

From my over-year experience of using different types helmets, I would recommend you my list of 15 best full face mountain bike helmets.

The top-of-the-line model would go to FOX RACING Rampage Pro, and the second of all is POC Coron Air Spin. They rank high for outstanding materials, excellent ventilation as well as impressive looking.

15 Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

1. FOX RACING Rampage Pro

Best overall full face mountain bike helmets

FOX RACING Rampage Pro

This full-face mountain bike helmet stands on top through various tests for its outstanding technology including the multi-composite layers, Fluid Inside Technology and EPS foam liners. Such technology and designs further enhance the force-resistance of the mountain bike helmet, prepared it with either high or low impact.

The magnetic visor enormously contributes to reducing the rotational impact. The unique Magnetic Visor Release System detaches the visor in case it is stuck on the ground during the rotational hit.

Regardless of the multi-layers structure, the FOX RACING is indeed lightweight. My neck gains almost no hurt feeling no matter of long hours riding. Also, the ventilation system works well even in slow-motion.

The price of FOX RACING Rampage Pro appears to be unaffordable to some people, but if you own it, it will be a very protective friend of yours.


  • Extra protect
  • Unique visor installment
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight


  • High cost

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2. POC Coron Air Spin

Best for ventilation

POC, Coron Air Spin, Helmet for Downhill Mountain Biking

The POC product design is remarkable for its safety certification of SPIN which certifies for the silicone pads inside the full face mountain bike helmet. With this innovative technology, POC Coron Air Spin absorbs and redirects the multi-angled force transmitted to your skull.

Loads of pads are added in the position of cheek forehead and back of the head. These pads are also strategically pending and removable for emergency cases or washing. 

Such pads help to provide plenty of comfortable room for your ears or glasses but still, guarantee the fit and security of the shell.

Ventilation is another impressive feature of this full face bicycle helmet. Facilitated through diverse holes and channels, along with the 2-pound weight only, the design is totally light and breathable. I feel no pressure or hot spot during wearing time.


  • Pending and removable pads
  • Extra protection from a hard shell
  • Lightweight
  • Good ventilation


  • High cost

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3. 7 PROTECTION Project .23

Best for people on a budget

7 PROTECTION Project .23 ABS Helmet

This downhill full-face helmet gains bonus points for its ABS as the material for your shield. Thanks to the energy-absorption ability of the material, the 7 PROTECTION brings a variety of safety certification.

The designed visor increases the cool appearance of the mtb helmet. Especially, Crash Release mode helps to omit the visor to reduce the damage of a rotational hit.

The ventilation of 7 PROTECTION Project .23 is even more effective than 2 previous products. 23 large vents are wide open to activate the air-low system through the shell.

The weight is probably the only drawback of this product. It is considered a bit heavy, which can create slight neck-ache if the riding trip is long.

All in all, this product seems to be truly excellent for such a price.


  • Extra energy-absorbed material
  • Auto-detach visor
  • Affordable price
  • Good ventilation


  • A bit heavy

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4. BELL Super DH

Best for endure

BELL Super DH MIPS Helmet

The particular BELL full face helmet stays high on the must-buy list for its superb protection technology. MIPS Spherical is added between the high-density EPS and low-density EPP to manage the energy transfer during impacts. 

This downhill mountain bike helmet is approved for several personalized features. Float Fit Dh system and No-Twist Tri-Glides generate quick removal or adjustment of the security system. The visor can be omitted or kept tight without any influence on your glasses.

The design of a removable chin bar makes BELL Super DH so unique and personalized. It allows a user-friendly adaptation with no install equipment required.

X-Static and XT-2 paddings are anti-bacterial and odor-resistant. Also, these pads are easy to dry and extremely soft against the skin.

In addition, there is a camera-facilitator via a mount that keeps the recorder stable and safe during the trip.

The full face helmet will definitely satisfy the six-year-old-plus users who love the military-outlook.


  • Outstanding safety technology
  • Highly personalized structure
  • Camera-facilitator
  • Anti-bacteria and odor-resistant pads


  • Age limited

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5. FOX RACING Proframe

Best for downhill riding

FOX RACING Proframe Helmet

This ranger-alike FOX RACING Proframe full face bike helmet is built with superior up-to-date technology and materials. The light but sturdy DH protection is utilized to fully enhance the safety of the riders against the extra force from the surroundings.

Taking advantage of Dual-density Varizorb EPS and MIPS inner layer, the shell plays the main role in dispersing the energy transmitted through the mountain bike helmet. It creates a safe and comfortable room for your head even during an aggressive ride.

The lock is designed with an easy-to-use style that allows riders to plug in and out with gloved hands. The strap can also be loosened or tightened to fit in.

The ventilation of this product passes every metric of air-flow due to the chin, front and backward air-holes. Nevertheless, I wish there was a net covering the chin bar to prevent bugs, dust, and protect this part in accidental scenarios.


  • The light but sturdy shell
  • Adjustable parts
  • Good ventilation


  • Uncovered chin bar

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6. Giro Switchblade

Best convertible helmet

Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

This unisex full face mountain bike helmet is specially designed for adults. It is highly estimated for versatility. To be more specific, the chin bar of the helmet can be easily removed to fit your particular use and style. With or without the chin bar, the GIRO still receives tons of certifications for safety.

The Giro full face mountain bike helmet applies MIPS standard, which ensures the shell can protect your skull from different directions when the accident occurs. The helmet has survived various tests and labs and has been retested from my experience.

The ventilation utilized Roc Loc Air DH fit system gains obvious results. The front holes are placed in the forehead and the chin of the shell with a reasonable large. Accompanied by the top, rear and back vents, they generate one of the best air-clear products on my list.

The whole mountain helmet weighs only 1 pound, which is quite amazing compared to the others.


  • High versatility
  • Extreme ventilation
  • Lightweight


  • For adults only

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7. Leat DBX 3.0

Best for trail riding

Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro Helmet

Although staying in the middle of the list, this Leat full face bicycle helmet actually has many outstanding safety features and highly convertible parts.

Leat DBX 3.0 makes use of 360 Turbin Technology which is not only one of a kind, but it also shows its effectiveness in reducing the impacts from a multi-direct hit. Plus, the technology goes with the Polycarbonate shell, which dramatically enhances the protection of the full face helmet.

Like some previous mountain bike helmets, this one offers a removable chin bar to fit particular riding modes. The weight is light and it differs from 0.8 lbs to 1.65 lbs according to the status of the chin bar.

Also, the sanity of the Leat is a focused point. The pads inside the hard shell can absorb the moisture, as well as reduce the smell after the long trip. These pads add almost no weight to the product, and they are washable.


  • Removable and washable parts
  • Extra sturdy shell
  • Good ventilation
  • Lightweight


  • For adults only

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8. Smith Mainline

Best for lightweight

Smith Mainline Mips Full-Face Helmet

Smith Mainline is an outstanding example of the best full face bike helmet for its safety features as well as cool appearance.

Emphasizing the safety degree of the helmet, the outer layer of the SMITH is made from Polycarbonate which can bear the huge energy.

The inner pads apply a Koroyd layer that shapes like a honeycomb. Along with MIPS technology, it helps to absorb and redirect the energy from the impact extremely well. In the meantime, it facilitates the air passed through the comb.

The adjustable visor of this downhill full face helmet is absolutely useful. The length of this part can reduce the impact of the outside weather such as rain-drops, sunlight or above-obstacles.

Smith Mainline mountain bike helmet is a choice in summer ridings with your hardtail mountain bike. It allows the air-flow to through the shell. The anti-odor pads are added to remain the fit, but it is quite comfortable and washable.


  • Up-to-date safety technology
  • Adjustable and washable parts
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Anti-odor pads
  • Lightweight


  • High price

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9. Bell Sanction

Best for cool weather rides

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet

Here comes a shining candidate from the Bell branch!

The Bell Sanction scores really high for its cozy and extra protection. Extra pads are fully added inside the shell to double the soft and fit of the full face helmet, at the same time, make it a warm shell. This is probably one of the best bike helmets for winter rides.

The ventilation is indeed covered by pads or thick nets, so it can be a little bit hot and wind-proof in the summer. I would love it more if these pads make enough room for eyewear-it is quite snug due to the pads.

In contrast to the thick pads, the weight of the mountain bike helmet is very light. MIPS technology application is also a bonus point for it can bear the rotational impact well. The adjustable visor shows its influence in almost all kinds of weather and surroundings.


  • Extra protection
  • Full pads added
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price


  • Poor ventilation
  • A little bit snug
  • Season limited

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10. Troy Lee Designs Stage

Best for air-flow channel

Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Bike Helmet

The Troy Lee Designs full face mtb helmet has a quite similar appearance to FOX RACING Proframe: Cool street style uncovered chin bar and great ventilation!

With the safety-focused strategy, the Troy helmet takes full advantage of EPS and EPP foam to deal with either low or high-speed impact. MIPS technology also enhances the security of the product by making sure the poly lite-shell helmet stays tight on your head under any circumstances.

To maximize the ventilation system, the structure of this downhill full face helmet utilizes 2 main streams.

The first one lies in the pads that are added only where really necessary. Cheek-pads and skull-pads are placed to reduce damage, while other parts are quite clear. These soft liners are made from silver X-static fibers to absorb the moisture, stay dry, and reduce the odor.

The second factor contributing to ventilation is the number and place of vents. 11 intake ports and 14 exhaust vents help to direct the air-flow well. That makes it an ideal helmet for summer.


  • Extra qualified hard shell
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Good fit and security


  • Uncovered chin bar

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11. IXS Trigger

Best lightweight bike helmet

IXS Trigger Full Face Helmet

This IXS Trigger downhill full face mountain bike helmet ranks high for the lightweight. With all the technology and safety features combined, the weight is considered a feather.

The main material for the shell is polycarbonate which can remain the sturdiness over time. EPS foam absorbs the high-speed impact backed up by thick inner pads, which considerably decreases the damage on the road. X-Frame increased the protection of the chin bar. However, I wish that the chin bar has a net or pads to partially cover.

The 3-position visor also gains extra points for the highly personalized and multi-usage protection. The changes in the position may lead to different protection under diverse situations. The lengthy coverage ensures protection against sunlight and above-head obstacles.

Fidlock magnetic is also taken in use to promote user-friendly and effortless closure security. The air-clear channel activates through strategically spotted holes. IXS Trigger is definitely one of the best fit and rigid helmets for adventurous trips.


  • Sturdy but lightweight shell
  • Highly adjustable parts
  • Easy-to-use security part
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Uncovered chin bar

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12. Troy Lee Designs D3

Best for extra coverage

TROY LEE DESIGNS D3 Fiberlite Helmet

Compared to previous Troy Lee Designs on my list, this D3 version has superior protection, along with less ventilation.

Gaining tones of safety certifications, this best full face helmet offers ultimate coverage through various channels. The sturdy fiberglass shell provides full protection against all levels of impact. Cheek-pads are added to ensure the fit, comfort and safety of the skin.

High qualified as it is, the design does not sacrifice fashion. This cool ranger is one of my top favorite appearances on the list

Full Spectrum Adjustable Visor is highly adjustable to fit diverse positions as customers wish. I recommend you to keep it at the highest position to activate more air-flow during summer rides.

The ventilation is a minus point of the product. Facilitated through small, covered by the thick-fabric net, the helmet is a cozy shell for winter only.


  • Extra protection and coverage
  • Adjustable visor
  • Deal well under cool weather


  • Adult only
  • Poor ventilation in the summer
  • Heavyweight

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13. Bell Super 3R

Excellent ventilation

Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

The Bell Super 3R full face mountain bike helmet does an excellent job to guarantee the safety of users, as well as an outstanding ventilation system.

MIPS-equipped and WRAPAROUND PROTECTION technology brings this helmet various safety certifications of dealing with a rotational hit under different levels of speed impact.

Thanks to the structure of No-twist Tri-glides, the helmet holds tight on your head without any considerable move. X-Static and XT-2 padding softens the skin and promotes anti-bacteria inside the shell.

Also, the product is highly convertible.

Firstly, the protective chin bar can be removed due to situational uses. With or without the bar, the lightweight of the helmet does not change much.

Secondly, there is an adjustable visor and a camera-facilitator mount. Not only does it support your personal purposes, but it also makes the whole structure look personalized.

Bell Super 3R features an excellent air-clear channel through full-head matrix ventilation. These vents are placed all over the front, back, top and rear sides, which pushes the air-flow to the highest degree.


  • Incredible ventilation
  • Extra protection
  • Highly versatile
  • Adjustable and personalized parts
  • Reasonable price


  • Adult only

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14. 100% Aircraft DH

Best for extra protection

100% Aircraft DH MIPS Helmet

Here comes another full face bicycle helmet that features extra modern safety technology. The DH shell, combined with the MIPS liner, maximizes the sturdiness against outer force during the worst scenario. The Aircraft’s carbon and KEVLAR buckle make sure in the long riding, the weight of the helmet is not the problem.

The padding system of 100% Aircraft DH is a positive factor contributing to the safety and comfort of the riders. The cheek pads require no effort in removing for emergency or sanity reasons.

The adjustable visor and pad-covered ventilation play a role in keeping the shell wind-proof in the summer. In the summer, these pads can create a little high-temperature atmosphere inside the shell.


  • Extra coverage
  • Removable and washable pads
  • Adjustable parts
  • Wind-proof


  • Season limited
  • High cost

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15. SPECIALIZED S-Works Dissident + ANGi MIPS

Outstanding safety sensor

SPECIALIZED S-Works Dissident + ANGi MIPS Helmet

The last candidate for your potential helmet is the SPECIALIZED helmet.

This modern helmet is made of Carbon Matrix which keeps the weight to the minimum, companies with ASTM DH shell to ensure the standard under impacts. MIPS technology promotes the flexibility of the helmet when handling the rotational accident.

The downhill full face helmet enhances the inner pads to the best role. 3D-sculpted pads are placed in vulnerable body parts such as cheeks or back of the head. It keeps the shell fit and comfortable, especially under low-temperature conditions.

What probably most outstanding and brilliant is that the SPECIALIZED S-Works Dissident + ANGi MIPS integrates ANGi crash sensor. In the case of an aggressive accident, it will automatically send an alert to confirm users’ current health status. If it receives no response, it will send a notification to the emergency contacts.

I would highly recommend you with this helmet for its initiate technology in protecting users’ safety.


  • Automatic sensor
  • Extra protective shell
  • Excellent security
  • Cozy shell for winter rides


  • High cost
  • Season limited

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How to choose your best full face mountain bike helmets

Above are some of my reviews for the top 15 full face helmets. I hope you have formed some priorities about the ideal one.

Now comes the next step to define the best amongst them: You should consider the following factors because they are the scaffolds for the best full face mountain bike helmet of your own.


This is probably the most subjective point for you to consider: put away all the statistics and technology standards, just try it on and feel if it is comfortable for you.

Check on the inner pads to see if these liners are soft and breathable enough. The comfortable one must not create hard feelings, hurt or suffocating.

Next, check on the visor and other adjustable parts. Make sure you still feel comfortable when put the visor down or put glasses on. This is a crucial step to try on the comfy of any full face shell.


Carefully examine the ventilation of the helmet for it depends on different factors.

Some full face helmets are designed with full added pads while others have full vents along the shell. The first type may suit when you ride your bike in cool weather. Also, risky riding paths require such full soft layers to reduce damage. If you love winter riding or adventurous journey, I would love to recommend Bell Sanction, 100% Aircraft DH or Troy Lee Designs D3

The second type of full face helmet is extremely suitable for city ridings for its superb air-clear. IXS Trigger and BELL Super DH with uncovered and removable chin bar.


The safety of users is salient when it comes to the helmet. Nowadays, almost all products follow the standardized requirements of material technology. MIPS-equipped, DH-equipped or PolyCarbonate materials have become popular and have proven their effectiveness.

FOX RACING Rampage Pro and POC Coron Air Spin are great examples for this category.

Additionally, as the science develops each day, a new alert sensor like that of SPECIALIZED S-Works Dissident should be the criteria for selecting the winner of the high-security helmet. (1)


For a long riding trip, the weight of the helmet gains more and more significant role.

There are plenty of choices offered. The full face bicycle helmet’s weight often ranges from 1 to 3 pounds with the chin bar on. When users remove the chin bar of some designs, it may 0.2 pounds on average.

Based on my experience, the more lightweight the helmet is, the more comfortable it makes. The reason is that the featherweight helmet will create no hurt feeling on your neck, as well as it facilitates more flexible movement.

Regarding the lightweight category, Giro Switchblade, followed by Leat DBX 3.0 ranks top on the list.


All of my top full face bike helmets are integrated with an adjustable visor. This is indeed an essential part to promote full protection of the shell.

To be more than a decoration, the visor must have a reasonable length to make sure it can cover your face from light or water-drops.

A good visor must meet some expectations of multi-position adjustment. Depends on situational usage, it should be user-friendly and personalized. Make sure all available modes bring you the best vision and protection.


The price of full face helmet is generally higher than partially covered ones. Thus, finding the helmet with good durability is worth every penny of yours.

The longevity of the product is measured through the time you use it under different types of weather. Also, the helmet that can bear only 1 to 2 hits is not the durable one.

When choosing the helmet, you should view back to the material of the hard shell and inner soft layers. DH system or X-Static fibers are suggested for the durability of the product. Bell Super DH structure combines both of these materials, which makes it on top durability.


These are my top 15 best full face helmets along with some criteria for you to consider when searching for your dream helmet.

So far, FOX RACING Rampage Pro and POC Coron Air Spin rank the first and second rank for their extra protection, great ventilation and excellent personalized-allowed parts.

It’s time for you to make up your mind.I hope you enjoy your safe riding trips!


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