Best Fat Bikes Under 1000

best fat bike under 1000

When people ride bikes, they don’t just be on flat cemented roads but off-roads and cover-by-snow passages. Among many genres, fat bikes make smooth rides over multiple rough terrains. They can do so because of the chunky fat tires that absorb shock so well.

However, finding the best fat bike under 1000 is not easy. Searching through a variety, we found Mongoose Dolomite our top pick. The bike is at the price point that most riders could afford. However, the quality is amazing with standard wheels and gear that promise comfortable rides.

Here below is the list of 5 best fat bikes under $1000 that you can buy today.

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5 Best Fat Bikes Under $1000

1. Mongoose Dolomite 

Best Overall Fat Bike Under $1000

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike

It’s rare to meet fat bikes under 1000, which offers both front and rear brakes. And, now you are looking at it – one of our best fat bikes under 1000.

Mongoose Dolomite  comes with standard 4” tires that promise to tackle any road, up or down the hill, sandy or rocky trails. You can expect a smooth and comfortable ride on this little beast. And, the double-disc brakes repeat the promise to smooth rides. Its seven-speed gears ensure energetic rides to the mountain.

For such a bike, you might want to take it around regularly. The alloy rims keep it lightweight enough to go on trips.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Adjustable height
  • Disc brakes
  • Affordable


  • That the tire chunks pick up debris

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2. Mongoose Malus 


Mongoose Malus

If the last Mongoose fat bike leaves you worried about cleaning up debris, these new wheels may be a better choice. This Mongoose Malus offers a more massive chunk gap so that dirt or rocks could hardly cling to your ride.

Besides, it keeps strong points of Mongoose fat bikes such as disc brakes, standard fat tires, and 7-speed gear.

You should know about how heavy duty it is. The manufacturer has made this bike assembling alloy parts and a steel frame. As a result, it can take up more than 500lb without breaking a bit. Meanwhile, it imposes necessary lightweight spots where you have to control the ride like the handlebar.


  • Smooth gear
  • Disc brakes
  • Alloy rims, a-head stem, handlebar
  • Heavy duty


  • Average crankset

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3. Outroad Mountain Bike

Best for Those on a Budget

Outroad Mountain Bike 21 Speed Anti-Slip Bike 26 inch

It is not only our option for a budget fat bike but also a heavy-duty one. For those looking for a bigger fat bike regarding the frame and the wheels, this Outroad Mountain Bike seems to be a good idea.

However, the highlight here should belong to its gear and high carbon steel frame. With a budget under 1000, this bike seems one of a kind. High carbon steel is a lightweight material but sturdy to weight. This one should make a stunning ride on rough terrains.

Besides, it’s our best cheap fat bike with all those equipment. In case you are confused about what to choose, this affordable should work a deal.


  • 21-speed gear
  • Heavy duty
  • Stronger grip with knob patterns
  • Carbon steel frame


  • Not assembled at the shipping

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4. Framed Minnesota 

Best Fat Bike for Painful Backs

Framed Minnesota Fat Bike

Many people enjoy biking, but the backache depresses their hobby. This Framed Minnesota fat bike may be the solution.

Its geometry design keeps riders up for a comfortable pose, not wearing the back off in long riding. Depending on your heights, you may want to adjust the seat a bit.

Framed Bikes has made the frame all-alloy so that it gets the tactic weight for riding. You better prepare for a smooth and fast ride on this Minnesota.


  • Alloy frame
  • Unique geometry
  • 10-speed gear


  • That alloy is not the most durable

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5. Mongoose Argus Trail 

The Premium Fat Bike Under 1000

Mongoose ARGUS TRAIL 26

Imposing tactic features, this Mongoose Argus Trail fat bike is our next recommendation for the list. The weight now comes even lower because of the aluminum hardtail frame. However, it remains a strength to tackle rough roads, sand, and debris-full alleys.

This one gets upgraded with a new sturdy fork, combined with the oversized wheel and disc brakes. We see a lot of fun to ride here.


  • Lightweight
  • Rapid shifters
  • Disc brakes
  • Rigid fork
  • Knob patterns


  • The most expensive

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What To Consider When Buying A Fat Bike Under $1000

It’s hard to find the best to purchase if you don’t know what features matter. We advise some details to follow whenever you pick a fat bike.

  • Frame

The frame decides how long the bike stays with you and if it’s lightweight enough to take around. Usually, budget fat bikes offer aluminum or steel frames as carbon fiber, and titanium is high-end. Steel ensures better durability but alloy frames promise an attractive weight. Many manufacturers now mix them.

  • Tires

Fat bikes appear with chunky fat tires, but how lumpy? The standard size is 4”, which guarantees a smooth ride and supportive shock absorption. 3” tires could ride you faster, but also, absorption loses a little bit.

Not only the size but the chunk needs paying attention to. Too dense clumps may catch the debris on the way that takes you significant time to clean up.

  • Suspension

Even the best fat bikes under 1000 are not promising options for a full suspension system. You may get the front brake or even nothing. However, Mongoose is a brand that makes fat bikes cheap and brilliant with rear and back disc brakes. Mongoose Malus and Dolomite are our top picks. (1)

  • Weight

The lighter the bike is, the better you can control it. It’s one of the reasons we recommend lightweight fat bikes. Besides, some people usually take bikes on trips, so a lightweight option seems much more convenient.


Mongoose seems to get us about the idea of the best fat bikes under 1000. Among them, we favor the Mongoose Dolomite , the top pick considering balance of budget, features and durability. When you want a fat bike to last, it makes the best buy with limited budget.

Those who need oversized fat bikes that can stand heavy weight should consider the Outroad Mountain Bike.It can stand big size and up to 500lbs. It will be the best for tight budgets, too.

If size is not your concern but the seat position, Framed Minnesota is our top pick for back pain in case it;s all you need.

Good fat bikes are not necessarily expensive. More affordable but at good-quality ones are accessible.

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