Best Cycling Shorts

best cycling shorts

Whether you are a professional or a commute biker, it is important to have a comfortable well-designed short.

Here is the list of 17 best cycling shorts for you to consider.

For superior style, comfort and durability, GIORDANA FR-C Pro, PEARL IZUMI Select Liner and Patagonia Landfarer are the 3 best products in different categories.

Best cycling bib shorts

In the first category, there are 6 best bike shorts.


Best bib short

5/5 star


The GIORDANA ranks the first position in the cycling bib shorts race for the outstanding design which offers extra protection for those who wear it.

Constructed with different fabrics including HC50 compressive power Lycra, Zaffiro 2.0 abrasion-resistant Lycra, Ametista Carbon, the short can enhance the protection at particular parts. The first material is placed as the outer material because it is added with compression with dense thread count. It helps to fit the users and creates safe and comfortable feelings.

Zaffiro 2.0 is strategically added to the inner leg and seat panel to reduce the abrasion when cycling. It extends the shorts’ longevity significantly by dealing with friction.

Leg Gripper is another bonus point for the GIORDANA. Designed with 190 E silicon, the product is enhanced with a soft fit and less restriction to the leg. However, a long time wearing may create a suffocating feeling to the movement.

The high-secured shorts with thick Cirro OmniForm chamois and pads added in some high friction and crucial parts are significantly effective. The shorts, at the same time, is indeed lightweight and easy to wear


  • Extra secured materials
  • Strategically design
  • Lightweight and easy to wear


  • A little bit suffocating


Best budget bib shorts

4.5/5 star

GORE WEAR C5 Men's Cycling Bib Shorts with Seat Insert

The Gore introduces bib shorts at a reasonable price compared to the quality and fashion the product brings.

The shorts are specially designed to fit a hot summer ride. The fabric is moisture-absorbent, and it has a wind-proof GORE WINDSTOPPER seat on the front side, which makes the best road bike shorts breathable and easy to wear.

Constructed with Bike specific cuts, the Gore emphasizes the tight fit and stretchy of the wear so that changing of weight would not affect much the clothes

Made of fibers, the shorts enable users to wash them in a washing machine without any damage or decoloration. However, it would be better if the shorts are thicker. The thinnest of it creates uncomfortable and hard feelings if the road is long.


  • Reasonable price
  • Moisture-absorbent
  • Wind-proof
  • Good stretchy


  • A litte bit thin

3. PEARL IZUMI Men’s Elite Escape

Best for sweat-absorbent

4/5 star

PEARL IZUMI Men's Elite Escape Bib Shorts

The PEARL ranks high position for its superior technologies combined in a product, which brings good experience when using it regardless of the weather and time.

P.R.O Transfer fabric is utilized to cover body parts to ultimate the moisture transfer. When an acceptable amount of sweat is poured during the trip, the fabric will direct the sweat through a well-designed panel system. It will then transfers and spread the moisture across the clothes surface and disperse it in the atmosphere.

Raw edge P.R.O. Transfer fabric is added with silicone pads for a soft touch and stretchable leg. Also, ELITE Escape 1:1 Chamois has the friction reduced for the comfort

Built with special elements that can reflect light under low-light conditions, the shorts are visible at night to ensure the safety of the rider. This is a unique technology that should be applied to bike protective clothes.


  • Good moisture-transfer system
  • Soft and stretchable
  • Low-light visibility


  • Occasional hot-spot
  • Unendurable


Excellent ventilation

4/5 star

SUGOI RS Pro Bib Short

These SUGOI bib shorts is impressive for the great ventilation it brings.

Designed with dense yet breathable chamois and V-notch, the shorts create an air-clear system for hot days riding. Also, the four-way stretch fabric not only brings a comfortable fit, but it also delivers a smooth movement despite sweat and moisture skin.

With compressive fabrics and Sugoi’s Formula FX chamois, the shorts offer durable protection against movement and friction to the saddle. The vibration and welded center channel is constructed to damp the pressure, which significantly enhances the longevity of the shorts.

Additionally, the shorts benefit from outer leg made of Sugoi’s Ultra Aero fabric and Slimmed-down front panels that reduce the drag energy for safety reasons. The shorts will be a reliable protector in case an incident occurs.


  • Good ventilation
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Durability
  • Protective design


  • High price

5. SANTINI Primo

Best for classic style

4/5 star

SANTINI Primo Bib Short

The SANTINI branch offers a classic design with outstanding features contained in a product. If you love a simple and minimalistic appearance, then perhaps this one may satisfy you.

Using Thunderbike Power fabric as the main material of the clothes, it facilitates all-way movement and stretchy cycling. At the same time, the density foam and heavy knit bring durability and abrasion-resistance to the product.

GITevo chamois supports soft comfort and breathable feelings in long time riding. Silicone grippers are strategically integrated into leg parts to reduce friction and generate muscle-support.

The mesh is placed in the upper part of the short to activate the ventilation and air-flow through the shorts in a low-moisture atmosphere. Although it helps with lightweight and chill-out feelings, there is still some hot spot in other places.


  • Stretchy design
  • Extra protection
  • Abrasion-resistance


  • Occasional hot-spot

6. ASSOS T Equipe Evo

Excellent form-fitting design

3.5/5 star

ASSOS T Equipe Evo Short

The last best bib shorts is an ASSOS which scores for the excellent support to the cyclist on road.

Integrated with a soft and moisture-absorb fabric, the shorts activate the quick-drying surface through a sweat-transfer function. Ice Color fabric also plays a role in creating cooling feelings in high-temperature areas. Nevertheless, the over-tight and suffocation still happen in extra hot weather rides.

Four-way stretch construction is utilized. Also, free-floating chamois is constructed to assists the muscles in dealing with friction under frequent rub with the fabric.

The Super Flat Grippers is added to the leg openings part for the upgraded support and flexibility of movement. The bib benefits from Y7 Frame Carrier to keep the shorts in form and thus holds tight to the body.


  • In-form design
  • Quick-dry fabric
  • Stretchy construction


  • A bit suffocating and tight
  • High price

Best padded cycling shorts

Padded bike shorts are indeed a common product amongst cyclists. Coming up is a list of the 7 best padded bike shorts for consideration.

1. PEARL IZUMI Select Liner

Best padded bike shorts

5/5 star

PEARL IZUMI Select Liner Short

The PEARL ranks in the first position among padded bike shorts for its outstanding design and technologies.

Using different blends such as polyester, elastane, nylon and lycra, the shorts successfully creating a comfortable, flexible and eye-catchy product.

Transfer Mesh is made from polyester and elastane, which causes a lightweight and high moisture-absorbent fibers product. It can avoid suffocating feelings dramatically in hot weather.

Elastane is a flexible material that allows four-way stretch to support the muscles and creates a comfortable experience. Transfer fabric is spotted on the lower legs to avoid friction while riding.

The PEARL offers an impressive padding design with Select Escape 1:1 Chamois. Not only does it help to protect crucial body parts, but it is also odor-resistant and moisture-transferrable. The padding system plays a huge role in keeping you dry and comfortable on the whole ride.


  • Outstanding blend materials
  • Impressive paddings
  • Four-way stretch
  • Odor-resistant


  • Curls at the edge after a long time

2. SUGOI Evolution Zap Short

Best with a premium upgrade

4.5/ 5 star

SUGOI Evolution Zap Short

These best road bike shorts is another product from the SUGOI, but this time the upgraded version with pads is introduced for safer and more comfortable use.

One of the most impressive features of this premium upgrade is the low-light reflection integrated into the material of the shorts. Zap technology makes the short detectable at night from up to 140 meters away. This outstanding design helps to increase the safety of the users regardless of time.

Ultra Evo is utilized as the material for the flexibility, cool and high versatility it brings. This best padded bike shorts are also suitable for a hot summer trip. Slim fit and silicone leg grippers provide appropriate effort to keep the shorts in form.

The RC Pro Chamois equips the Sugoi with a more stylish and gentle support for a long ride.


  • Effective low-light visibility
  • Flexible and cool
  • Form-fitting


  • High price


Best for reflective tabs

4/5 star

CASTELLI Cento Short

This CASTELLI best cycling shorts provide extra comfort and large room for users on road. With the design, the product has created more room in the thigh part for easy movement and less friction.

Still, the GIRO3 leg bands are placed at the leg openings to keep the shorts in form. It is important to hold hems appropriately without causing pressure or pinches.

The KISS Air chamois is strategically placed to disperse the vibrations on-road and minimized the friction or damage when contacting with the saddle. In addition, the light-reflective tabs are integrated into the short for distant alert in low-light conditions.

Built with synthetic fabric, the shorts ensure ventilation and cooling in almost every season, and I highly recommend them for spring and fall weather, for the limited sweat-absorbent function in extreme weather.


  • Impressive vibration-absorption
  • Light-reflective tabs
  • Form-fitting structure


  • Limited sweat-absorption

4. Amazon Essentials Men’s Padded Cycling Short

Best for people on a budget

4/5 star

Amazon Essentials Men's Padded Cycling Short

This classic Amazon offers a good quality product at a reasonable price.

Made from Polyester as the main material with the support from Spandex, the pants feature a moisture-wicking and quick-drying to deal with the hot summer rides. Effective moisture-absorbent is high approval for its considerable amount of sweat absorption.

The appropriate length and compression enhance the comfort for either indoor or outdoor cycling. In order to increase the form-fitting of the shorts, the silicone leg grippers are integrated.

The padding system generates comfort seat and safe protection to the crucial parts. It is indeed cool and soft for energy disperse.

Also, the constructed materials increase the lightweight and longevity of the product even with the washing machine. Nevertheless, the product would be better if the stretchy structure is more activated.


  • Quick moisture-absorb
  • Form-fitting design
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Poor flexibility

5. PEARL IZUMI Quest Short

Best for moisture wicking

4/5 star


These form-fitting shorts for men are the second product from the PEARL branch and it still scores for unique features.

The SELECT Transfer fabric is utilized to ultimate moisture-wicking and remain cool dry on the trip. Strategic form-fitting cuts allow the moisture and sweat to be quickly directed and dispersed. The product is highly suitable for high-temperature weather ridings.

Constructed with a blend of nylon and Lycra elastane, the shorts are thus lightweight, yet it is not well-stretched.

Dense chamois with an appropriate thickness also contribute to the safety and softness of the shorts toward the skin. Silicone- printed grippers are added to keep the protection parts in place. Friction is thus reduced and body parts are prevented from dragging damage

Also, BioViz offers light-reflection to emphasize the appearance of riders for safety reasons in weak-light conditions. It is a bonus point for a customer-focused product.


  • Good moisture-wicking
  • Effective form-fitting cuts
  • Light-reflection


  • Not stretchy enough

6. Zoic Premium

Excellent side pockets

4/5 star

Zoic Premium Cycling Liner Shorts with Fly

Standing on the 12th position of the list is the Zoic with the best padded bike shorts for men.

Benefitting from polyester and spandex as the materials, the Zoic focuses on bringing breathable and moisture-wicking products to cyclists. ZO-Wick technology aims to keep the skin dry and quickly absorb if there is a sign of high-moisture on road.

The mesh shell is stretchy and easy to fit in even in the sweaty condition of the skin. Also, a plush elastic is placed on the waistband and leg openings to ensure flexibility and softness to the body.

The effective padding structure activates through Standard Chamois and Zoic Comfort foam pad, which eases the vibration and friction against skin.

Besides, the user-friendly design presents side pockets for personalization and easy to use. The side pockets create a room large enough for a cell phone, small-sized bottle of water or flash-lamp in accordant to different purposes. 


  • Breathable and stretchy
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Strategic pads
  • Highly personalized pockets


  • Ineffective leg grippers.

7. Patagonia Nether

Excellent anti-bacteria

4/5 star

Patagonia Nether Bike Liner Shorts

The last padded cycling shorts are a Patagonia which is highly estimated for the sanity technology it applies.

Basically made from recycled nylon and spandex fabric, the Patagonia is not only environmentally but also user friendly for its stretchable, breathable and soft structure. The elastic mesh is air-clear that facilitates comfort feelings in harsh rides.

The chamois padding system applies a high-density and low-profile design to activate the quick-dry and moisture-absorption. Also, odor-control namely HeiQ Fresh plays a role in reducing smell and sweat affection after a long road. In other words, it decreases the growth and impact of bacteria on the shorts.

Elastic-integrated waistband and silicone leg grips generate a form-fitting shape for the shorts, although edges sometimes happen to curve up.


  • Stretchable and soft
  • Quick dry
  • Anti-bacteria
  • Flexible parts


  • Curls edges

Best non-padded cycling shorts

The last category is for those who love non-padded shorts. There are 4 best products for you to take a look at.

1. Patagonia Landfarer

Best non-padded shorts

4.5/5 star

Patagonia Landfarer Bike Shorts

The first non-padded shorts are a Patagonia with a casual look and a lot of personalized accommodators.

Constructed with flexible and soft materials including recycled nylon and spandex, the shorts are totally breathable and comfortable in different temperature conditions. Also, what is unique about the Patagonia is that it is water repellent thanks to the materials.

With the curved waistband and large leg openings, these best road bike shorts allow users with all kinds of cycling movement. It also enables air-flow to create cool feelings on road.

These shorts are highly personalization for it offers a drop-in pocket with zipping and hip-belt accommodators. Cyclists may easily get equipped with necessary items and jewelry on road.

Additionally, the Landfarer benefits from Fair Trade Certified™ sewing technology for sustainability towards the environment.


  • Breathable and stretchable
  • High personalization
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Environmentally-friendly


  • Low friction-reduction


Excellent ventilation

4/5 star

SPECIALIZED Enduro Pro Short

The SPECIALIZED shorts introduce impressive features related to durability, comfort and high adaptable parts compared to other products.

Designed with waterproof and flexible materials, the shorts have fully benefited from the blend materials of nylon, polyester, spandex and elastane. Especially, the polyester-elastane 3D Mountain Chamois liners are removable to facilitate personal style and optional pads.

The shorts can be worn with a compatible bib to change the style if the users wish to. SWAT-compatible apparel is available to facilitate that. When standing alone, the shorts look casual as daily clothes.

There are zipped 2 side pockets available for more secured storage. Laser perforated and UV 50+ deflection technologies are utilized to enhance the ventilation and redirect the sunshine on the skin. The shorts, thus, can be used either in sunny or rainy weather


  • High personalization
  • No limited weather
  • Good stretch and comfortable
  • Ventilation and sun-redirect


  • High price

3. Fox Racing

Best for stretchy shorts

4/5 star

Fox Racing Men's Cycling Shorts

Cyclists may get familiar with the Fox Racing branch and its high-quality product. The Fox shorts are indeed one of the best bike shorts on the list.

The non-padded shorts feature the 4-way stretch fabric to enhance the flexible movement and comfort feeling of the riders. Compared to other non-padded products, these pairs offer more form-fitting and stretchy structure with close leg openings.

The dual-density chamois is integrated into the liner to improve the saddle friction. The liner is removable due to personal usage.

Built with an over-taping hem, the shorts are made low-profile and easy to fit in. The waistband holds tight to the hip to create safe and soft feelings. The hidden pockets are placed at both sides and it is secured with a zip. It accommodates small items for the trip such as medicine, cell phone or watch.


  • Flexible and form-fitting
  • Removable liner
  • 2 side pocket


  • Poor ventilation in hot weather


Best for a casual look

4/5 star

TROY LEE DESIGNS Skyline Short Shell

Last but not least, the TROY LEE shorts are no less popular than previous products on the list.

This TROY LEE is offered at a reasonable price, yet the features are still the main focus. Constructed with Bluesign-certified fabric, the shorts utilize Coolmax polyester and Lycra for sustainable and durable reasons. Also, as the main refers, the shorts are moisture-wicking for a quick dry of sweat and moisture.

Designed with 2-way stretch, these non-padded pairs offer significantly less stretchable structure compared to 4-way technology. Although it is acceptable for almost all cycling activities, it would be better if it allows more kinds of cycling.

There are 2 side pockets and several adjusters and snap closure for quick and easy use. Silicone waistband grip is also installed for personal decisions


  • Sustainability
  • Reasonable price
  • Highly personalized


  • Limited stretch

How to choose the best cycling shorts

Above is the list of 17 best cycling shorts that may be close to your imagination of the ideal cycling shorts. In the next part, these are the guidelines of how to detect the winner shorts for your own.

Type of cycling shorts

As briefing before, there are 3 main styles of cycling shorts: bib shorts, padded shorts and non-padded shorts.

Bib shorts offer shoulder-connected straps. It helps to keep every part of the shorts in place by reducing the chance of moving chamois and sagging waist during intense cycling. The front bib must be designed with reasonable height to accommodate the flexible movement of the riders. Some outstanding products include GIORDANA FR-C Pro and GORE WEAR C5

Padded shorts, in the meantime, offer soft and thick pads to crucial body parts. It aims at reducing the vibration and damage on sit bones, hip and thighs. It plays the role of a cushion in case ground-fall happens. Without the bib, the form-fitting method is applied to hold the body tight. PEARL IZUMI Select Liner or SUGOI Evolution Zap Short is a good example of that.

Non-padded shorts are, on the other hand, designed with no fixed pads or bib. It looks like casual pairs with large leg openings and a side pocket. The waistband is flexible and stretchable to hold tight on the hip. It usually integrates with removable pads and a compatible bib accommodator for personal favorites.


The fit of the shorts is crucial for a safe ride. The fit ensures the pads and liner are in the right place in case an accident occurs. The loose pairs may lead to the sag or movement of protection parts. Nevertheless, the over-tight structure would create bulk and pinching feelings. Also, it will reduce the cycling movement.

For the best fit, I highly recommend the products with high stretch fabric and adaptable waistband. For example, Fox Racing, SANTINI Primo or ASSOS T Equipe Evo scores high for the appropriate form-fitting


Whatever the type or fit it is, the shorts must be comfortable to wear. It is pretty much dependent on personal opinion, but generally speaking, it must satisfy some criteria.

Firstly, the less hot-spot the shorts have, the more comfortable it is. The shorts with good ventilation must feature a cooling and moisture-absorbent system.

Secondly, although the fit is important, the under-size will affect the circulation system and creates bulky feelings.

Lastly, the fabric needs to be soft and reasonably placed with pads. The thickness of the shorts and paddings also important for a comfortable ride


Normally, different types of material are blended into cycling shorts. Some of the most common materials are polyester, nylon, elastane and lycra. The good blend must create a soft, well-stretch and durable fabric. Some pairs even have a unique water-proof feature such as Patagonia Landfarer and SPECIALIZED Enduro Pro.


Overall, there are quick reviews of 17 different cycling shorts. I hope you have a bias for some.

GIORDANA FR-C Pro, PEARL IZUMI Select Liner and Patagonia Landfarer are the 3 best products as bib shorts, padded shorts and non-padded shorts respectively. They rank the position for impressive protection, comfortable and stretchy ability.

Now, it’s you to make a nice move. Wish you have a great purchase experience.


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