Best Cycling Jackets

best cycling jackets

As important as having a good bike, wearing a good jacket is a must to protect you from bad weather or unwanted injuries.

Our recommended jacket for men is CASTELLI Alpha RoS 2 with double layers which provide a really great protection in cold weather (down to 23 degree F), strong wind and heavy rain. There are also a vast range of colors to choose from, which suits your need of having a good looking and well protected coat.

To pick a worth-buying jacket for women, we will go for Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Cycling Jacket . This light and breathable jacket suits wearing when cycling in hot weather with its ample venting options 2 pit vents, 2 cuff vents, a single back vent and the front zipper. It is also a great option for cold and rainy seasons.

Finding a good cycling jacket is not really an easy task since there are a lot to consider before purchasing a cycling coat such as jacket types, design, function, size and so on.

Here below is the 12 best cycling jackets detailed reviews and top important factors to consider before getting a new cycling jacket.


Best Cycling Jacket for Cold Weather

CASTELLI Alpha RoS 2 Jacket

As mentioned above, this jacket meets most of the standards of the best cycling jacket.

CASTELLI Alpha RoS 2 has two layers: inner insulation layer and outer Gore-Tex Infinium wind and water barrier. They not only do a good job of cutting through freezy wind and heavy rain, but also keep you warm during a long ride.

The wind-proof layer also brings you comfort because it’s designed to provide a comfortable riding position.

The high-neck design is also a meticulous part of the j2. acket. It works well to prevent cold air to your chest. Together with the fitting sleeve that goes well with the sleeves, you are fully protected from cold weather.

Also, the drainage holes with zippers ensure the additional security for your belongings without slowing you down in the heavy rains due to water leaking.


  • Keep you warm in cold weather
  • Fashionable and comfortable
  • Vast range of colors to choose


  • Comparatively expensive

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2. Gore Men’s C3 GTX

Budget-friendly Cycling Jacket

Gore Men's C3 GTX Active Jacket

Looking for a good price jacket that has waterproof functions? Gore Men’s C3 GTX is worth your consideration.

With the Gore-Tex Active technology, this jacket not only has a reasonable level of water and windproof, but also fairly visible and breathable.

You don’t need to worry of soaking in sweat whilst riding since Gore Men’s C3 GTX front and back zippers do a really good job of venting sweat.

Making it stand out, it comfortably fits with your body, not tightly fit. Meaning you will have room for other layers in case you want to keep dry and warm also.

There is only one small minus point, which is the limit in color options. There are only 3 colors to choose from.


  • Keep you dry from sweat and heavy rain
  • Have room for other layers
  • Budget-friendly


  • Limited color options

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3. Flylow Davis Jacket

Best Mountain Bike Jacket

Flylow Davis Jacket

Flylow Davis Jacket is all about comfort.

With the DWR (durable water repellent) treatment and nylon fabric, this jacket will protect you from water leaking into your body since it causes water to bead up and run off the surface.

Their nylon fabric doesn’t cause any uncomfortable experience. Instead, the mechanical stretch technique will ensure your comfort while wearing it.

Comes along with that is the air-permeable layer, which helps to excess heat and moisture constantly. You won’t be sweaty during your riding.

When it is not in use, you can easily fold it up without taking much room. This windbreaker is the best coat for various outdoor activities: casual riding, hiking, mountain biking or trail running.


  • Keep you dry from sweat and heavy rain
  • Good choice for most of outdoor activities
  • Packable when not in use


  • Limited color options

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Medium Weight Winter Cycling Jacket

GIORDANA FR-C Pro Lyte Jacket

You are looking for a winter biking jacket that can keep you warm but not so tight? Look no further, GIORDANA FR-C Pro Lyte can meet these requirements.

This jacket’s 3 layers provides you full shield protections. The wind proof laminate and water-resistant construction prevents icy-cold wind as well as splashes from the road attacking you. What is more, the Super Roubaix technology with Carbon collar and back panel help to decrease the jacket weight, and ensure your comfort. The reflective piping on the rear pocket, arm panels and waist is also a great design for more visibility during low-light days of winter.

What is more, the rear pockets do a really good job of providing room for other cycling gears: gloves, hat, water bottles, etc.


  • Keep you warm and dry in winter
  • Ensure your visibility in low-light conditions
  • Have room for cycling essentials


  • Limited color options

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5. Showers Pass Elite 2.1

Great Cycling Jacket for Women

Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Cycling Jacket

It works really greatly as a windbreaker as well as a rain jacket for riding.

Wearing this 3-layered jacket, you won’t have any burdened and heavy feelings. It’s lightweight and well ventilated, and its meticulous designed parts are made for your comfort.

Firstly, its YKK AquaGuard® VISLON® water-resistant front zipper with storm flap is making it a rare gem. Put this jacket on and you have a full shield protection with heavy rain. Comes along with that is the soft moisture-wicking lining at collar ensures your comfort during a long ride.

Making it standing out, Showers Pass Elite 2.1 has venting options to prevent you from being so sweaty: 2 pit vents, 2 cuff vents, a single back vent and the front zipper.

What is more, you can enjoy both hobbies at the same time: listening to music and cycling. There is a large back pocket and chest pocket with audio port, which eases your worry of not having room for a phone/iPod.


  • Lightweight and ventilated
  • Have room for cycling essentials
  • Great breathability


  • Limited color options

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6. CASTELLI Perfetto RoS Convertible Jacket

Convertible Men’s Cycling Jacket for Winter Days

CASTELLI Perfetto RoS Convertible Jacket

There are small upgrades with big effects in parts of this jacket.

First thing to mention is the fabrics used for making CASTELLI Perfetto RoS Convertible Jacket. The new Infinium 205 Warm technique offers you a little more than just the soundproofing purpose. It not only prevents rain and strong wind but also keeps you warm but not sweaty.

What is more, Castelli utilizes GORE’s Infinium 203 Stretch – the back-surface with great flexibility ensures that you have a comfortable riding position.

Out of the box, the new design of zipper in the elbow part helps you to easily switch between long sleeves and short sleeves style. The zippers edge sits neatly inside and doesn’t create any contact to your skin so that it won’t cause any irritation to you.


  • Ensure your comfortable riding position
  • Easy switch between long sleeves and short sleeves
  • Various color options to choose from


  • Size chart is a bit hard to follow

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7. PEARL IZUMI P.R.O. Barrier Lite Jacket

Reasonable Price Jacket for Daily Commute

PEARL IZUMI P.R.O. Barrier Lite Jacket

Designed for the cyclists who want a windbreaker that can be easy to fold up and bring with, PEARL IZUMI P.R.O. Barrier Lite Jacket has done its job.

Its monofilament materials and DWR coating will keep you from breezy wind, splashes on the road or some light rain, but not imprisoning moisture. It rapidly pulls moisture to the surface to evaporate and eases you with comfort.

Softshell Lite panels provide you with extra stretch for saddle movements so you don’t feel suffocated. What is more, the reflective lines make PEARL IZUMI P.R.O. Barrier Lite Jacket the ideal option for those cold winter rides after dark..


  • Have medium level of waterproof and windproof
  • Keep you dry with moisture evaporating technique
  • Fold up easily
  • Budget-friendly


  • Size chart is a bit hard to follow
  • Low level of keeping warm

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Fashionable Winter Biking Jacket

ASSOS MILLE GT Jacket Winter

Cycling in an icy-cold atmosphere is no longer your worry but your joy with this ASSOS BILLE GT Jacket. Every design is perfectly-made for cycling on winter days.

The raglan cut sleeves with cuffs are optimized so that it will go well with the winter gloves. This is to make sure rain drops or snow won’t leak into your body.

Also, the full-length front zipper lets you adjust the level of airflow and breathability when you ride up hills or go road racing.

Out of the box, it provides extra protection with stowable, integrated face mask and lie-flat cuffs to seal out winter. You just have to grab your favorite hat and you’re set.


  • Extra protection for winter rides
  • Affordable price
  • Easily adjust the temperature


  • Limited color options

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9. Showers Pass Syncline CC

Medium Level Windbreaker and Raincoat

Showers Pass Syncline CC Cycling Jacket

Showers Pass Syncline CC stands out because of its Artex 2.5 layer fabric. This nylon outer layer laminated to a breathable, waterproof liner.

Along with this is the smart venting system to ensure the breathability. There are 2 zippers placed under arms, a heavy-duty zipper and the dual lined placket to avoid you from soaking with sweat.

If visibility is your number one concern on the bike then Showers Pass Syncline CC should be your number one brand for cycling gear. 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective trim on the front, sleeves and back make this jacket visible from all angles when headlights approach in low-light conditions.

This jacket accommodates multiple layers underneath so there are room for another wool coat just in case you want to be a little warmer during your ride.


  • Medium level of waterproof
  • Ensure the breathality
  • Have room for other layers


  • Limited color options

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10. PEARL iZUMi Quest AmFIB

Ensure Your Warmth During Freezy Days

PEARL iZUMi Quest AmFIB Bike Jacket

This lightweight coat is really versatile: stretchable, waterproofing and wind-blocking. Adding a base layer or a jersey, then you’re ready for the chilling cycling days ahead.

A full-length internal draft flap with zipper makes PEARL iZUMi Quest AmFIB a winner as it allows you to control the temperature smartly: cool you down in case your heat goes up, or warm you up when there are strong winds.

BioViz® reflective elements are also a plus for this garment. Now cycling in the low-light conditions of the darker winter day is no longer your big issue.

In addition, the back pockets allow you to have rooms for your cycling essentials: key, bank cards or even winter gloves.


  • Completely block wind and rain
  • Have room for other layers
  • Reasonable price


  • Missing the font pockets

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11. dhb Aeron Rain Defence Polartec

A Good Shield for Rainy Cycling Days

dhb Aeron Rain Defence Polartec Jacket

The name speaks itself for its great waterproof purpose. Pick this lightweight jacket with triple-layer softshell fabric to make your commute drier and safer.

The advanced fabric technology of Power Shield® Pro makes this jacket famous since it provides riders with excellent water/wind resistance and exceptional breathability. It means dhb Aeron Rain Defence Polartec is suitable for the rainy riding days as well as cool and dry days, which makes it a year-round option.

The drop tail does a good job of keeping your seat dry and ensuring you are fully covered so that you don’t feel the chill on your ride.

One small downside might be the close fitting, the collar design should be a bit tighter for better water resistance.


  • Excellent waterproof and windproof
  • Great breathability
  • Fair price


  • Size fit should be improved

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12. Showers Pass Men’s Elite 2.1

Great Breathability Waterproofing Men’s Jacket

Showers Pass Men's Elite 2.1 Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Having similar design and fabrics as Showers Pass Elite 2.1, this jacket will be your optimal option for fall/winter/early spring when it comes to choose a biking coat.

Made of Elite 3-Layer ripstop fabrics and Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, body-mapped to maximize your breathability and waterproof/windproof protection.

It is also famous for their venting system which perfectly ejects the heat generated during a bicycle ride: long core vents throughout the length of the jacket, a large back vent and large, airflow regulating cuffs.

Also, you can select the right fit jacket based on their accurate size chart. If you want to have other layers inside, just pick a one size bigger jacket. To sum up, the quality and function of this jacket is unbeatable!


  • Lightweight and ventilated
  • Accurate size chart
  • Various color options


  • Zipper is a bit hard to use

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How to Choose a Good Cycling Jacket for Your Needs

Softshell vs. Hard Shell Jackets

The very first factor to consider before making a purchase for your cycling gear is jacket types: softshell jackets for easy packable or hardshell ones which are not easy to fold up.

Softshell jackets are more water-resistant and windproof. If you need a jacket you can take off, roll up and pack in your pocket when the weather is getting better (or just because you feel hot!), a softshell jacket like Flylow Davis Jacket is your ideal option.

Hardshell jackets are more for the winter days, when you prefer keeping warm during a long ride in freezy atmosphere. They probably have more layers, and they are not easy to fold up. You should choose this type of jacket for the bad condition days when you don’t see a chance of the weather getting better.

Breathability vs. Waterproof

The more water-resistant the jacket is, the less breathable it is and vice versa. There are more and more brands like Gore-Tex announcing their proprietary waterproof-breathability technique that can keep customers dry from both heavy rain and sweat. Just keep in mind that the higher quality and dual functions jackets will come with higher price.


You don’t want cold and icy-wind to cut you down on your ride. That’s why finding a good windproof jacket is really important. A windproof jacket will have a considerable level of waterproofing, which provides you enough warmth but also ensures your riding comfort and breathability.


There are variants in size for different brands or even within the same brands. Following the provided size chart is a way to find a fit jacket.

If you prefer a baggy jacket so that you will have room for other layers, choose 1 size bigger. Bear in mind that waterproof or windproof fabrics might not be stretchable and it might restrict your movement. Choose the jacket which has a comfortable collar, it can fitly cover your neck but can be adjustable.


Choosing a cycling jacket is as important as choosing a good bike, both must ensure your safety and your enjoyment.

If you want to a good looking with great water-resistance technique, look no further than CASTELLI Alpha RoS 2. This jacket is truly your ideal partner for the outdoor training in severe weather.

If you prefer a light windbreaker with great breathability that you can easily roll and pack up, Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Cycling Jacket – Women’s will be an worth-considering option.

After reading through these detailed reviews, you must be having your own decision and consideration. Depend on how much you want to pay for and the top functions you want to look for, these recommended jackets above can be one of your choices.

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