Best Cycling Gloves

Best cycling gloves

Every cyclist knows that a bicycle gloves is necessary. However, finding the best cycling gloves can be quite a challenge.

It personally took me several purchases before I was able to find cycling gloves that fit my needs. I wouldn’t want you to go through the same dreadful experience.

So we have rounded up several of the best cycling gloves to make finding the right one easier for you. For the best recommendation, our favorite is HRZPLOO Bike Gloves, a reasonable price, great grip & comfortable biking gloves that fit well with your needs.

For those who are looking to find cycling gloves that work well under various weather conditions, winter cycling gloves such as Estremo or Unigear would work really well. Based on your personal needs, the list below compose of the 8 best bike gloves that you can have today.

1. HTZPLOO Bike Gloves 

Best Overall

The HTZPLOO cycling glove is made of 45% nylon and 55% polyester. This enables this glove to be comfortable while being able to maintain a snug fit around your hand.

This bike gloves also has shock-absorbing padding. This reduces fatigue and dread road vibration.

Furthermore, it has silicon around the palm. This increased feature will provide you with an additional grip on your handlebar even when it’s raining, or your gloves are damped from your own sweat.

This short finger gloves has several color choices for you to choose from. If you are the type who wants to color coordinate your cycling gear, then this might be the gloves for you. It is reasonably priced too!


  • Good blend of fabric
  • Economical
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wear and take off


  • Not really durable

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2. MOREOK Mens Cycling Gloves

Best for Those on a Budget

If you are looking for budget-friendly cycling gloves, this cycling gloves from MOREOK might be it. It has 5mm SBR shock-absorbing pads that allow you to control your handlebar better and more accurately.

This cycling glove is also made of lycra spandex. This allows you the gloves to fit your hand snuggly to feel like a second skin.

If you are worried about how to take it off because it has a snug fit, do not worry because it has built-in hooks. You can easily pull it, and the gloves are off your hands.

Overall, given its price and all of its features, it is a fingerless cycling glove worth considering.


  • Snug fit
  • Breathable fabric
  • Adjustable velcro
  • Shock-absorbing pads


  • The stitching on the padding area is not the best

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3. CASTELLI Estremo Gloves

Best for Weather Conditions and High Quality

Here’s a good choice for you if you want high-qualit cycling gloves regardless of the price.

CASTELLI Estremo Gloves is made of WindStopper X-fast fabric, which makes it both water-resistant and windproof. It also has a fleece lining that provides insulations so that your hands are warm and comfortable even during the winter season.

Furthermore, this glove has neoprene cuffs. This prevents cold air from bothering your hands. It is a full coverage glove, too, so your hands are protected from your finger’s tip down to your risk.

Another notable feature on this glove is the vibration-damping palm. It helps reduce fatigue and minimize the feeling of soreness on your palms.


  • Full coverage gloves
  • Solid seal cuffs
  • Ideal for cold weather
  • High-quality stitching


  • Not as warm, especially if you are riding in high speed

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4. Cool Change Full Finger Bike Gloves 

Best for Mountain Riding

The Cool Change full finger bike glove is on this list because it is made off a breathable mesh. This mesh has a moist-wicking feature that keeps your hands feeling dry and comfortable all day. It also enables the gloves to fit snugly without being too tight.

Another feature of this cycling glove that is worth noting is its SBR padding that absorbs shock. It also has microfiber palms, which can significantly increase your grip on the handlebars.

I like making stops along the way to take pictures of the scenery, but taking off my gloves and putting it back on has always been bothersome. If you also feel this way, you will appreciate that these gloves will enable you to use your electronic device without removing it.

For all the features above, this is a good mountain bike gloves that you may consider for your next ride.


  • Smartphone compatible
  • Unisex design
  • A wide selection of color and size
  • Unique design


  • Not ideal for cold weather

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5. Giro DND Cycling Gloves

Most Comfortable

Here’s another full coverage cycling glove with an intelligent construction. It has a three-piece palm construction that mimics the shape of the human palms. This enables the gloves to reduce bunching and allow your natural hand movement.

The Giro DND cycling gloves also has flex zones integrated, which are similar to your finger’s groves. This allows your finger to move freely as if you are not wearing any gloves at all.

This cycling glove also has touchscreen technology. It can be used on most mobile devices so you can stay connected without needing to remove your gloves.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Reasonably priced
  • Nice grip
  • Seamless design


  • The touchscreen feature is not effective on some mobile phone

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6. Unigear Winter Waterproof Gloves

Best for Waterproof

If you are looking for cycling gloves for the winter season, then Unigear Winter Waterproof Gloves is a good option for you. It is made of anti-skid PU leather that ensures that you have the right amount of grip on your handlebar despite wet conditions during winter.

This cycling glove also has touchscreen technology so that you can keep your hands warm the whole time you are outside.

In terms of durability, this glove has anti-ripping reinforcing. This prevents it from tearing despite rugged usage.

Aside from being a cycling glove, this one can be used for everyday wear or running as well, making it a versatile glove of choice.


  • Seamless and elegant design
  • Warm interior
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant


  • Not ideal for hardcore cycling

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7. Bontrager JFW Winter Cycling Gloves

Best for Design

The Bontrager JFW winter cycling glove is a mid to high-end option. It is specially designed to battle frosty conditions.

It has a windshell fabric that protects your hands from the chilly weather as you ride. This significantly helps it remain warm.

If you are worried that the insulation on these gloves will hinder your mobility, don’t be. It is made of Merino wool lining that can effectively provide warmth but is not bulky material, which will affect your hand’s mobility.


  • Warm and lightweight lining
  • Sleek design
  • Full coverage
  • Quality stitching


  • Sizing is limited

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8. POC Resistance Enduro Adjustable Gloves

Best for Durability

You can replace your old pair of gloves with POC resistance if you want one that is full-coverage but lightweight.

The most notable feature of this glove is its silicone-printed brake finger. It helps enhance cockpit dexterity and natural hand movements.

If you have sweaty hands like mine, you will appreciate its ventilated palm grips. It helps lessen sweat because of its breathability.

This glove also has touchscreen technology, so if you want to make a stop and take pictures, no need for you to remove your gloves.


  • Smart design
  • Durable stitching
  • Lightweight
  • Fits well


  • The touchscreen technology is not that sensitive

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What Are the Advantages of Cycling Gloves?

Before anything else, you first need to understand the importance of cycling gloves. Here are the major benefits you will get from cycling gloves:

  • Added Protection

I have ridden my bike without cycling gloves in the past, and I ended up getting small, sore wounds after. I think that was mainly because of the pressure and vibration between my palms and the handle. If you have also done this before, then you know how uncomfortable it feels.

Having reliable cycling gloves can protect you from this. Since most gloves have padding material, it will absorb pressure and vibration without damaging your palms. This allows you to have more comfortable riding experience.

  • Better Grip

Another benefit that you can get from bike gloves is a better grip. Since cycling is a physical activity, it is normal for you to sweat all over.

However, you will also be sweating on your palms. This means that your grip on the handle can be affected, and it can significantly affect your ability to maneuver the bike.

A girl is riding her bike with a cycling gloves on the forest

  • Temperature Control

Quality cycling gloves have insulation that can protect you from extreme weather, be it during hot summer or cold winter days. This will enable you to ride all year round without worrying about your hands.

Things to Look on Cycling Gloves?

Here are the important things you should consider when choosing cycling gloves:

  • Fit

When buying cycling gloves, you need to pay close attention to its fit. Your comfort will be highly dependent on this factor.

To know your hand size, you can measure its circumference using a measuring tape. The tape should be on the widest point of your hand, just below the knuckles. After that, measure the length of your hand from the middle finger upto your risk.

It will be easier for you to check which size will fit you based on the gloves size charts with these measurements. However, it is vital to note that size charts may vary depending on the manufacturer so pay close attention to their specifics.

You will not want cycling gloves that are too tight or too loose because you will not get any of its benefits.

  • Padding

The amount of padding on cycling gloves varies. Some even have no paddings at all. You will find three common types of padding on cycling gloves; foam, EVA, and gel padding.

The foam padding is the most economical option. It is commonly found on mid-range cycling gloves.

On the other hand, the EVA padding is also known as Ethyl Vinyl Acetate. It is commonly used for the cushions of running shoes.

The last type of padding is gel padding. It has a squishy texture and is commonly found in higher-end models.

The type of padding you want will depend on your preference. However, it is another story when it comes to the level of padding.

Determining the level of padding depends on the terrain that you will be cycling on. If it is quite bumpy, going for thicker padding is a good idea. However, do not go overboard because too much padding will make it hard for you to grip the handlebars.

  • Water-resistance

It is important to pick water-resistant cycling gloves, especially if you have naturally sweaty palms or live in unpredictable weather. Trust me; you wouldn’t want to ride with soaking wet cycling gloves because it is very uncomfortable and dangerous.

  • Price Range

Of course, the price range must also be a huge factor to consider when buying cycling gloves. This will enable you to get a realistic expectation about the quality of gloves you will be getting.

Cycling gloves can cost between $10 to more than $100. Most of the time, more expensive gloves are of higher quality. They typically have better fit, material and other features compared to the cheaper ones.

Are Cycling Gloves Necessary?

Although not all cyclists wear gloves, it does have an extensive list of benefits that can significantly improve your riding experience. It protects your hands and improves your grip. Most of all, it prepares you for extreme weather conditions such as sudden rain or cold winter day.

Whether a cycling glove is necessary or not all boils down to your preference. However, if you are a beginner cyclist, it is highly advisable to invest in reliable cycling gloves for an extra layer of protection. Plus, if you are concerned with aesthetics, cycling gloves are very stylish, allowing you to feel like a proper cyclist.

Final Words

Overall, the winner of this roundup is the HTZPLOO bike gloves. The first reason it is getting such distinction is that it is surprisingly affordable but has plenty of practical features.

The HTZPLOO bike gloves are made of a blend of nylon and polyester fabric. The nylon fabric enables it to adapt to your hand’s size while the polyester presence enables it to be breathable so that your hands feel comfortable. Aside from that, it has silicone around the palm, which increases your grip on the handlebar.

However, this cycling glove does have a downside, which is its durability. Some customers noted the fabric shows degradation and color change after riding with it while raining. Also, it is not quite good for long riding.

If you want to go for a premium choice, consider picking Castelli Estremo Glove. For the most comfortable when riding, Giro DND is a good option.

So, there you have it. Those are the best cycling gloves in the market today. Hopefully, this article helped point you to the perfect cycling gloves for you.

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