Best Cycling Apps

best cycling apps

Cycling is my favorite leisurely activity and exercise. Sometimes I just hang on my bike and ride around my neighborhood for fun, but most of the time I cycle for my health and to be honest, it is not an easy and soft process.

Like many exercisers, segment goal and plan are two important things that keep me maintain my biking routine and stay in fit, however, to take the full of advantage from biking, supporting of advance technology plays its own role well.

And in this article, I want to mention the best cycling apps that most cyclists prefer to use to not only help them track their fitness activities but also be motivated for biking.

All the applications are easy to install in smartphones, smart watch or any GPS devices.

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1. Strava

strava cycling app
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Strava is a prominent and popular app which is downloaded by so many riders due to its useful, amazing functions.

This app promises to support you to train smarter and more beneficial through tracking and analysis key statistics such as distance, pace, speed, elevation gain and calories burned.

Furthermore, Strava also provides you with various possible maps and routes that are your options so you could avoid repetitive and boring training and always find something new and exciting in each route.

One great way leads you to be good at cycling is joining a group to share your progress and receive feedback. There is a huge virtual community on Strava and they are growing day by day with a great number of their adventure pictures and routes.

Especially, the bike tracker creates an advanced area called Strava Subscription which allows you access to deep into your data to cycle safer and perform better.

2. Komoot

komoot cycling app
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Komoot helps you gain more adventure in your roads.

One great feature of this app is turn- by -turn voice navigation which help riders concentrate on their adventure and do not to worry about losing. Thank to that they are able to enjoy their trips with the full of excitement.

Sometimes, the Internet does not work so offline maps for outdoor activities like cycling is necessary. Komoot allows you download your plan and save it with one tap.

And to help you save your time to choose destinations for riding, the founders of this bicycle app offer you Highlights. When you turn on Highlights, you will see various red dots in the planner which are represented for various places such as peaks, parks, and other points of interest.

Like other Cycling apps, Komoot records all your routes and allows you save them and may be to use later. Or you probably want to share your adventure with your fellows and receive likes and comments to inspire yourself to biking.

3. Zwift

zwift cycling app
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The tracking app appears in both Appstore in Apple and Google play in Android and it elevates rides to the next level due to the combination of the fun of video games and the serious training.

Riders would have more than 1000 plans designed by world-class coaches to train. Therefore, achieving your fitness goals is easier with Zwift.

All your results and information will be recorded to track easily at any time. Now, training is efficient at your home.

Even though you go for a casual ride or the intensive training, you always welcome to a global community as dedicated as you are.

4. Training peaks

training peaks cycling app
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Peaking peaks track is suitable for any level ability and would be the best support for your performance.

This cycling app has Auto-Sync feature allowing you update all your data automatically with over 100 apps and devices.

Other fascinating function of this bike app is recording all your progress, adding events to your calendar and giving you the summary for each cycling route. Thus, you could easily monitor your process and analyze your performance to reach your fitness goals.

This app also offers exercisers Go Premium with fee to purchase. Go Premium connects you to coaches to plan your workout and check your training every day.

5. Busby

You just need less than 30 seconds to download this bike app by your smartphone and receive the peace of mind when traveling by your bicycle.

Busty helps you control all your routes and activities including cycling. When it comes to strange places, it will let the riders the exact location and the way to arrive quickly.

To encourage more people to do exercise, Busty partnered with Discount Sport Network, one of the most sport discounts to offer the biggest and the most exclusive discounts.

6. Ride with GPS

The bike track helps cyclists be confident when they are on the roads due to the function in its name -GPS.

It also gives you Live logging to inform your current locations for your beloved ones so they will have peace of mind.

Besides recoding the database of routes for you and spoken turn-by-turn direction, it offers you plentiful training plans by using the software that every bike events, clubs and tour companies use to create their routes.

When installing this bicycle app, users have various chances to take part in many events and tours running by a Ride with GPS organization account.

7. Bikemap

bikemap cycling app
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The storage of Bikemap has 6 million routes in 100 countries worldwide that riders could access for free.

Like other fitness apps, it has intelligent voice navigation and in case you are in the circumstance that forces you to disconnect to the Internet, Bikemap allows you use offline maps and routes in the premium account.

To enhance the functions of navigation, this bike track applies advance cycling maps like 3D, Night mode, OpenCycleMap, OpenStreetMap which could report the obstacles and hazards, for instance, construction, potholes and slippery roads. Furthermore, POIs (restrooms, bike rentals, workshop, …) also appear on the maps to help you get in there in necessary situations.

8. Cyclemeter

This iphone biking app does not only record the data of your routes like bikes speed, bike cadence, but also the wealth of health information such as heart rate.

Through Google map and weather prediction, you are free to make your own perfect cycling plans.

This app could integrate all your fitness databases into various social networks like Twitter, Facebook and some popular cycling apps as Strava so it enables you to share your adventures with your like-minded friends.

All your health information could be accessed by Iphone, Ipad, Apple watch and Icloud via Health app.

9. Mapmyride

This app introduces itself is the best mobile ride tracking experience owing to its use.

No matter where you are, Mapmyride would log new routes for you and save your favorites for the next time.

After each cycling day, riders could receive feedback and analysis of your training so you will stick to your fitness plan and adjust the workout to reach your goal.

And A 40 million members would be a great motivation for you to keep up your practice.

10. WahooFitness

wahoo fitness cycling app
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WahooFitnees transforms the way you ride by your phone.

All your data from the progress of cycling to accurate heathy indexes like heart rate stride rate and calories burn would be store in your phone and you could review them any time.

Wahoo Fitness are compatible with over 100 training apps, so it is easy for you to sync your information and find the plan suits your goal.

11. Sleep Cycle

sleepcycle cycling app
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A good sleep assures you have full of energy to start a new day. Sleep cycle will help you calculate the length of your sleep and when you should get up or go to the bed to take the most advantage from sleeping.

Besides, you could consult the sleep statistics of many countries from all over the world. For example, which regions have he best sleep quality or the title of waking up late of the week belongs to which nations

Moreover, the users are able to gain more knowledge about sleeping, dive into the science of falling as sleep. Therefore, people will raise awareness of the important role of sleeping in the right time and might find measurements for their sleep issues.

12. First Aid American Red Cross

Traveling by bike on the roads is unpredictable even though you prepare a careful plan. Hence, you should train first aid skills to help those in need or yourself.

What is First Aid? To be simple, this is basic medical skill for emergency situations that all people need to know to save a life. And First Aid American Red Cross understands the crucial of first aid and it is established to popularize this survival skill.

There is a variety types of courses at more than 550 locations across the USA and online courses that offers for rider from other countries. All the programs of the courses based on the latest and best in emergency science and they are delivered by a team of experts.

After the course you will get the certificate and your travel will be safer.

13. Trailfork

trailforks cycling app
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This app is the perfect choice for any riders who love to discover the wood. This bike track gives you maps with topographic layer, points of interest, trail popularity, heatmaps and so much more, so you will never be worry about getting lost.

Trailfork has maps in over 100 nations for you to track your routes and moreover, you could contribute trail usage data for the biking community.

14. MTBproject

This is another trail app for cyclists to experience the adventurous routes. this app lists the great number of top routes for you and also classifies them by the level of risk.

It directs you to various trails in many countries and areas and many riders say they are satisfied when using MTBproject to discover the new.

15. Trainer Road

trainer road cycling app
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“Everything you need to be a faster cyclist” is the slogan of this apps.

This app will help you get the most effective training plan based on the science, your physical health and your fitness goal. Therefore, it would reduce your time and effort to practice when you still reach your personal goal in health.

Cycling with Train road would make you love this outdoor activity more and become the cyclist because it gets insights every ride you do. Your performance will be analyzed and your advice for your cycling will be provided at the same time.

16. Google Maps

It is not getting around when it comes to the popularity of this app. It is easy to use and very useful when most the destinations you need to arrive that are on the map.

Voice navigation is always ready when ever you need. It also alerts you the peak time to avoid traffic problems and calculates the time you need to spend on the roads not only bases on distances but also the number of vehicles are available in the particular time.

17. Rouvyi

Rouvy is the best indoor cycling software for all professional cyclists and amateur cycling enthusiasts.

There is a huge number of videos on every continent so you could experience the realistic atmosphere of races and enjoy fantastic scenery as well.

18. Viewranger

viewranger cycling app
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This is outdoor maps for explorers who love outside and adventures.

It gives you the maps to start your journey and records your way with live stats: time, distance, elevation and speed. Your status and experience could be shared or kept private.

400+ rescue and search teams use this app so you could trust the trails on the app and be confident and enjoy your adventure.

19. What3words

This tracking app helps you locate the precise destination in every 3 m square with a what3words address.

There are various benefits from the convenience of this simple step that the app use to find locations. First, it is easy to find supports when it comes to emergency situations. Second, it saves time to navigate to the needed location and guides people to the accessible entrance.

And there are more advantages of What3word are waiting for you to discover.

20. Mywindsock

mywindsock cycling app
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This is the best tool for cyclists when it predicts weather for your travel. It is compatible to many apps like Strava, Ride with GPS, Kommot, … so you could choose the nice day for cycling.

The weather is one of the most important factors making the productivity training day. Knowing when it rains or the strength of wind and other weather conditions are the necessary to prepare the safe and energetic cycling.

In conclusion

All the biking app that I mentioned above are the top in our list. I hope this will help you have more options to have safer and better cycling routes.

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