Best Cheap Mountain Bikes Under $200

Best Cheap Mountain Bikes Under $200

Nothing thrills both the heart and mind as much as mountain biking. But keeping in mind the extreme nature of the sport, you need to invest in a great mountain bike for the best results. Someone who is just starting out, on a budget or buying as a gift for their child want to research a affordable yet functional mountain bike for basic trail riding.

Understanding this, we have a list of best cheap mountain bikes under $200 for you.

If you are in a hurry and want to see the best one, I recommend you go for Cross DXT700 as it has lightweight alloy frame, good suspension as well as enormous flexibility for your ride.

5 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes Under $200

1. Cross DXT700 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Highest Rated Cheap MTB Under $200

Cross DXT700 26 inch Wheel Size Mens Mountain Bike

As a modern & cheap mountain bike under the price $200, Cross DXT700 Full Suspension Mountain Bike involves a suspension system that may help you manage your ride smoothly even on tricky terrains.

Its alloy frame has a manageable weight, which means you can expect the bike to help you control your ride with a touch of flexibility.

Do you prefer to adjust the speed of a bike too often while riding it? If yes, then 21 Shimano gears of this product will help you configure the speed without any hassle.

Applying the brakes at the right moment is important from the standpoint of the safety of a mountain biker. The manufacturer of this product provides disc brakes for this purpose. Thus, you can bank on the product for safety.


  • Stylish looks
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable


  • Short handles
  • Lack of smoothness in shifting gears

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If you are looking for a hardtail mountain bike, you can read a detailed article here.


2. Rockrider ST 100

Most Comfortable


According to the manufacturer of this cheap bike Rockrider ST 100, it is all about comfort. In my opinion, one of the useful features of the product is that it comes in different sizes. It comes with several adjustment options that you may find helpful in adjusting the seat position for cycling comfort.

You can adjust the speed with 21 different gears. Besides, it has a welded saddle in conjunction with rims featuring dual walls. Together with a derailleur guard, this combination makes the product durable for long-term use.

The manufacturer of the product claims that it is ideal for a family outing or those who are testing waters for mountain racing. With the V-brake pads of the product, you are likely to find it easier to control the direction while riding the bike.

Last but not least, the product comes with a lifetime warranty, which translates into free servicing in the event of a technical issue. As the way Decathlon builds this bike, it is also a good cheap women mountain bike under $200 that fit female customers who first try out cycling outdoors.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Speed adjustment options
  • Directional control


  • Not conducive for BMX, Enduro, All Mountain, XC

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3. Flite Active 26 inch Wheel Size Men’s Mountain Bike

Easiest to Assemble

Flite Active 26 inch Wheel Size Mens Mountain Bike

This stylish Flite Active mountain bike comes with 28 distinct speed gear choices. With so many options for speed, you can pick and choose the right choice depending on the terrain and your bike riding preferences.

You can assemble it without much effort, and due to its sturdy build, you can expect it to meet your mountain biking needs for a long time.

The MTB suspension on the front side will help you control the bike in a better way, even on challenging surfaces.

Going by the view of the manufacturer, it is for versatile use. Thus, you can use it for the regular commute, as well as your weekend spin.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish appearance
  • Sturdy build with a great design
  • Smooth gears
  • Comfortable ride


  • Needs daily maintenance for the best performance

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4. Boss Stealth 26 inch Wheel Size Mens Mountain Bike

Best for Brakes System

Boss Stealth 26 inch Wheel Size Mens Mountain Bike

Together with pleasing looks, the Boss Stealth mountain bike comes with as many as 21 Shimano gears. Thus, you can easily adjust your speed options without much hassle.

If you wish to get a bike to ride on all kinds of terrain, this unit will lend you a helping hand with its dual mudguards and alloy disc brakes.

No matter what terrain you choose, you will find help with all the suspensions of the bike for a comfortable ride. With these suspensions, you will find it a lot easier to get rid of the jerking experience on the bumps.

With the rare disc brakes on both sides, you can apply brakes whenever you feel the need for it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth gears and brakes
  • Comfortable ride
  • Good aesthetics


  • Lack of inline bike frame

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5. Cross FXT500 26 inch Wheel Size Men’s Mountain Bike

Most Good Looking

Cross FXT500 26 inch Wheel Size Mens Mountain Bike

Cross FXT500 mountain bike features a light alloy frame for easy maneuvering. It has 21 speed Shimano gears to help you adjust the speed in connection with the terrain and your speed requirements.

Due to the speed brakes on either side of the bike, you can apply the brake at your will to halt its movement.

The front suspension of the bike is conducive for facilitating ride on bumps. As a result, you do not need to worry about a jerking feeling even as you ride your two-wheeler on a bumpy surface.


  • Multiple gear options
  • Comfortable
  • Smooth brakes
  • Easy assembly


  • Not durable
  • Gears are not smooth enough

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A Handy Checklist for Selecting an Affordable Mountain Bike

Before you browse through the best products in a specific category, it helps to know a thing or two about how to identify the right item for your needs. The case with the mountain bikes (or “mtb” in short) is not an exception to this rule.

A Handy Checklist for Selecting an Affordable Mountain Bike

At the time of choosing a product, make sure you pay attention to the following salient points:

  • Wider tires help balance a bike, but its extreme width can slow you down. Other features of the tires, such as the indents, texture, and the grip are also equally important. Checking the quality of rubber of both the tires will help you gauge their effectiveness in preventing leaks. (1)
  • While emphasizing on gear and speed, do not forget to consider the adjustment options for the seat and handlebars. You might want to change the gear of your bike on a trail to prevent exhaustion. So, think about a unit with the right gear. This way, you can rest your legs without compromising the speed of the bike.
  • Do you wish to get a bike that fares well on the streets, or are you looking for a unit for riding on rooted or rough terrain?A bike featuring a hardtail suspension will serve you better in the former situation, whereas the one with knobby and fat tires would be ideal for the latter case. Either way, it will make bike riding a safe and enjoyable experience for you. (2)
  • Your definition of comfort may differ from that of the other individuals. But, certain features of a bike determine the level of comfort when you ride it. These include adjustability, tire size, seat cushions, and gripped handlebars.

Before finalizing your purchase decision, I recommend you weigh your options against these attributes.

Final Thoughts

Picking up a straight winner among the above mountain bikes is not a simple task. But after taking all the features, pros, and cons into consideration, I can say that Cross DTX700 leaves others far behind.

Notwithstanding the need for regular maintenance, it comes at the right price and has smooth gears to prevent a slowdown. Moreover, it is lightweight, which means you will never lose your balance on your trail. These attributes make it the best mountain bike at a reasonable price for daily use.

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