Best Chamois Creams

best chamois cream

Chamois cream is widely known as a supporting accessory for cyclists to gain more advantages on their rides. When having this layer of cream on, you would obtain comfortable skin, supple bike shorts, no friction, no chafing, and no saddle sores.

That’s why it’s better to purchase the best chamois cream based on this detailed review list as soon as possible.

I’d recommend the antibacterial ASSOS Chamois Creme for men since it’s used by many professionals, boosts suppleness and also elasticity. And for women, the Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel is great to go with a large quantity in a package and redness reduction after shaving.

Best chamois cream for men

1. ASSOS Chamois Cream

Best Overall

Rating: 4.5/5

Form: Cream | Weight: 0.35 lbs | Gender: Unisex | Best use: Working out

Assos Chamois Cream

In order to limit the risk of friction and help cool your skin before every bike ride, apply this synthetic, natural ASSOS Chamois Creme on. The cream also prevents inflammation and includes antibacterial properties for you to store it for a long time.

The reason this cream is famous is that a lot of professionals choose it regardless of their cycling shorts’ brands. Even after your laundry, apply the cream on the inner side of the shorts, this is useful in boosting the suppleness and elasticity.

As long as you remember to avoid intimate areas on your skin while you apply the chamois cream, you can maintain effectiveness and comfort all day.

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Best for Chafing

Rating: 4/5

Form: Lotion | Weight: 8 oz | Gender: Unisex | Best use: Cycling

Paceline Products Chamois Butt'r - 8 oz

For cyclists who have sensitive skin that chafes easily, the PACELINE PRODUCTS Chamois Butt’r is the number one chamois lubricant to purchase. You can either apply it directly onto the skin or slather it on the shorts’ pad to minimize unwanted friction.

The lotion is washed off the skin and your bike shorts easily with soap and water, which means you needn’t put them into the washing machine. It’s really safe for your sensitive areas during extended cycling trips as it protects you from getting chaffed.

However, the lubricant tubing design is a major flaw of this chamois cream. Its shape and stiffness prevent a significant cream portion from being accessible.

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3. dz Nuts Pro

Best for Saddle Sores

Rating: 3.5/5

Form: Lotion | Weight: 4 oz | Gender: Unisex

dz Nuts Pro Chamois Cream

Tired of running behind your training miles goals? This dz Nuts Pro Chamois Cream is specially manufactured to lengthen your riding sessions with extra comfort added. The cream is totally plant-derived and made only from natural, organic ingredients.

Its container size of 4 oz is suitable for brand new users who would like to try a bit of this chamois cream first before sticking to it in the future. If you are always having issues with saddle sores, I believe the cream will manage to eliminate them entirely.

Take caution that this product has received the California Proposition 65 warning of potential exposure to a certain list of toxic chemicals for riders.

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4. Muc-Off Athlete Performance Antibacterial

Best for Antibacterial

Rating: 4.5/5

Form: Cream | Weight: 100 – 250ml | Gender: Unisex | Best use: Most athletes

Muc-Off Athlete Performance Antibacterial Chamois Cream for Cyclists

The Muc-Off chamois cream is one luxury type of moisturizer that’s antibacterial and creates a slight cooling effect on your skin. It is useful in soothing the skin of runners, triathletes, cyclists, and sports competitors.

Since the cream is enriched with provitamins and no parabens or DEA, it can provide deep moisturizing and an effective barrier from skin chafing. Its price range is quite cheap compared to the two different container sizes and direct skin application.

By having this layer of the best chamois cream for cycling on your skin while cycling, I am certain that you will never have to encounter saddle sores anymore.

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5. Fresh So Dry Fresh Balls

Best for Groin Area

Rating: 4/5

Form: Lotion | Weight: 3.4 oz | Gender: Men | Best use: Traveling

Fresh So Dry Fresh Balls

As the packaging of this Fresh So Dry Fresh Balls chamois cream indicates, it can be applied as a soothing cream but dries as a cooling powder afterward. This lotion promises not to clump on your skin or creates powdery residues left in your pants.

If you ever experienced wetness and irritation in the groin area, you ought to get this chamois cream with anti-chafing oatmeal ingredients, no paraben or talc. Feel free to add this product to your daily grooming routine as a genital hygienic cream.

The feeling of comfort should be the number one priority for all of your biking trips. This moisturizing lotion is perfect for solving the wetness in groin areas.

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6. Assential Cycling Podium

Best for Recovery

Rating: 4/5

Form: Lotion | Weight: 4 oz | Gender: Unisex | Best use: Cycling

Assential Cycling Podium Chamois Cream

I am glad that the Assential chamois cream produces a mild clean scent and leaves a cool feeling on your skin. The 4 oz chamois cream tube ensures 3 years of shelf life that establishes a protective layer after your direct application.

This cream relieves and recovers any kind of irritation and skin sores you go through during biking trips. It includes both antimicrobials and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Use the product as an effective barrier to shield your skin against external damages.

Nevertheless, this chamois cream texture seems to be a bit thicker than the average standard. This means it might be difficult for you to apply evenly on your skin.

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Best chamois cream for women

1. Chamois Butt’r Her

Best Overall

Rating: 4.5/5

Form: Cream | Weight: 8 oz | Gender: Women | Best use: Long rides

Chamois Butt'r Her' Anti-Chafe Cream

With the idea of making chamois cream for women in mind, the Chamois Butt’r Her deserves to be the best overall product. It works well with the skin of women that is more neutral in pH, in which the ingredients ought to be as natural and skin-loving as possible.

Its properties include tea tree oil, lavender oil, shea butter, green tea leaf extract, and aloe vera to soothe sensitive skin. Right after your application, this cream will bring great comfort. Also, it doesn’t damage or discolor any type of specialized clothing.

Apart from the fact that this moisturizing cream doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your clothes, it can be rinsed out of them and also the skin with ease.

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2. HOOHA Ride Glide

Best for Skincare

Rating: 4/5

Form: Cream | Weight: 8 oz | Gender: Women | Best use: Long rides

Reflect Sports Skin Care HOOHA Ride Glide

If there’s a specialized type of chamois cream for men, the HOOHA Ride Glide is definitely a woman’s treasure. The soft cream provides a healing sense as well as prevents the risk of saddle sores and skin chafing from your enthusiastic exercises.

Its list of ingredients includes peppermint oil, tea tree, barley extract, eucalyptus tea, which are all high-quality and surely to enable a lasting cool feeling on your skin. The cream also focuses on the sensitivity of your vaginal area to protect it from irritation.

As far as I am concerned, this chamois cream for women is highly rated based on its sheerness, pleasant scent, and especially the comfort after your application.

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3. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

Best for Bikini Protection

Rating: 4.5/5

Form: Powder gel | Weight: 1.5 oz | Gender: Women | Best use: Aftershave

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel 1.5 oz

Although the net weight of this Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel is quite small (1.5 oz), its entire package has 4 chamois cream tubes for you to take advantage of. It consists of both calming and protective benefits of lotion and powder for the skin.

Other than reducing friction in your activities, this cream is a powerful reliever that soothes your uncomfortable irritation. After your shaving in the bikini area, applying a layer of this cream will reduce the redness appearance on other body parts as well.

Not only is this chamois cream smooth and moisturizing, but it also does not create powder stains and residue on the surface of your specialized clothing.

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4. DZ NUTS Bliss

Best for Sensitive Anatomy

Rating: 4.5/5

Form: Cream | Weight: 4 oz | Gender: Women | Best use: Cycling

DZ NUTS Bliss Women's Chamois Cream

Even if you have old saddle sores from previous bike rides, the DZ NUTS Bliss will heal them with antibacterial properties. Moreover, its compound of moisturizing and anti-chafing would help you to resist possible sores and soothe sensitive anatomy.

According to my experience, this chamois cream doesn’t provide a tingling sensation like most other moisturizing creams for women. There are extra absorbing polymers in this product so it can alleviate excess dampness next to your skin while cycling.

I think the chamois cream deserves to be the next gift for your wife thanks to all of its fantastic features and the comfortable non-menthol formula for their skin.

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5. Gooch Guard

Best for US Origin

Rating: 4/5

Form: Lubricant | Weight: 4.2 oz | Gender: Unisex | Best use: Working out

Gooch Guard Chamois Cream

Based on reliable chamois cream reviews, I found that the Gooch Guard chamois cream is able to provide you with a lubricant barrier of friction and chafing guard. It has been made in the USA for guaranteed quality with safe, all-natural properties.

The chamois cream doesn’t include any common allergens, petroleum, or paraben that may cause you discomfort in use. I am happy that its soothing formula works for both men and women to ensure the most comfortable ride on their bicycles.

The only problem with this chamois cream is that it doesn’t last for long and even creates a mess to apply sometimes. This issue should be improved.

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6. Bodyglide Chamois Glide

Best for No Messing

Rating: 4/5

Form: Balm | Weight: 1.5 oz | Gender: Unisex | Best use: Cycling

Bodyglide Chamois Glide

Because most people feel that using chamois cream is messy to handle, I would like to suggest a great alternative called the Bodyglide Chamois Glide. It’s packaged in a small, travel-size with only 1.5 oz of net weight, which is convenient for storage.

This chamois balm has a stick container and applicator so all you need to do is twist it and glide the product on your skin. There will be no mess and lotion. Plus, the balm’s ingredients are plant-derived waxes for your skin protection from rubbing.

On the other hand, it appears to work well with chamois but not as effective for relieving when you apply it directly to the skin itself.

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Things You Need to Know Before Buying Chamois Cream

If you are planning to purchase something that’s directly applicable to your skin and clothing, you should better understand some of its basic information. Getting some chamois cream requires your awareness of these criteria.

What is chamois cream?

Chamois cream is a thick type of liquid that can be applied to reduce friction between the biking clothes and your skin. It’s also known as anti-chafing cream since it can limit the uncomfortable skin rubbing that many cyclists encounter during their rides.

How much chamois cream to apply?

Despite not leaving any greasy residues or powder stains on your skin and clothing surfaces, you shouldn’t apply too much chamois cream for the skin to breathe. In my opinion, around 2 fingers worth of it for the skin and 3 for your clothes is alright.

How to apply chamois cream?

Applying chamois cream straight on your skin is most preferable. However, a lot of cyclists are fond of adding it to their bike shorts instead of their skin. After getting some cream on your fingers, apply it plentifully on the high friction points of the saddle.

How long does chamois cream last?

To decide how long does a chamois cream last on your skin and technical clothing, it has to rely on surrounding factors. You will need to understand clearly its brand, the consistent structure of the cream, how much you use, and the weather conditions.

For instance, just a small amount of the ASSOS Chamois Cream can perform well for around 4 to 6 hours. Nevertheless, its performance would certainly be shortened if the weather’s hot (which leads to your perspiration), or it’s raining.

When to use chamois cream?

Chamois cream is mainly made from safe, natural, and non-allergic ingredients so I’m certain that it can be a part of your daily routine, especially when you go cycling. Just use the cream on the skin and other clothing before your physical activities.

Where to apply chamois cream?

Chamois cream works well with sensitive areas, where your skin makes direct contact with clothes and sweat the most (inner thighs, underarms, breasts, etc). There are creams made for the groin of men and the vaginal area of women.

But not all chamois cream is formulated to be safely applied to these sensitive parts, for example, the ASSOS with its precaution. My advice is to look at one’s specifications before buying it for your direct skin application.

What can I use instead of chamois cream?

It’s not your fault to feel that chamois cream’s quite messy to use every day. It has other effective alternatives that are more convenient such as coconut oil, chamois butter (shea/cocoa), Vaseline gel, or stick balm like the Bodyglide.

Can men use chamois cream for women and vice versa?

A woman’s chamois cream is often formulated with a more neutral pH level to suit the sensitive women’s skin (like the Chamois Butt’r Her), therefore it can also be ideal for men to use.

However, most chamois creams for men don’t focus on this detail in their ingredients so it’s not advisable for women to use the same product. This is perfectly acceptable in unisex products, but you need to check for this label carefully before purchasing.


Without a doubt, the ASSOS is the finest cream for unisex due to its reliability from many professionals. The 3-year shelf life Assential has a great scent and enables a skin barrier for recovery. Lastly, the Gooch Guard is made from the USA with all-natural ingredients.

To sum up, chamois cream is a valuable investment for all male and female cyclists to upgrade their physical performances. I hope my suggestions will work out for your personal needs and help you to shop for the best chamois cream in the future.

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