Best BMX Bikes

best bmx bikes

The market for BMX bikes is too large. Choosing the right product for our capabilities, preferences, and needs always confuse us.

You will quickly understand this complex market after our analysis and choose the most suitable product for yourself. Mongoose Legion Freestyle ranks first in the general evaluation criteria. It is suitable for most users, and it is a nearly high-end bike, but with a surprising price tag.

Here below is the list of 10 best bmx bikes that you can buy today.

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle

Best overall

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for-Kids

Brand: Mongoose | Frame Material: Hi-Ten Steel | Weight: 32Ib | Wheel size: 20 Inches | Brake Style: Steel U | Riding Style: Freestyle

Mongoose Legion Mag is the best choice for a newbie to the Freestyle BMX.

Frame and fork from Hi-Ten Steel with a low geometrical design combined the monolithic aluminum rim belongs to 20-Inch Mag Wheels. The firm and supple ability of structure are stunning. These elements are paramount to a typical freestyle bike. It can withstand strong jumps and neatly landing wheels.

The 360-degree handlebar spins design allows taking typical flatland tricks. The bike has U-type brakes that provide perfect stopping mode at the rear wheel. A separate brake cables system gives handlebars and front wheel free. The front hub and pegs are the highlight parts of this bike. It can withstand a rider’s load up to 250Ib.

The bike’s total weight about 32Ib with full assembles. Riders seem to find the bike heavy at first, but they will get used to it because the movement system is very smooth. The drivetrain and chainring structure with one-piece crank and forged steel 170-millimeter length. The controlling pedal is gentle, and you will easily show catch eye skills like sidewalk tricks, axle peg, and footjam tailwhip.

Many customers get mad when the U-shaped brake pads are too close to the rear tire, causing heavy moving. That’s not a big mistake. Just loosen the brake nut with screwdrivers, and the trouble will disappear.


  • Bearing materials
  • Large loading capacity
  • Streamlined design
  • Precise balance
  • Optimized for freestyle beginners


  • Difficult to self-assemble the U-brake system

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2. Mongoose Title

Runner up

Mongoose Title Micro, Mini, Junior, Pro and Expert BMX Race Bike

Brand: Mongoose | Frame Material: Tectonic T1 aluminum | Weight: 24Ib | Wheel size: 20 Inches | Brake Style: V-Brake | Riding Style: Racing

A racing bike’s typical feathers are the lightweight frame, seasoned crank, handlebars – stem – handset neatly connected. The racing bike requirements are fast movement, a sensitive brake system, and real feeling when handling.

Mongoose has launched a range of racing products with six different versions for each age and level, from beginner to advanced. The highlight of this model is the total weighs only 24Ib – super light. Tectonic T1 aluminum frame combines Hi-Ten steel handlebar and fork to create a solid structure with the smallest weight. It makes excellent steering performance.

The drivetrain with 3-piece tubular chromoly cranks gives the most realistic racing feeling. 2-inch rise handlebar with 30mm stem takes a comfortable racer’s body position.

Unlike BMX Bike for freestyle, Mongoose Title has spoke wheels to run a more diverse terrain.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Fast movement
  • Multiple versions


  • Stiff Saddle

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3. Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus

Best for sturdiness

Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike

Brand: Diamondback Bicycles | Frame Material: Steel | Weight: 27Ib | Wheel size: 20 Inches | Brake Style: Linear Pull | Riding Style: Dirt style

Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus is the most basic and safe bike for beginners. The structure is quite simple, and there are no upgrade details. The frame material is steel. The remarkable thing is that the fork part is very thick. It makes the front part of the bike heavy, grip on the road, and stable.

The spiked tire is a common element of the dirt style bike. Linear pull brakes at the rear, with the brake-control attached to the handlebars on one side. This brake will be safer, more comfortable to operate for beginners.

The bike’s body shape is relatively small compared to the weight. A single-speed drivetrain keeps rider away from messing with the complex functions. Yet, you should not perform tricks or jump with this bike. The bike’s gravity is more forward than the rear. It is only suitable for children to exercise for cycling purposes. If you want to do more complicated tricks, choose another bike.


  • Compact, sturdy
  • Easy to control
  • Easy assembly


  • Not suitable for performing complicated tricks

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4. Hiland 20” BMX Freestyle Bike

Best for Those on a Budget

Hiland 20'' BMX Freestyle Bike for Boys with 360 Degree Gyro & 4 Pegs

Brand: HH HILAND | Frame Material: Steel | Weight: 32Ib | Wheel size: 20 Inches | Brake Style: U Brake | Riding Style: Freestyle

The manufacturer has high expectations for this product. The design shows we can do a lot of tricks with this bike. There are U-Brakes at both the front and rear wheels that incorporate four pegs.

The handlebars allowing for easy 360-degree rotation under a complicated brake cable system is a valuable factor. The bike for the experienced freestyle rider. Although the product’s features are outstanding, the bike’s price is the most attractive factor.

But, some parts of the bike are thin: headset, crank, stem. The brake handles are almost plastic, while the frame is heavy steel. The ratio between the height of the bike and the crank’s length is small. If you are a little taller, chances are your chin will touch the knee when you are riding.

The brake system is not too sensitive. It is difficult to stop immediately due to the thin brake pads. Although this bike takes a long time to assemble, it’s a must-try product because its price is too competitive. In the BMX Freestyle segment for experienced riders, it is the best for your budget.


  • Low price
  • Performing many tricks
  • Handlebars rotation system works smoothly


  • Complicated installation
  • Material (out of frame) is quite poor
  • Heavyweight, hard to perform air tricks

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5. Razor High Roller BMX

Razor High Roller BMXFreestyle Bike, 20-Inch

Brand: Razor | Frame Material: Steel | Weight: 29.4Ib | Wheel size: 20 Inches | Brake Style: Hand Brake | Riding Style: Freestyle

Your kids will quickly love this bike at first sight because the paint color is charming, and there are many options. It has an affordable price for a BMX Freestyle.

Razor prides itself on the brake system for both front and rear wheels, manual control. Brake integrated with gear when you ride backward is not combined with this product. You can install more, but it’s not necessary.

Razor High Roller BMX is a pretty classic bike. The frame and fork material is heavy steel when the handle-brakes from plastic. The brakes aren’t very responsive but don’t expect anything more upscale for this price point.

The good thing about the bike is its tires: a thick, deep groove and anti-slip tires. Lifetime warranty and the ease of installation of the product are outstanding features.


  • Low price
  • Front Pegs, 4 Bolt Stem Front & Rear Hand Brake
  • Easy Installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent tires


  • Normal material
  • Not performing many special tricks
  • The brake is not working well

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6. Redline Bikes Proline BMX

Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike

Brand: Redline | Frame Material: Aluminum alloy | Weight: 24.5Ib | Wheel size: 16 Inches | Brake Style: Linear Pull | Riding Style: Racing

Super light, super-fast, worthy of a high-end racing bike product line. There are four style options for you: Youth, Pro, Expert, and Expert Pro.

The product’s weight stated in the spec is 24.5Ib – a good matter for a racing bike already. But without the pedals, the frame weight is only 14.6Ib. Too ideal for a bike when its primary function is racing. Thanks to the aluminum alloy material in the frame and fork, adding the perfect proportions of the other parts. All of them make the bike minimizes weight, maximizes safety, and speed.

Paint color is precious. The high-end painting technique gives the bike an extremely high-class look. There are only two things that make customers wondering about this Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike. Which is very high price, and the seat is small and hard. If for long-distance racing, need to backup an extra soft and broader saddle.


  • Super light – super fast
  • Nice paint color
  • Safety while racing
  • Aluminum alloy material


  • Expensive
  • Saddle is small and stiff

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7. Dynacraft Magna Throttle

Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street Dirt Bike 20

Brand: Dynacraft | Frame Material: Steel | Weight: 26.95Ib | Wheel size: 20 Inches | Brake Style: Coaster brakes| Riding Style: Dirt Style

The bike is perfect for the street and off-road. Those who have experienced cycling with a variety of tricks skills will be more suitable for this bike. The standard coaster brakes make it more enjoyable. If you want to control the bike on the roads, it takes time to practice.

Dynacraft Magna Throttle is quite versatile because it has an extra kickstand included. It is suitable for carrying on natural adventures, small roads, rough terrain. The bike has reflective paint on the front and gear, making it safe to drive at night or empty streets.


  • A typical dirt style bike
  • Coaster brakes
  • Reflection in the dark
  • Various accessories: kickstand, rubber handle


  • Paint is easy to scratch.

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8. Elite Destro

Elite 20 & 18 BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle Bike

Brand: ELITE BICYCLES | Frame Material: Hi-tensile steel | Weight: 28Ib | Wheel size: 20 Inches | Brake Style: U brakes| Riding Style: Freestyle

Elite Destro is a mid-level complete that works well on the street, dirt, and park.

The all-in-one function makes the structure of the bike very complicated. Frame material is hi-tensile steel, while fork, headset and stem are from Cr-Mo. 170mm long cranks and 14mm front pegs focus on street performances, especially peg tricks. The U-Brakes system will assist with this feature. The handlebars 360-degree rotation skill cannot perform.

Elite launched a BMX product that could perform many skills to attract customers. Yet, the pedals made of plastic are actual of unexpected quality. An error many customers encounter is rear-wheel deflection and easy to bend rims.

The bike’s worth highlight is the reinforced tubing to protect the front structure from hard tricks. The bike is near the professional performance bike segment but has an affordable price. That is very appealing to customers.


  • Perform many difficult tricks
  • Nice model
  • Competitive price


  • The rear wheel is often damaged
  • The plastic pedal is brittle

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9. Elite Stealth 

Elite 20 & 16 BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike

Brand: ELITE BICYCLES | Frame Material: Hi-tensile steel | Weight: 28Ib | Wheel size: 20 Inches | Brake Style: U brakes| Riding Style: Freestyle

Like the Elite Destro, the Elite Stealth line focuses on the ability to go on the street and dirt. Yet, this bike is lower and smaller. It takes the form of the most typical BMX.

This bike’s feature is that the tire from bearing rubber, with microscopic particles and grooves. It suitable for surfaces that are as elastic as the ground and less resilient like concrete. The wheel makes for great street tricks.

Easy product installation with the included kit and the capacity of more than 200Ib are good points. Strange noises caused by the gears and bearings during riding are a drawback, as these two parts’ structure is slightly loose.


  • Good materials, solid frame structure
  • Reasonable price
  • Perform many difficult tricks, compatible with many types of race surface.


  • The gearing bearing system is a bit loose, causing noise.

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10. Dynacraft Tony Hawk

Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX

Brand: Dynacraft | Frame Material: Steel | Weight: 34Ib | Wheel size: 20 and 24 Inches | Brake Style: U brakes| Riding Style: Freestyle

Dynacraft Tony Hawk  is a professional performance bike. The standout skills are jumps or wall rides.

The bike’s weight is 34Ib. Two options of wheel sizes are 20 and 24 inches. The greatest loadable is up to 275Ib. This bike is suitable for both kids and adults.

The rear U – Brake system made of Promax alloy makes the bike move very safely. Braking takes the bike stop immediately, helping to perform many difficult skills. The most attractive feather is the ability to customize it according to the customer’s preferences. Can upgrade, change color and elevate saddle. Besides, the bike has kickstands, the chain guard is see-through, giving this bike a modern and eye-catching look.


  • Nice model
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for many ages
  • Safety brake system


  • One year warranty only

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How to choose the best BMX bike?

Bike type

  • Freestyle BMX

This bike type is popular and versatile. Many different uses can adapt to this type of product. New to BMX, new to bicycles, who want to test many simple skills can choose this bike first.

The manufacturer has two directions. The first is a low-performance bike for the new rider at an affordable price, such as the Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike. The second is a multi-function integrated bike for customers who only want one bike for all performances.

The Elite BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle Bike is the right choice. If you want a bike that can do specific skills, but each trick is perfect. A bike with reasonable structure and advanced materials, affordable price. Only Mongoose Legion Mag can please you.

  • Flatland BMX

The trick focuses on the bike balance ability. The bike requires that the U-brake system be exactly and the balance tires and firmly on the ground. Tires should be thick and have high friction. Two candidates for this type are the Mongoose Legion Mag for the affordable segment and the Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike for the high-end segment.

  • Street BMX and Park BMX

Street performance inspired the majority of rider’s early days. The balancing tricks, obstacle course, steering wheel rotation 360 degrees, 540 degrees, and so on are stunning. Elite 20″ & 16″ BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike stands out in this product line. Leaving aside the noise, the structure of the tires and frame is superb. The ability to ride on the surface like wood, concrete, clay is essential for street and park style.

  • Race and Dirt Jump BMX

Off-road racing requires the racer’s high technique and outstanding bike construction. The bike should be very light, and the best frame should be aluminum. The cycle is less redundant details, and the front part must be stable to withstand strong jumps. We emphasize the dangers of this sport in particular, so the bike safety ability comes first. The Dynacraft Magna Throttle, Redline Bikes Proline BMX, and Mongoose Title are all excellent choices. Mongoose is better appreciated because the body is of outstanding quality. Best, of course, Redline’s Proline product, but its too high price is a factor that makes many customers hesitant.

Riding style

Riding style determines bike type. Are you adventurous, or do you enjoy cycling around your town? Do you prefer speed or skill?

If you like speed, dirt and racing style is right for you. It is dangerous, but it generates tremendous excitement. It takes a lot of practice to reach this level. Start with a small freestyle with mag wheels, gradually refine your skills and advance to a lighter, faster bike. Dirt and racing bike are often the most expensive, as the frame material is the softest and most durable.

If you like meticulousness and ingenuity, street and park style will suit you better.

Wheel size

There are two types of wheels you should keep in mind are the mag wheel and spoke wheel.

The mag wheel is light, beautiful, and stops faster. It is perfect if a combination of mag wheel and u-brake. The Mongoose Legion Mag product stands out because it is affordable, and it has this combination.

Spoke wheels are much more popular, it is suitable for all-terrain such as road, mountain climbing, off-road. Most bikes have a 20in-wheel version. It doesn’t depend on what style you ride. Wheels with the 24in or 16in size are typically unique.

The size of the wheel makes the bike more maneuverable. For example, when performing racing on steep and rough roads, the 16in size wheel is easy to perform air tricks, extremely beautiful. And the bike with 24in-wheel will help with higher speed, suitable for adults.


  • U-brake

U-brake is a regular part of the freestyle bike line. Solid brake structure, easy to install, easy to contact the road. Wheel structure creates non-sudden drag, helping the bike stop safely. The braking mechanism also retains the inertia force of the cycle, so it is safe when it rides at high speed. This type of brake is widespread in BMX models. All racing bikes must have this type of brake instead of the other.

  • V-brakes – Linear-pull brakes

This type of brake equips regular bicycles, which are controlled directly by hand. Thin brake pads, easy to replace. We can fix this brake ourselves if it breaks down in no time.

  • Coaster brake

Especially suitable for street performance bikes. The bike works on the reverse pedal principle. It stopped immediately, creating a unique effect. Yet, the tire using this brake must be high friction, and the bicycle gearing and bearings must be suitable. Please do not use this brake on a racing bicycle because it will cause an unfortunate accident.


If there is no need to perform too professionally, Mongoose Legion Freestyle is the best choice. Great for a newbie and anyone with a little bit of experience doing stunning tricks. For more practice, 360-degree handlebars rotation skill is entirely within your reach with this product.

The Mongoose Title will take you the most memorable racing experience with a top-notch frame but a very affordable price.

But you care about safe, do not ignore Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike. The sturdy steel frame of the bike will ultimately make you feel assured.

Top of the line racing bike – the dream of almost racer, the Redline Bikes Proline BMX is the only option if the price for you is a trivial matter.

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