Best Bike Pumps

best bike pump

If you are a bike rider, then it is really crucial to have a pump to support or refill the bike’s tire on the road.

Thus, I would like to give you the recommendation of 16 best bike pumps.

On the rank, LEZYNE Classic Floor and Specialized Air Tool Pro Pump would be in the first and second position for their user-friendly, as well as best values and gauge.

Best bike floor pump

There are several types of bike pumps available to fit different needs of customers. Floor pump is so far the most popular. Let’s view through the 12 best bike floor pumps.

1. LEZYNE Classic Floor

Best overall

LEZYNE Classic Floor Drive Bicycle Tire Pump

Valve type: Presta & Schrader.

5/5 star

This LEZYNE bike air pump scores for its high pressure put in your tire. With the special 220 psi design for a road bike and Low-Volume Application, the product allows users to finish their air supplement really quickly.

There is a small force-support diameter that facilitates the pressure with minimum pumping force. Also, the Oversized 3.5″ Analogue Gauge is integrated to show the air-input forced in the tire.

This particular bicycle bike pump introduces CNC Machined Aluminum as its material. The feature of Aluminum is that it is durable and keeps the whole pump lightweight. The LEZYNE is measured 3 pounds only.

The handle, meanwhile, is made of varnished wood. It ensures the comfort of users’ hands, still, it doesn’t sacrifice the beauty for that.

The tire pump is Equipped with Extra Long High-Strength Hose, and the valve types are Presta & Schrader. This design accommodates diverse usages and using situations.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Superior pump pressure
  • Highly user-friendly
  • Long hose
  • Reasonable cost


  • Less effective with Presta valve

2. Specialized Air Tool Pro Pump

Best for frequent use


Valve type: Presta & Schrader.

4.5/ 5 star

The runner-up on the list is Specialized Air Tool Pro Pump. It features several impressive designs with materials, hose and gauge.

This total-aluminum bike floor pump has the same material applied in the whole. The silver appearance seems to be up-to-date and fashionable.

150 PSI is the maximum pressure for the pump. It means the tire can bear either road or mountain riding. If you are considering such routes, you may find this pump multi-usage. The 3″ oversized gauge makes it easy for you to read the pressure pumped.

SwitchHitter II pump head allows the connection to both Schrader and Presta valves. Compared to the previous pump, this Specialized has superior work with Presta.

The length of the hose is 42”. It allows the pump to work with the bike tire even when the bike is on the stand.


  • Multi-usage
  • Excellent gauge
  • Durable and stylish material
  • Long hose


  • High cost

3. Planet Bike ALX

Best for people on a budget

Planet Bike ALX Bike Floor Pump with Gauge and Presta Schrader Valve Head

Valve type: Presta & Schrader.

3.5/5 star

This Planet Bike ALX is outstanding for its extra classic appearance: Wooden handle, red aluminum barrel, and balanced floor. If you are a fan of the vintage and timeless-look device, then you may consider this bike pump.

The allowed force is 160 psi with a valve that fits both Presta and Schrader tubes, which makes this bike air pump fit for different targets and different routes for riding. The gauge is also up to 3” which facilitates easy read of the force.

The floor pump is 27 inches tall and 2.89 pounds in weight. This statistic indicates a positive point of this mini and lightweight pump. Nevertheless, the hose is a little bit rigid and long for some users, so you may need a large room for such a pump.


  • High pressure
  • Effective gauge and floor
  • Reasonable price
  • Extremely lightweight


  • A bit rigid hose

4. Topeak Joe Blow

Best designed gauge

Topeak Joe Blow Sport III High Pressure Floor Pump

Valve type: Dunlop, Presta & Schrader.

4/5 star

This best bike pump Topeak Joe Blow is excellent at the structure. The gauge, different from all 3 previous pumps, is placed mid-mount and up to 3” to facilitate easy check-on force pumped in. The hammer-styled handle features dual-density polymer and hardened steel for other parts are well-known for the durability and comfort of hands.

What outstanding about this Topeak pump lies in the 360-degree pivot hose that helps to activate the connection from any direction. The valve is easily reached no matter where the bike stands.

Also, the TwinHead DX valve has the ultimate structure that can fit Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop. This head is indeed more impressive than any above-mentioned bike floor pump.

The pumped pressure is up to 160 psi – an average number for multiple types of bike and road. It weighs 3.7 pounds, which breaks the records of all pumps listed so far.


  • Excellently positioned gauge
  • Multi-directed pump hose
  • Extra valve head
  • Reasonable price


  • Heavy

5. Syncros Floor Pump

Amazingly lightweight

SYNCROS Floor Pump Vernon 2.0 Digital

Valve type: Presta & Schrader.

3.5/ 5 star

This is a very cool looking bicycle tire pump from Syncros. With all-black covered, this pump is a choice for minimalism riders.

The material for the product is quite diverse. Steel is utilized to cover the barrel and base of the pump. It helps to keep the product durable and light. The handle, meanwhile, is made of composite to ensure comfort and ease with hands. This combination makes it a great heat-resistant and user-friendly device to carry with.

This mini bike pump is suggested for its size and weight that can be lifted easily. It also fits the valve of either Presta, Schrader of the bike tire, which is quite convenient for small local trips.

However, with 180 psi only, the device may require much time and strength to refill air for the tire compared to previous products. Also, there is a lack of gauge. Without the force reader, the users much estimate the force on their own


  • Impressive outlook
  • Durable and heat-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price


  • Low psi
  • Lack gauge

6. Zefal Profil MAX FP60

Best for floor base

Zefal Profil MAX FP60 Aluminum Alloy Floor Pump With Guage - Made in France

Valve type: Dunlop, Presta & Schrader.

4/5 star

This Zefal bike floor pump scores really high in different categories: appearance, durability and hi-tech integration.

First of all, the appearance of Profil MAX FP60 is indeed attractive and stylish. The handle made of wood, along with an aluminum barrel and base is to keep it look up-to-date.

Nevertheless, the Zefal does not sacrifice looking for quality. With that material, the pump is kept durable under several surroundings and lightweight-only 2.64 pounds for this one.

The made-in-French bike pump features a hi-tech base. The technology integrates fibers that can absorb and disperse vibrations and heat while pumping through the stable base.

Z-switch system of the hose allows users to change amongst Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves. Also, the gauge fully activates through the extra lens that facilitates easier and more accurate gauge reading.

The maximum pressure for this particular pump is 174 psi, which is also a strength of the product.


  • Hi-tech base
  • Excellent material
  • Z-switch system
  • Lightweight and handy


  • High price

7. BV Bicycle Ergonomic

Best for reading gauge

BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Smart Valve Head

Valve type: Dunlop, Presta & Schrader.

4/5 star

The BV best bicycle pump gains scores for its lightweight, durable and extra useful features.

With steel as the main material of the barrel, the pump remains light and durable in use. Only 2 pounds are confirmed as the weight of that pump, which is amazing when putting in the same category with other pumps.

Also, the stability is high estimated thanks to the hammer-shaped of handle and sturdy large base.

Twin valve design facilitates the changes of multi-valve: Presta, Dunlop and Schrader. The 34” hose is installed with a 360-degree pivot to ensure the easy pump from any direction.

The gauge is spotted in an easy-to-read position so users can keep track of the pressure they are pumping. It indicates the input pressure under 2 different measures: psi and bar. The maximum pressure here is 160 psi which is an average number for a bike pump.


  • Flexible hose and valve
  • Multi-measure gauge
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Stable base
  • Reasonable price


  • Slightly leak of air.

8. Beto Bike Tire/Shock Pump

Best for hand pump

Beto Bike Tire Shock Pump MTB, 300psi High Pressure for Rear Shock & Suspension Fork

Valve type: Presta & Schrader.

3.5/5 star

Here comes the first best mini bike pump on the list: The Beto pump. If you love the riding trip with a light backpack, then this hand pump is extra portable for you.

In spite of the small appearance, the pump has no fewer features than the other product. Made of Aluminum alloy, the material considerably contributes to the lightweight of the product – 211g only, and the comfort when touching it.

The hose has the switchable valve the enables conversion between Presta and Schrader bike tire. The 360 pivot allows the easy multi-direct pump. However, I would love it if the hose is longer and allows a more comfortable position for the users.

There is a clear glass-covered gauge that allows easy look and control of force. Although the limited pressure is up to 300 psi, I doubt the ability of hand pumping. The air leak may occur when the pressure reaches 200 psi.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Switchable valves and multi-direct hose
  • High psi
  • Easy-to-watch gauge


  • Occasional air leak
  • Short hose

9. Airshot Tubeless Tire Inflator 1.15l

Excellent portability

Airshot Tubeless Tire Inflator 1.15l

Valve type: Presta.

3.5/ 5 star

This special tire inflator is extremely useful when connecting to your floor pump. With the lightweight and handy size, it can be carried around in your pack.

The Airshot can hold up to 160 psi and can connect to Presta air valve only. There are an adapter and removable head that seem to be very useful in different situations. Nevertheless, it requires multiple times of pressure to reach 160 psi and air may leak constantly in incorrect pumps.

The step to use it is quite easy to learn. After connecting to the floor pump with a suitable valve, the air valve should be closed. Next, the pressure is pumped to 160 psi before releasing the air to the tubeless tire.

Being made of steel, the sturdy shell can avoid deformation under surroundings pressure.

The Airshot allows users to change the tire without CO2 waste. Users can disconnect the Airshot or directly pump through it.


  • Sturdy shell
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Reasonable price


  • Floor pump required
  • Presta valve only
  • Occasional air leak

10. AerGun X-1000

Best for mountain bike

AerGun X-1000 Bike Pump – Unique AerTight Pump Head

Valve type: Presta & Schrader.

4/5 star

AerGun X-1000 has all the features of a standardized product for its design and functions. Having all the parts needed for a useful and up-to-date bike pump, it also has a handy height and lightweight.

The design of a wide handle, steel barrel and a solid base forms a balanced shape that dramatically affects the pump in use. The users do not need to pay much attention on keep the pump in the vertical line.

The pump can provide the air force up to 160 psi which is an essential amount for high-performance bikes.

Perhaps the most outstanding part of this pump is the hose. Long and flexible enough, the hose head can fit either Presta or Schrader valve without equipment or adapter required. This superior structure helps to save room, money and time for customers quite well.

There is a gauge integrated into the barrel. Despite strategically placed, this gauge is occasionally dysfunctional and delivers no reading while pumping.


  • Balanced structure
  • Durable materials
  • Convenient valve
  • Acceptable psi


  • Occasionally dysfunctional gauge

11. Vibrelli

Best for sturdiness

VIBRELLI Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Puncture Kit

Valve type: Presta & Schrader.

4/5 star

The next bike floor pump is Vibrelli. It stays tight on the list for its durable and lightweight structure.

Like many other products, this one provides users with a large and extra effective gauge. The gauge of this branch barely has any dysfunctions, and it is also easy-to-read.

The material for the pump is steel which is good because of the sturdiness and durability. For a 160 psi bike pump, such material supports the whole structure on the trip well. Also, thanks to that material, the pump weighs only 2.5 pounds

From my experience, the hose of the pump is flexible and long enough for personal use.

The Vibrelli features Rapid T-Valve that enables the valve to switch from Presta to Schrader. However, I feel the head is sometimes difficult to fit in the tire valve. It requires time and an accurate angle to connect them together.


  • Sturdy material
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Switchable valve


  • Inconvenient valve

12. Schwinn Bike Floor Pump

Excellent for integration

Schwinn Bike Floor Pump, Schrader and Presta Valves

Valve type: Presta & Schrader.

3.5/ 5 star

This Schwinn is probably one of the handiest and portable bike pumps with gauge in the list so far. Measured only 2 pounds, this pump, on the other hand, has almost all the features for a casual inflator.

There is a gauge attached to ¼ of the plastic barrel that accommodates easily to view numbers. The hose is made of rubber and its straightened length is 25” which considerably short for a pump. It would be more convenient for users if the hose is longer.

The maximum psi allowed in this pump is 140 psi. It can be acceptable for a high-performance bike, but it would be better if the pump can bear more pressure.

The type of valve is a dual head that facilitates the tire valve of either Presta and Schrader bike tire valve. The connection is great and there is barely any air leak.


  • Strategically placed gauge
  • Dual head valve
  • Extra portable and lightweight


  • Short hose
  • Limited psi

Best mini bike pumps

The next popular type of bike pump is mini bike pump or hand pump. Here are 4 highly recommended pumps for you to consider.

13. Silica Tattico Mini Pump

Best for presta valve

SILCA Tattico Mini Pump

Valve type: Presta & Schrader.

4/5 star

The Silica Tattico Mini Pump is highly recommended for its effectiveness against the small size. Made of 6061 alloy as its material, the 9.2-inch-height pump provides diverse functions needed for a pump.

The valve of the pump allows not the only Presta, but Schrader also gains place. Easy to switch valve, the Silica pump valve seems to be better in preventing air leak than some other floor pumps as mentioned before.

The well-designed hose of the pump is hidden inside the pump to save room and to enhance the protection of it. With the length of the pump body, I assume that the hose is completely acceptable and long enough.

There is a bonus point for this pump: the removable strap and bracket are given along with the air pump. These straps and brackets assist users in retaining and carrying the pump with them. Additionally, these protection parts can be directly mounted to the pump or can be omitted.

Putting on the same table with Beto Bike Tire/Shock Pump, this one has inferior pumping pressure: only 100 psi is allowed.


  • Extra lightweight and portable
  • Dual valve head
  • Hidden and removable parts


  • No gauge
  • Limited psi

14. Silca Pocket Impero

Best for pocket-fit size

Silca Pocket Impero Mini Pump

Valve type: Presta.

3.5/5 star

This Silca best mini bike pump has an amazing size of a stick that fits a jersey pocket. It is extremely lightweight and durable. Weighed only 0,3 pounds this pocket pump is definitely the lightest air inflator I have ever had.

Constructed with full-metal coverage, the pump can survive well under extreme conditions and heat while pumping.

The slide-lock sleeve slides down to lock the pump while not using and slides up to reduce the heat of pumping actions. This design significantly enhances the longevity of the product.

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks when using the Silca pump. Firstly, it is limited to a Presta valve only. No switcher or adapter is available for the hose head. Dual-head technology is also not applied to the hose.

Secondly, no gauge is integrated to indicate the force pressure pumped into the tire. This is not a huge minus since there is almost no over-pressure for such a mini structure of the pump.


  • Extremely mini size
  • Durable material
  • Great security


  • Limited valve type
  • No gauge
  • High price

15. Topeak Road Morph G

Fastest mini bike pump

Topeak Road Morph G Mini Pump

Valve type: Dunlop, Presta & Schrader.

4/5 star

Welcome back to another design from the Topeak branch. This best mini bike pump is indeed no less effective floor pump as mentioned before on the list.

The product is a combination of Aluminum and Plastic. Aluminum is a light and durable material that can retain well under pressure and heat. The aluminum barrel contributes to a total of approximately 0.5 pounds in total. Plastic, at the same time, ensures the flexible under blend.

The head of the pump can fit Presta, Schrader or Dunlop valve. There is a foldable foot pad that I found really helpful to keep the pump stand. The hose is hung right to the mount attached to the body of the pump. However, this hose is a little bit short and I prefer it to be longer.

This user-focused product especially features a reading gauge. Though it is small and sometimes hard to read, it can still work well with a reading number.

The maximum pressure is 140 psi. It requires a lot of pumping force to activate the pump, though.


  • Foldable and attached parts
  • Acceptable psi
  • Extra lightweight and durable


  • Short hose
  • Small reading gauge

16. LEZYNE Road Drive

Best precise item

LEZYNE Road Drive Bicycle Tire Hand Pump, High Pressure 160psi, ABS Flex Hose

Valve type: Presta & Schrader.

4/5 star

The last bike pump on the list is the LEZYNE pump.

Constructed with Aluminum, this pump is one of the most precise packs on my top favorites. It indeed breaks all the record and rank first in lightweight with 0.25 pounds only.

Although it has the size of a big pen, it accommodates both Presta and Schrader valves through the hose. Designed with ABS Flex hose technology, users just simply remove the threaded chuck and release the valve core.

There is a strap attached to the pump via the mount. This can be totally removed. When putting it on, users can tight it to the bicycle of other things to keep the pump safe and easy to see.

The allowed psi is up to 160 psi, which is an impressive number for a mini bike pump.


  • Extra lightweight and small size
  • Removable strap and mount
  • High psi


  • Occasional air leak

How to choose the best bike pump

These are my detailed reviews of the 16 best bike pumps. They are suggested for durability, effectiveness, and other related features such as weight, gauge, psi and even appearance.

In the next step, you may consider some buying guide that I am going to suggest.

  • Type of bike pump

There are several bike pumps produced to fit for personal purposes. There are 3 most common pumps: Floor pump, mini pump and CO2 inflator.

A floor pump is so far the most popular type of bike pump. Usually larger than 2 other pumps, the floor pump has the T-shape with handle, barrel and base separately. This one is a top recommendation to buy because of its big gauge, long hose and high psi. Some highly approved models are LEZYNE Classic Floor, Specialized Air Tool Pro Pump and Topeak Joe Blow.

The mini pump or hand pump is considerably smaller than the floor pump. It can fit in the backpack or hang up on your bike. It suits well with people who love riding with all things packed in a backpack. This pump usually lacks a gauge and the psi is on average level. Silca Pocket Impero and Silica Tattico Mini Pump

The least common type of bike pump is CO2 inflator. This type is extremely small and handy: It can fit in a hand and only one hand required when pumping. It can fit several valves like Presta or Schrader. Also, CO2 Inflator normally lacks a gauge and the psi is low.

  • Type of valve

There are also 3 most common types of valve: Presta, Schrader and Dunlop. For the most 2 common bike tire valve, you may consider Presta and Schrader valve.

Amongst 2 types of valve, Schrader is more common. It is used for cars and many other kinds of stuff. It shapes like a cylinder with the same circumference top to bottom. The cylinder is much larger than the Presta valve

Presta valve is no less common. It is half as wide as Schrader and is usually designed for bike only. The valve is shaped slightly smaller towards the top.

Choosing the pump for the right valve is very important. The head of the bike pump must be the same type so it can connect and avoid air leaks. For this category, I recommend you to bike the bike pump with the dual head valve or the one with the switcher/ adapter. Beto Bike Tire/Shock Pump and LEZYNE Road Drive are outstanding examples of the switchable valve.

  • Gauge

Gauge is no less important for a bike pump. It indicates the limited force of pumping can be put in the tire. Under- force will take time and less effective, while over-force is dangerous for the tire.

As I mentioned before, the floor pump is the best type that facilitates a large accurate gauge. You should consider Planet Bike ALX or Zefal Profil MAX FP60 for the easy-to-read gauge.

Mini bike pump or CO2 inflator, on the other hand, lacks a reading gauge, or the gauge is too small and hard to read. Topeak Road Morph G is an example of a hand pump with gauge, but the gauge integrated is too small in accordant with the size of the whole pump.


Thoroughly considering these bike pumps and all the factors, I believe that our winner is LEZYNE Classic Floor, closely followed by Specialized Air Tool Pro Pump. These two products offer a switchable valve that fits either Presta or Schrader valve, an easy-to-read gauge and high durability.

It’s time for you to decide on your best bike pump. Hope you have a great experience with it!

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