Best Bike Handlebar Bags

best bike handlebar bags

You are ready to hit the road trip but you have to carry your camera, water, phone and many other gears? If a side-pocket is too small and a backpack is redundant, it’s time when a bike handlebar bag jumps in.

Here is 13 best bike handlebar bag recommended for you. For different needs, bag for particular uses such as for road riding, touring and bike-packing, daily commuting and mountain biking would be suggested.

Putting all the most frequent-used purposes, Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag and TOURBON Vintage Canvas would be on the first and second position because of their reasonable capacity, durability in use and quick mounting system.

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Best for road riding

There are 3 best handlebar bags for road riding for you to consider.

1. Chrome Helix

Best for road riding

4.5/5 star

Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag

This Chrome bag scores for its high capacity compared to the small portable design.

Chrome’s sturdy shape is contributed by 1050-denier nylon and tarpaulin, the bag is lightweight and in a good shape against outer force. It helps to keep users’ inner stuff safe in an allowable impact.

The capacity of this bag is 3 liters. It makes a room large enough for a medium-sized camera, phone, emergency aids, snack, etc. 2 mesh pockets are placed inside the bag for vulnerable items like phone and camera. It is easy to reach in several circumstances.

Designed with 2 sturdy straps for bike attachment, the Chrome also offers a waist strap. This strap is hidden to save room, and it has an adjustment lock for waist or shoulder carry. The short length of the strap is suitable for average-sized people.

There is a padded back panel to add comfort in case users carry the bag on their shoulder. Hook-and-loop lock facilitates quick attachment. The polyurethane-coated zipper is utilized for easy open and close.


  • Sturdy shell
  • High capacity
  • Personalized straps
  • User-friendly


  • Limited weight of users

2. Axiom Seymour

Excellent waterproof

4/5 star

Axiom Cycling Gear Seymour Oceanweave P4 Handlebar Bag

The Axiom is special for its extra environmentally-friendly. Made with recycled fishnet plastic, one of the main points of this product is to reduce environmental threatening.

Coated 600-denier recycled fishnet polyester with polyurethane, the handlebar bag is made waterproof. A light-reflective logo is designed in case of dark or heavy rain situations. Overall, this unique feature is effective on a rainy trip to keep riders safe and the gear dry.

The storage capacity is another impressive feature of the bag. The main store makes up for 3.8 liters, which is considerably larger than the Chrome. One internal pocket and one net exterior pocket are available for more storage options.

A mounting system with a buckle facilitates stable and easy attachment. A shoulder strap is offered, but it would be better if there is a pocket for optional use of body strap.


  • Waterproof
  • Light-reflective logo
  • Extra storage capacity
  • Environmentally-friendly


  • No pocket for body strap


Best for portable size

3.5/5 star

ARUNDEL Handlebar Czar

This wallet-sized Arundel is highly suitable for a fashionable rider who does not have so many gears to bring on road.

Constructed with leather-like material, the style of this product is approved. The smooth surface allows waterproof feature to activate with an acceptable amount of water. Nevertheless, such material is easy to be broken after time and temperature.

Generating a capacity of approximately 2 liters, the design offers 1 main zippered room with a side-pocket. Such construction suits cyclists with a minimalism style.

Hook-and-loop closer is utilized for handlebar mounting. It is quite durable and easy to use. The soft and endurable strap is energy support and it reduces the vibration on road to protect the inner belongings.

Different from 2 previous products, this design is for handlebar mount only, for there is no body strap


  • Extra portable and small-sized
  • Fashionable look
  • Easy and safe to mount


  • Breakable surface
  • Low capacity

Best for touring & bikepacking

For touring and bikepacking usages, 5 best bags are recommended

4. LEZYNE Bar Caddy

Best for roll closers

4.5/5 star

LEZYNE Bar Caddy Handlebar Bag

Compared to road riding handlebar bag, this special LEZYNE handlebar bag is unique for roll closers. With the extremely large room, the both-end roll closers facilitate side-open for more convenient and easy access to gear.

There are external drawcords for extra carry and easy reaching. The capacity is up to 7 liters, which allows a long day riding trip with plenty of stuff.

Constructed with woven nylon as the water-resistant fabric, the waterproof handlebar bag can deal with a good amount of rain.

Mounting system benefits from sturdy and thick straps. Hook-and-loop design generates easy close and open. Also, light attachment is installed for gear access with clear visibility

Perhaps the only drawback of this bag is its large size. When mounting to the handlebar, it may create an extra weight to control. Thus, this is highly suitable for a long road trip like cross-country.


  • Extra capacity
  • Water-proof
  • Easy and sturdy mount


  • Large size

5. BIRZMAN Packman Travel

Best for heavy-duty

4/5 star

Birzman Packman Travel Saddle Pack

This BIRZMAN is probably the winner for the largest storage bag on the list up to now. The capacity of this mountain bike handlebar bag is 12.8 liters, which makes it one of the most spacious bags mentioned. Elastic upper cords are integrated for extra storage of the product.

The Birzman offers an impressive Velcro strap system to keep such a large bag stable in front of the bike. These straps can be adjusted to fit the frame the best. Also, the inner strapping system is strategically designed to stabilize users’ items and gear.

Built with 420D/600D polyester construction, the design tends to ultimately the anti-abrasion and water-resistance of the Birzman. Indeed, this product is durable and the surface stays smooth under different conditions. Nevertheless, water-resistant feature fails to keep the bag from water and rain.


  • Superb storage
  • High secured straps
  • Durability


  • Ineffective water-resistance

6. EVOC Boa

Excellent mounting system

4.5/5 star

EVOC Boa Handlebar Pack

Here comes another bag that may meet cyclist’s requirement for a multi-day trip: the EVOC Boa. With capacity up to 5 liters and durable construction, this bag can store a sleeping bag with many other belongings.

One of the most outstanding features of this bag is its Boa dial attachment with 2 tightened straps instead of several straps and cords. Such a user-focused design emphasizes simple and quick attachment and removal.

Offering a double-sided roll-top, the EVOC allows users to access the inside gear from different directions. The both-end hook-and-loop is for compressing or expanding the main storage.

Being made with nylon, the bag is lightweight and durable. Waterproof fabric creates a high and water-resistant shell for the carryings. It makes the whole bag a solid united dry block.


  • Cutting-edged attachment
  • Waterproof
  • Durability


  • High price

7. Revelate Designs Egress Pocket

Best for a handy size

3.5/5 star

Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbag Handlebar Bag

The Revalate bike front bag is unique for its round shape and handy size. Since it is soft and easy to reach features, users must carefully consider what items to put in.

Mainly made with Polyurethane-coated ripstop polyester for an outer layer, the bag is lightweight and durable regardless of the kind of weather. It is also waterproof, but it cannot stand heavy rain.

Foam and removable liner are added to enhance the in-form and washable of the bag. Nevertheless, I believe that the softness of the bag is not enough to protect your breakable equipment such as a phone or glass bottle. Thus, extra protection is needed when you carry such things.

The capacity of the bag is 1 liter. This is no doubt the most portable and tiny bag on the list. 3 external pockets are added for extra storage. Also, the mounting system is easily attached and adjusted, and especially, cyclists may access the inner stuff with one hand.


  • Highly user-friendly
  • Portable and endurable
  • Fairly good waterproof


  • Low capacity
  • Low protection of gear

8. BLACKBURN Outpost Elite

Best for capacity

4/5 star

BLACKBURN Outpost Elite Handlebar Roll

Ranking the first position in volume, this Blackburn bike front bag offers 14 liters capacity. With the purge valve in both ends, the bag is even expandable for a larger room if needed.

Constructed with waterproof synthetic, the bag focuses on keeping users’ gear high and dry. A rigid hook-and-loop is also integrated for extra protection and stability of the belongings.

Mounting system of this product is highly adjustable. It can go with flat, drop or riser bars. Nevertheless, it takes time to mount the bag, and it is not recommended with carbon handlebars for durability.

With the cool appearance and superior carrying ability, I highly recommend this bag for bike touring where the amount of gear and durability of the protector is required.


  • Extra volume
  • Adjustable parts
  • Extra protection


  • High cost
  • Difficult mount

Best for daily commuting

The third but no less familiar category for you to consider is the handlebar bag for daily commuting. There are 3 best designs on the list.

9. TOURBON Vintage Canvas

Best for a casual look

4.5/5 star

TOURBON Vintage Canvas Bike Panniers Bicycle Handl

The TOURBON daily commuting bike bag has an absolute casual look and it suits daily cycling for its design

Made with waterproof waxed canvas and leather, this bag can deal well on a rainy day. The access is carefully covered, so the chance of water getting to the inside gear is limited. Nevertheless, the materials can attach to the dirt and dust quite frequently

This bag creates easy attachment to handlebar, saddle or frame of the bike. There are 2 leather straps that keep the bag stable on the bar. These loops are adjustable and easy to fit in, yet their security is high.

What special about the design is that it has a small hole in the lower back of the bag. When mounting to the handlebar, the hole facilitates headphone wires through. Put your phone on the bag to ensure safety, but commuters can still enjoy the music.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy and stable attachment
  • Headphone wires hole


  • Attach to dust

10. Rhinowalk

Best for personalization

4/5 star

Rhinowalk Bike Bag Waterproof Bike Handlebar Bag

This Rhinowalk mountain bike handlebar bag gets a high score for its impressive convenience in use and huge storage.

To be more spacious as it can be, the design offers main storage with a zipper and 2 pockets insert for quick access and prioritized gear. The front pocket also has a zip to activate quick access and a larger store.

Constructed with 1680D water-repellent fabrics, the bag can keep the water off the gear when an average rain comes. The zip may be the leak-in for water over time.

Perhaps the best feature of this design lies in the multi-style it offers. Besides being mounted to the bike with 4 straps, this bag can be a handbag, a waist bag or a shoulder bag. Thanks to the quick-release buckle, users can adapt or remove straps due to situational purposes.

With the reflective strap and anti-wear leather, the design enhances the safety of users and the durability of product.


  • Spacious storage
  • Water-resistant surface
  • Highly personalization
  • Reflective strap


  • Unendurable zip

11. Po Campo Kinga

Excellent aesthetic design

3.5/5 star

Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bike Bag Purse Front Bicycle Bag That Converts to a Crossbody Bag

This Po Campo scores for the outstanding design. With the purse-like appearance, this bag is one of the most adorable bags for daily commuting.

The capacity of this product is acceptable. It is not big and heavy for daily use, and it can store up to 15lbs of gear. Six pockets are integrated for more storage and organized stuff.

Manufactured with 100% waterproof materials and coated zippers, the design focuses on durability toward all kinds of weather and easy cleaning. Nevertheless, it leaks water occasionally, and decoloration may happen in some spots.

Hook-and-loop Velcro fasteners are utilized for mounting system. Although it is quick and easy to use, the Velcro becomes less effective over time, and it creates instability in the bag.

The last outstanding feature of this one is the reflective accents that provide visibility in low-light conditions. Also, a strap connected both ends accommodates easy hand bag style when not mounting to the bike


  • Good capacity
  • Light-reflective accents
  • Detachable handbag strap
  • Aesthetic design


  • Occasional water leaks
  • Unstable mounting system

Best for mountain biking

Bike handlerbar bag for mountain biking is the last category, in which 2 top products are recommended to use.

12. ROCKBROS Waterproof Handlebar Bags

Excellent bag packs

4/5 star

ROCKBROS Waterproof Handlebar Bags Bikepacking Bags Front 2 Dry Packs for MTB Road Bicycles Bikepacking Accessories

This ROCBROS offers a bag-pack including a daily-alike bag and a huge bag separately. When coming together, the volume of these packs is up to 19-21 liters, which brings this product the highest position for capacity.

Constructed with 100% waterproof material, the bag is indeed a safe dry shell for users’ gear. Roll-up closure allows extra coverage of inner stuff, for it successfully prevents water from leaking in. 600D nylon and TPU bikepacking bag design make it easy to clean bag.

2 separate bags can be mounted to different positions on the bike. They can be also mounted to each other through an adjustable strap system, but it takes time to do so. Additionally, the design allows waist carrying for the smaller bag.

With the reflective logos, security and style are enhanced in low-light vision.


  • Excellent waterproof
  • Excellent capacity
  • Good personalization
  • Reflective logos


  • Difficult mounting system

13. Topeak BarLoader

Best for roll-top closure

4/5 star

Topeak BarLoader Handlebar Bag

The last best bike front bag comes from a very familiar branch: the Topeak. With the fashion looking, this roll-top Topeak may fit cool street style people.

The main material of this bag is TPU. The blend helps to increase the water-proof of the product. Also, it keeps the surface from water and dust. As easy to clean as it is, just a wet tissue is required in case of dust.

Mounting system of this Topeak is quick and user-friendly thanks to the release buckles. Roll-top closure style creates a safe and easy to reach access. Hook-and-loop fastener is added to keep the bag stable on handlebar and the closure as tight as possible.

Capable of storing up to 6.5 liters, this handlebar bag facilitates a large room for stuff. An adjustable strap allows shoulder or waist carry in case cyclists are off the bike.


  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Quick closure
  • Stable mounting
  • High capacity


  • Unendurable

How to choose the best bike handlebar bag

Above are the reviews of 13 different bags divided into different categories. You probably have some bags on your own list, then the next part would clarify your choice better.

Type of bag

So far, there are 3 types of access mentioned on the list: Top access, Side access and Bag roll

Top access is the design that allows users to insert their gear from the top zip. This type of access usually goes with an average-sized bag such as Axiom Seymour or ARUNDEL Czar. For the top zip, it would be better if the zip is covered with water-proof fabric in case the water could leak from the top zip.

Side access is also a second type in use. It usually appears in heavy-duty bags as for touring and bikepacking. With this design, users can get accessed to the gear from the side. This structure also aims to reduce the chance of water leaking through the top zip.

The last but no less famous style is the roll bag. There are 2 places that can be rolled: side-roll (like LEZYNE Bar Caddy) and roll-top (like Topeak BarLoader). In spite of using zip, this design requires a hook and loop to control the roll. It can prevent the water quite well, but it takes time to open and close on road.


There are 2 most popular mounting systems you may meet when choosing the bag.

Strap is the most popular one. As it is easy to adapt with soft mount and buckle, users can find it effortless to mount it with either a high or low capacity of gear. Also, the flexibility of straps may make it a durable and gentle protector to the bag.

Mounting bracket is less familiar on the list. Using hard support to carry the bag, this system accommodates a large room and sturdy base for stuff. Nevertheless, it may require careful practice for a safe mount.


Capacity is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a bag. It totally depends on your personal need and the types of trips you are going to take. The bags on the list may range from 1 to 21 liters capacity.

Daily commuting and road ride handlebar bag usually has a dramatically smaller volume than bags for touring and mountain biking. Most of the bags are integrated with external pockets or cords for more storage and easy access. Some smart designs may include Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag and BIRZMAN Packman Travel


Some of the best characteristics of handlebar bags are durable and waterproof. For long and safe use, the bag may be integrated with different materials such as TPU, nylon and polyester. Waterproof fabrics are put on a zip cover or on the surface of the bag.

Additionally, the bag would be good with versatile shape and easy to fold without cracks. Easy to clean and anti-dust should also be criteria for a well-chosen material.


That’s maybe all you should know about handlebar bags and how to choose them.

The winner on the list would go to Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag, followed by TOURBON Vintage Canvas. They are the most convenient in frequent use, and also durable and easy to mount.

I hope you come up with the best bags for you

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