Best Bike Grease For Bearings

best bike grease for bearings

Among the parts that require routine checks are the bike’s bearings. Poorly maintained bearings could impact the bike’s performance and service life. To prevent this, we should look for for the best bike grease for bearings.

After comparing different bike greases on the list, we can point out that Park Tool HPG is the best option as it offer high quality grease, a little slicker and works well with headset and sealed bearings.

Here below is a list of best brands intended for bike bearings lubrication that you can buy today.

1. Park Tool HPG 

Best Overall

Park Tool HPG-1 High Performance Bicycle Grease

This lubricating solution is my top choice because it has been manufactured by Park Tool, a trusted manufacturer of premium quality bike products including accessories.

Furthermore, it’s the best overall bike grease product that I did fin to work efficiently for road and mountain bikes.

Park Tool HPG grease formulation is designed to have stronger adherence and lasting lubrication on the bike’s bearings pivots and suspension.

Cyclists are given assurance that no moisture build-up will occur on the bike’s vital components during extreme weather conditions.

If I were to rate based on overall based on quality and performance, I would give Park Tool Bicycle Grease a five-star.

The product offers maximum bearing application, water-resistance and has compatibility with road and mountain bikes.


  • Offers longer lubrication life
  • Has superior water-resistant feature
  • Product is available in a 4 oz. tube (113 g)


  • Pricing can be a bit costly when compared with other bike grease brands

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2. Phil Wood 3-Ounce Grease Tube

Runner Up

Phil Wood 3-Ounce Grease Tube

Similar to Park Tool HPG, Phil Wood 3-Ounce Grease is a competitive brand for bike bearings grease sold in the market.

This brand has acquired a good reputation to offer high-end and long-term lubrication solutions for most bikes including carbon fiber bikes.

Moreover, it has generated a loyal number of customers due to the product’s impressive grease performance on bike bearings.

Overall, I would give the Phil Wood 3-Ounce a runner up rating.

Performance, the product has done well in the biking community for providing effective grease application on bikes components such as bearings.

The product’s 3-ounce tube packaging is a plus point for cyclists in search of an easy to carry grease solution.

As far as waterproofing, Phil Wood 3-Ounce is regarded to have acceptable waterproof component.


  • Compatible for application on carbon fiber bikes
  • Product comes in 3-ounce packaging
  • Loyal customers claim of product’s efficacy on bike bearings


  • Product’s smaller tube can be an issue for cyclists that prefer larger packaging

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3. Lucas Oil 10005 Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease

Best Value For Money

Lucas Oil 10005 Red 'N' Tacky Grease - 14 Oz.

Lucas Oil affordable pricing would appeal to cyclists that have a limited budget. With regard to the product’s quality and performance, I must say it can be classified as “best value” for money.

The product’s formulation is designed to have faster application and lasting grease than traditional grease.

The feature that Lucas Oil Tacky Grease that stands out from other competing brands is its superior resistance to extreme temperature.

It can withstand 540-degrees Fahrenheit including any pressure associated with faster speed in cycling.

Based on overall performance and quality, I will give this bike grease brand a 3-star. The price is relatively decent.

Anyone won’t have second thoughts of buying because it can offer reliable and faster grease application even on hottest temperatures.

However, expect the waterproof feature of the Lucas to fall short because it cannot be used for marine applications.


  • Product pricing is budget-friendly
  • Offer 4 times lasting grease solution than traditional grease
  • Proven to have high tolerance on hotter temperatures


  • The waterproof feature of this bicycle bearing grease is not applicable for marine grade use

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4. MOTOREX Bike Grease 2000

Best Bike Water Resistant Grease

MOTOREX Bike Grease 2000

Next on the list is the MOTOREX Bike Grease 2000. This brand offers permanent lubrication on bike bearings.

I did find it to have the most resistant when it comes to waterproofing and exposure to high pressure. The product offers various applications.

It can act as lubrication on bike’s bearings and other vital parts. In addition, the MOTOREX can seal seat posts.

Among the highlights that I liked most with this bike grease brand, is the provision of an applicator brush. This comes very handily for any cyclist that prefer faster and non-messy application.

I would give this product a thumbs-up rating. It’s very versatile, works as a lubricating agent as well as a sealer. It has without any doubt an excellent water-resistant feature against moisture.


  • Multi-purpose usage
  • High resistance to water, moisture and corrosion
  • Absorbs faster than other brands


  • When applying it could be a bit messy

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5. SHIMANO Dura-Ace Grease

Best Brand

SHIMANO Dura-Ace Grease

This bike grease brand, SHIMANO Dura-Ace Grease is one of the popular grease applications you can find in the market.

It has been known to be a great lubricating agent for bearings including other components of the bike such as cables, pivots and threads.

I can fairly say that this grease brand is another quality product. It can be used primarily as lubrication. It also acts as a protective barrier against rust formation and corrosion.

With that, it can increase the longevity of the bike and avoid wearing out of parts.

I arrived at a 4-star rating with SHIMANO Grease because it offers superior lubrication life with no re-application required. It has compatibility with bike bearings including cables, pivots and threads.

A far as waterproof and high-temperature resistance, this brand is also water-resistant and can cope with high-temperature conditions.

Plus, the lubricant comes with a secured lid. You have the assurance that the remaining grease solution quality is preserved.


  • Single application is sufficient to provide lasting lubrication
  • Product has also waterproof and high-temperature tolerance
  • Has multiple uses, mainly as lubrication for bearings and protective barrier from rust


  • Pricing is a bit costly when compared with other bike grease brands

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6. Finish Line Premium Grease

Best Budget Bike Grease

Finish Line Premium Grease made with Teflon Fluoropolymer, 3.5 Ounce

Finish Line Grease contains premium Teflon Fluoropolymer, which is ideal for the lubrication of bike bearings.

The polymer components of this bike grease allow the grease to stay longer without being washed off in wet conditions.

What do I like most with Finish Line Premium Grease? This brand of bike grease for bearings is designed to have rust and corrosion-resistant.

You don’t have to worry about rust formation on your bike’s bearings because the grease serves as a protective barrier.

This lubricating agent comes in the thick form, which can be a struggle during application. Apart from that, the Finish Line Premium Grease is sold in smaller tubs.

So, if you want to get the most of your money, then, I recommend you go for a manufacturer that sells grease in larger containers.

I found this product to be of “best value” in terms of quality and price. It has the composition of premium Teflon-based.

When applied to bike’s bearings, this product provides lasting lubrication. The product is reasonably priced.


  • Product has been formulated with Teflon Fluoropolymer
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lubrication stays longer even in wet conditions
  • Can withstand high pressures


  • Product is sold only in smaller tubs

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7. Maxima 80916

Best Extra Features Grease

Maxima 80916 Waterproof Grease - 16 oz. Bottle

The Maxima 80916 is classified as waterproof grease. The formulation consists of lithium-based grease and high-density polymer.

Both these elements are designed to provide multiple uses and lasting lubrication even in high-temperature settings with negative 20 to 560 degrees Fahrenheit.

If I were to rate Maxima 80916, I will give it with the “best extra features”. First of all, the product’s ingredients are of top quality, a combination of lithium-based all-purpose grease and high-density polymer.

Second, this grease can work in extreme temperatures of -20 Fahrenheit to 560 Fahrenheit. Third, it has a superior waterproofing characteristic against wet conditions.

Lastly, it contains elements that inhibit the development of rust as well as corrosion.


  • Product has multiple uses, can be applied on bearings, discs brakes including saltwater environment (hubs and boat trailer axles)
  • Highly waterproof and cope high load and under shock load conditions
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant


  • The sticky formulation of this product accumulates dirt and grit over time

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8. Lucas Oil 10330

Best X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease

Lucas Oil 10330 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease - 1 lb. Tub

This next lubricant is ideal for any cyclist residing in an area with temperatures that are above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m referring to Lucas Oil 10330 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease.

It’s formulated with polyurea base ingredient, which has four times lubrication than the standard grease.

I will give the Lucas Oil 10330 as the Heavy Duty Grease among all lubricants when assessed on the areas of waterproof, safety usage, and versatility.

The lubrication is plastic safe and expected to last longer of approximately four times than any regular grease.

In addition, it can work effectively as a lubricant in bearings, steering systems, mechanical joints, and even on farm and construction equipment units.


  • Provide lasting lubrication (4 times than any brand of regular lubricant)
  • Compatible for varied applications (bikes, agricultural and construction equipment and industrial applications)
  • Deliver optimum lubrication for high-speed bearings


  • Not advisable for marine grade applications, especially when exposed in saltwater environments

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Best Freehub Grease

DUMONDE TECH Pro-X Freehub Grease

Pedaling with a noisy bike can be a nuisance. It can also slow down the speed of the cyclist. The solution to this problem is the application of generous amounts of grease.

The DUMONDE TECHPro-X is proven to be an excellent grease for bikes that require lightweight lubrication, but with lasting effect.

The DUMONDE TECHPro-X is considered as one of the “best freehub greases” for customers in search of a top-performing lubricant for their bikes.

The product is designed to provide maximum lubrication and reduction in friction.

I found this grease product to deliver amazing lubrication even when exposed in extreme temperatures of below -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The bike will run smoothly without difficulty. I do recommend it for cyclists that join fat-bike explorations on snowy conditions.


  • Product offers lightweight lubrication
  • Can be applied even in areas experiencing below -30 Fahrenheit temperatures
  • Suitable for freehubs including bikes with share lube between bearings
  • Deliver maximum lubrication and reduced friction


  • Mostly ideal for lubricating hubs

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How to find the best bike for bearings?

Finding the best bike for bearings is quite tough because there are several factors that will affect a potential buyer’s decision such as the following:

Temperature Resistance

Not all grease can withstand extreme weather conditions. It’s vital that you read carefully the product’s label and check if it can handle plummeting temperatures including high pressures.

A reliable lubricant should at least be able to withstand high temperatures and provide lasting lubrication.


Cycling exposes your bike to wet and high moisture conditions. A bike grease should offer the right level of waterproofing against wet grounds including unpredictable weather of a sudden downpour.

The Waterproof feature doesn’t only reduce the incidents of your bike getting wet, but, the grease itself protects the bike from rust and corrosion.

A waterproof lubricant like the “Maxima 80916 Bike Grease” can also lengthen the bike’s lifespan.


Bike grease products come at varying prices. Pricing could affect a buyer’s decision on which brand to buy.

Of course, a high-end lubricant that can be used for varied applications may be priced higher than the regular grease.

When making a selection among numerous brands, choose a brand that won’t cost much like the “Finish Line Premium Grease”, but still has many uses for bike bearings, seat posts, pivots, cables, and high-speed brakes.

Advantages of Using Bike Grease

Reduced noise

The bike’s bearings, wheels, and chain may accumulate dirt and grit over time. When not properly lubricated the bike’s parts may become rigid and create noise.

It’s necessary to apply Park Tool HPG – 1 High Performance Bicycle Grease so that the bike will operate smoothly without noise.


Yes, bike grease functions as a protective shield against external elements found in the environment such as water, dirt, dust, and other components that may damage the bike.

Pick a brand of bike grease for bearings like the Lucas Oil 10330 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease, that offer maximum lubrication, so that your bike remains in good shape.

Smooth operation

When the moving and mechanical parts of a bike are not regularly lubricated the overall functionality and performance can be impacted.

Regular application of SHIMANO Dura-Ace Grease assures the smooth operation of the bike regardless you are at a slow or high-speed pace.


If you are going to ask which among the listed above best bike grease for bearings will I choose, I will pick the Park Tool HPG bike grease.

It possesses all the features that I want for a bike grease such as versatility on usage. This brand can be applied to bearings and do well on cables, pivots, threads including seat posts.

However, every cyclist has a personal preference, needs, and budget. So, go over the above brands and evaluate which will suit you best in terms of the areas that matter most.

The final aim of the bike grease application is to prolong the bike’s expectancy and improve its performance on any cycling exploration.

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