Best Bikes For College Students

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 A good bicycle is a compatible and comfortable transport meant to your daily commuting. 

In this article, we concentrate on student’s bikes. Thus, we have listed 10 best bikes for college students, 5 for male and 5 for female students. The reviews are based on the most important factors of compatibility. This is to provide you an overall look at the one you need.

Come first to our choice is Trek FX1. This brand has become in vogue in recent years by its sporty and fashionable bike styles. 

5 Best Bikes For Male Students

1. Trek FX1

Best Hybrid Bike for Male Students

Trek FX 1 2021

Receiving almost 5 stars from customers, Trek FX1 attracts your eye with an elegant design. All the parts come together to make a perfect configuration. A high-grade color paint on a lightweight aluminum frame is what beyond a bike could bring to you. 

There is a high flexibility on adjustment. Trek FX1 bike provides you 21 speeds which fit smoothly for your terrain. Besides, strong double-walled wheels, wide stable tires, and mounts help you to easily add more spare parts. Such as racks, fenders, lights, kickstand, and more! 

Not only brings you a youthful and masculine look, Trek FX1 is also a bicycle type that brings families together. Because of its multiple- task function, it is a perfect vehicle of uses, from casual riding to exercise and commutes. Family members enjoy the happy time outside more. 

There are also many choices that make you consider a bit. To have a suitable bike, you should care for your heights with the bike’s sizes. For example, if you are 155 to 165 centimeters in height, then the Small bike (S size) would be best for you. This Trek F1 is one of the best bikes for men under $500


  •       Lightweight, fashionable bike
  •       Suitable for family’s enjoyment


  •       Consider rider’s height 

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2. C1 City Bike

Best for City Commuting

Roll Bicycles C1 City Bike

If you have a decent budget, I would recommend C1 City Bike for you. This bike is high quality with its meticulous fabrication. Engineering in every last detail, this bicycle brings you a profound satisfaction. 

Regarding technological features, the manufacturer concentrates on custom geometry.  Custom riser bars help your head and shoulder move relaxed. There are integrated mounting points that allow you to complement different kinds of accessories. 

With material of 6061 aluminum, frames and forks catch your eye with an iconic classic frame. The double butted tubes help riders vary thicknesses and shapes easily depend on their purposes. 

The bike has a 10 speed drivetrain with a single sequential thumb shifter, which is an excellent point, will lower maintenance. The disc brakes and the sealed bearings on C1 bikes provide consistent, assured braking as well as maximum lifespan. 

Last but not least, there are 6 different color options for you to personalize your own style. The brand also notes on the specific contact points for both genders, which optimize the comfort and handling.


  •       Versatile
  •       Easy custom geometry
  •       Easy accessorize other options


  •       High price

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3. Schwinn GTX Comfort

Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike

The bike with its wheel of 700c is an appropriate pick for male students who are 5 ‘4’’ to 6’2’’ in height. The riders will feel confident with 21-speed shifters and rear derailleur when he can change gear precisely. 

Schiwinn GTX Comfort releases you from the worry of stopping suddenly while traveling. It is due to its alloy V-brakes system. In addition, double-wall rims with their alloy material will offer lightweight durability. 

Schiwinn GTX is a perfect hybrid among a road bike, cruiser bike and mountain bike. Whether mentioned in the speed or structure aspect, the bike also does not let you down at all. As a true multi-sport hybrid, the 700c Schiwinn GTX can handle all your biking needs.

Technologically, the bike offers stability and mellowness for on-road riding or off-road adventures. Via the powerful front and rear disc brakes, a suspension fork and strong alloy rims. Furthermore, an unlimited warranty policy is beyond what the holder expects from the bike. 


  •       Multiple color
  •       Versatile riding
  •       Wide range of speed


  •       A bit heavy

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4. Brilliant L Train

Best Commuter Bicycle for man


Brilliant L Train is another good choice for commuters riding on almost all types of terrain. The standard quadrangle frame made of chromoly which is slightly heavier than aluminum. This material makes the frame thinner and has reduced stiffness. Therefore, the bike provides a smoother ride. 

The bike provides an agile, nimble movement. To begin with, its Gates Carbon Belt drive protects the bike frame from rust and oxidation. Next, Shimano 7 gear internal hubs smooth your commuting without any other additional adjustment. Finally, front and rear V-brakes, puncture-resistant 32 mm tires and included Kickstand perfect your every mile. 

Before deciding to buy one, you must consider the size chart and frame geometry. Because Brilliant L Train supplies you with diversification from S size to X- large size. To illustrate, the minimum inseam of 30.5’’ fits with a head tube angle of 71.5’’. 

At last, you can be confident with Brilliant L Train because the bicycle goes with its stable elements, which is perfect for a seamless city ride. The variety of paint is eye-catching. 


  •       Nimble
  •       Chromoly frame structure


  •       A bit high price tag

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5. Trek Domane AL2

Best Road Bicycle 

Trek Domane AL 2


With a drop-bar handlebar curling down and toward the rear design, Trek Domane AL 2 satisfies you for fitness riding, commuting, touring and racing as well. The masculine bike has 16-speed shifters integrated with Shimano drivetrain to help the riders in the best aerodynamic position. 

It could be easy for you to experience the good quality of road bike whether you are a newbie or adept. This Trek bike also has a wide range of gear which helps you ride easily on different elevated terrains. The unique feature is although the bike frame is made by lightweight aluminum, the fork comes from IsoSpeed carbon– for unconventional shape purposes. 

Domane AL-2 is ideal for road riding. The bike allows you to ride with a fast and stable speed and the fork structure which greatest absorbs vibrations from the road. Come to Trek brand, you are always safe with the lifetime warranty. 

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5 Best Bikes For Female Students

1. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

Best Cruiser Bike

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's

Researching a bike on a bunch of sales sites together with their complicated technical indicators may be tricky for many females. However, you can find an appropriate pick for your cruiser here. That is  Sixthreezero EVRYjourney. 

The bike with the feminine design will offer you a perfect itinerary. The lightweight aluminum city frame and Shimano 7- speed shifters with full fenders will adapt all cruiser purposes. 

The fabrication goes to the heart with brown synthetic leather saddle and grips with classic stitching. Not only received a lot of good compliments for its smooth operation, the bike also got almost 5 stars for keeping the riders in the right position.  

The wheels have 26’’ in diameter and the foot-forward seat combined with pedal position allows riders to stop and put their feet flat on the ground. This helps people in comfortable positions as well as protect their right anatomical development.


  •       Eye-catching color
  •       Multiple riding tasks
  •       Easy entry on or off 


  •       A bit high price

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2. Trek FX1 Stagger

Trek FX 1 Stagger

You can discover a feminine perfect version of Trek FX1 here, in Trek FX1 Stagger. Like other bike models from Trek FX1 product line, FX1 Stagger also owns unique technical characteristics. Specifically, a lightweight aluminum frame, 21 speeds, strong double-walled wheels, and wide, stable tires. 

Consequently, you can easily accessorize with racks, kickstands, fenders or lights…etc. The medium size of the frame pleases you with compatibility. Meanwhile, you can change your wrists position flexibly on a long ride. Therefore, muscle fatigue never happens

The bike also deals well with the high slope roads or hills for its powerful drivetrain and grips. One of the interestingness in this hybrid bike is that it allows you to pair with your phone in order to send your pictures during your ride. 

Having a bike would be a healthy and funny way to enjoy a beautiful life with your loved ones. And Trek FX1 Stagger is definitely a good friend of yours with its lifetime warranty. 


  •       Easy step through
  •       Lifetime warranty 
  •       Easy to mount and dismount
  •       Affordable price


  •       Only one color for choosing

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3. Priority Classic 2



The bike frees you from the financial pressure to possess a good bicycle for women. Priority Classic 2 is quite flexible for multi-purpose riding, whether touring or commuting. This bike fits well with your height which provides you a good and relaxed position. 

For many women, maintenance is something troublesome. But Priority Classic 2 minimizes maintenance frequency with its certain fabrication. Weighing only 25 lbs, the bike is very handy and easy for the weak gender to ride. 

For the sake of health, the bike also creates a correct upright riding position with its enhanced wheels and pedals and a larger array of sizing. The grease and rust-free Gates Carbon drive Belt keeps your commute clean and ride longer than a traditional one. 

If you intend to add more accessories like, for example, Kickstand, water bottle cage… then the Classic Plus is ready for you. The belt drivetrain keeps you aside from the loud sound while driving. 


  •       Durable 
  •       Variety of color


  •       Hard to step on or off

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4. Schwinn Perla Beach Cruiser Bike

Best Scooter Rack for Surfboard

Schwinn Perla Womens Beach Cruiser

Schiwinn Perla Womens is another good selection for Beach Cruiser Bike. Women can trust in ít functional role in guaranteeing comfort during a long ride. This moderate-priced bike has 26’’ wheels and an 18’’ frame size which fits the riders 5’4’’ to 5’9’’. 

You can adjust the height of the seat so that it fits your riding. Moreover, the carefully designed dimensions gives you a comfortable feeling. Specifically, 65’’ in length, 31’’ in the width of the handlebar and 37’’ in height from the handlebar stem to the floor. 

The Schiwinn Perla has a fender which prevents you from splashing dirt. Besides, cushy quilted seats and swept-back handlebars are to enhance the compatibility with the riders.

You also can climb hills or high slope roads with 7-speed twist shifters. And you never have to worry about the reliability of the alloy linear-pull brakes.


  •       Easy step through
  •       Rear seat included


  •       Quite heavy

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5. Sixhreezero Around The Block

sixthreezero Around the Block Women's Casual Edition

The Sixhreezero Around The Block catches your eye with its unique design and rugged fabrication. Mint Green paint with black seat and grips create a perfect combination. In a similar fashion to its male counterpart, the women’s version has a 17-inch durable steel frame. Which is lightweight for casual riding around the city. 

There is a single-speed shifter which is great for flat terrain. The pedal-backwards coaster brakes of the bike are a good stopping function. Also, deluxe cushioned saddle and foam grips with the upright riding style keeps your head, back and shoulders comfortable. 

After all, the 26 inches aluminum wheels with the large waffle tread tires will provide you with smoothness on each mile. The Sixhreezero Around The Block adds more components like rear rack, baskets or panniers to help you free hand after shopping. 

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Things To Consider When College Students Buy A Bike

Bicycle types for high suitability

  • Hybrid bike

With the design of combination between road bikes and mountain bikes, the type of bike is widely chosen for multiple purposes. If your main ride is casual riding, then hybrid bikes are perfect for you. However the bike is not so appropriate for off-road mountain trails. You should check whether the bike has front suspension or not. 

  • Cruiser bike

Cruiser bike is specific for recreational use. Hence, it perfectly matches with flat, paved, dry terrains. Compared to hybrid bikes, the cruiser has a heavier frame which makes it more difficult for long and uphill rides. There are single speed and multi-speed styles, so you should check before purchasing one.  

  • Road bike

As its name, road bike is for fast cycling on smooth streets which aim to enhance swift and agile for on-road racing. They are usually made of lightweight material such as aluminum or titanium. One road bike works well on paved roads but it may be unstable on unpaved trails. Loading heavy packs is also not so suitable with this bike. 


A good bike is lightweight. And this depends on the material. Steel is the most popular one. Chromoly is also a special type of steel which endures the stability and stiffness but still lightweight. 

Therefore, chromoly is often more expensive than aluminum or normal steel. In contrast, aluminum is lighter than chromoly but it is also more brittle and easily damaged. There are also titanium and carbon fiber used for manufacturing bikes. But they require more meticulous manufacturing. 


Gears help you to pedal lighter on different terrain. However it gets you a little bit flustered at the beginning of shifting gear. There are left and right shifters and the left one for different gear up front meanwhile the right for rear gears. 

In terms of number of gears (push bike), there is variety from one up to thirty gears. For example, road bikes usually have 18 gears in total.


Assembling fenders or not is up to your aesthetic opinion. Some people consider fenders to make the bike heavier. But above all, fenders shield and reduce the amount of water, mud, grime from the ground and sky to your body. Before coming to adding fenders to your bike, the compatibility between the two components should be cared for. 

Whether your bike has enough distance between wheel, brake and frame is strict to accommodate fenders. The minimum clearance is 15-20 mm.


The saddle is an important factor that guarantees your comfortable upright position while cycling. There are some vital examinations for the seat selection. Firstly, the material of the shell. Is it spandex, vinyl or leather?  


Trek FX1 is absolutely an excellent hybrid bike for the family. Fluctuating in a friendly price tag, the bike is perfectly suited to all your bike commuting. With the lightweight aluminum frame and other good quality elements, it provides you security and comfort for every mile. 

If you want a commute bike specifically custom for your own style then C1 City Bike is an amazing decision. Even though it costs higher than its counterparts, you will be pleased with its exotic quality. Make sure of fastness and supreme comfort. 

Girlish bike models come with the best choice of Sixthreezero ENVYjourney. The bike attracts you at the first sight with its cream color for the aluminum frame. Meanwhile still keep an aerodynamic combination with the brown color of the seat and grips. 

FX 1 Stagger also actualizes a bike that is both good looking and sturdy with an affordable price for females. The step-through frame makes it easy for you to hop on and hop off. 



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