Best Bike Chain Lubes

best bike chain lube

Chain lube is an indispensable part equipped to your bike for a safe smooth ride.

Here is the list of 14 best bike chain lubes that you may consider adding to your bike equipment list.

So far, the best product on the list is Finish Line DRY Teflon, followed by Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube and CERAMIC SPEEDUFO Drip Chain Coating their durability, effectiveness and user-friendly

Best Dry Chain Lube

The first type of bike chain oil is Dry chain lube. Following is the list of the 5 best products that I recommend you.

1. Finish Line DRY Teflon

Outstanding dry chain lube

5/5 star

Finish Line DRY Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube

The winner of the list scores first for its effectiveness in keeping the bike chain dry and reducing the absorption of dust and grime. Taking advantage of Teflon fluoropolymer, the Finish Line puts the chances of friction and moisture at the low level.

The dry wax-like synthetic film is an outstanding design of the chain lube. It contributes to the withstanding of the oil up to 100 miles.

The Finish Line is also multi-usage. It can be used to support brake pivot points, cables, or other mechanical parts of the bike.

The size of the bottle is indeed portable. With 5.6-inch height only, it can totally fit a pocket or the bag of a riding-lover. However, the plastic shell requires much force to squeeze the oil out, and it is probably the only drawback of it.

This dry chain lube is highly recommended for the dry, dusty and hot environment, but it can still work quite well under high-moisture weather.


  • High versatile oil
  • Excellent dust absorption
  • Portable


  • Squeeze force required

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2. WD-40 Bike

Excellent for bike maintenance

4.5/5 star

WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lube

The WD-40 stays high on the list for its superior ability to work under dry and dusty routes. Polymers in the product can form a film to protect the chain against such outer attackers and repel dust and dirt from the chain.

The no-wax formula ensures the grit and grime is chased away instead of being stuck and thickening inside the chain. The ideal route for this chain lube is in a hot and dry environment. The oil, however, can be easily washed off under the rain.

The bicycle chain lube helps to extend the longevity of the chain by reducing the friction under constant riding motions. It has passed many tests and received approvals from reliable third parties for its safety and effectiveness.

The outer design of the bottle is also highly estimated. Lightweight, handy and easy-to-use are the features of the product.


  • Lightweight and handy
  • No-wax formula
  • Reasonable price


  • Washes off with rain

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3. Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube

Best for wax-based lube

4/5 star

Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube 4oz

The Squirt bike chain lubricant gets scores for its long-lasting maintenance, even under a high moisture environment and wet condition. The oil is directly applied to keep the chain run well.

Using a biodegradable wax-based emulsion method, this bottle of lube is not only environmentally friendly, but it also deals effectively with dust and dry environment. I suggest it for the route where bikers ride through grit and grime.

It can absorb and omit the intruders without hurting the chain. What is more, it can extend the chain’s life expectancy. One time of adding oil into the chain can last for 100 to 120 miles, but the rain may considerably reduce the remain and effectiveness of the lube.

With the handy design, the bottle weighs only 2.2 pounds, which is a little bit heavy compared to the others, but it can fit people’s bags for the riding trip without much trouble. The shape of the bottle supports human squeeze force, so it is easy to use with different customers.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Handy and easy to use
  • Long-lasting


  • Limited under rains

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4. MUC-OFF Dry Chain Lube

Good at reducing friction

4.5/5 star

Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube

This best chain lube for mountain bikes is one of the most ideal solutions on the list for gritty trail rides. From my experience, the quality of the product is really worth trying.

The Muc-off is applied with the unique design of wax-based with PTFE additives. The combination helps to lessen the friction created between the dirt and the running chain.

The lube also extends the longevity of the chain and prevents the corrosion of the chain when riding through water and wet damp. It can remain the effectiveness well under short time exposure to water and moisture. Nevertheless, the lube is still recommended for dry trips.

The shape of the bottle is indeed a bonus point for the product. The spray-on design generates deep penetration into the chain and its details. It allows for easy application and thorough adding.


  • Reasonable price
  • User-friendly design
  • Unique composite
  • Extra effectiveness


  • Much squeeze force required.

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5. Maxima Chain Pro

Best for dry formula

3.5/5 star


The Maxima is specially designed with 100% synthetic and dry formula, which emphasizes the focus on keeping the chain working well under dry conditions. Whether users are going on short or long rides, this chain lube can satisfy either requirement.

The shape of the bottle facilitates easy usage. The soft plastic cover allows users to squeeze the oil out. Also, the narrowed head generates deep penetration into the details.

Especially, the smell of the oil is comfortable. It helps to avoid hard feelings for constantly using.

Generally, this bike oil can smoothen the chain of the mountain bikes, although sometimes dirt build-ups can be formed around the chain. Also, the lube does not seem to work well when it comes to wet and water surroundings. Thus, the ideal environments for this lube are dry and mountain areas


  • User-friendly design
  • Comfortable smell


  • Occasionally dysfunction
  • Not for wet conditions

Best wet chain lube

The next group on the list is wet chain lube. Here come the reviews of the 4 best ones.

6. Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube

Best for wet chain lube

5/ 5 star


This Finish Line bike chain oil is so far the top product over other lubes on that group. With the outstandingly long-lasting and effectiveness, I would recommend it to people in the rainy areas.

As it sounds, the chain lube features water-repelling with formulated viscosity synthetic oils that keeps the chain works smoothly under extreme weather. The chain will avoid being loud, rusty or malfunction underwater.

To take full advantage of a water-resistant design, this product is recommended for the rainy and high-moisture atmosphere. Depending on the level of harsh weather, the lube can last from 100 miles in one time applied.

The bottle is handy and lightweight. However, the design of the bottle requires a lot of squeeze force since the outer layer is thick. Also, the plastic cap needs careful protection of temperature and avoidance of pressure. It may break quite easily and result in a mess.


  • Long-lasting
  • Extra effective under the rain
  • Handy and lightweight


  • Unendurable cap

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7. Muc Off Wet Lube

Best for environment

4/5 star


Here comes a Muc Off with a wet bike chain lube version. Still having impressive features like the dry version, the wet lube even offers more of them.

First of all, the Muc Off gains points for its durability under wet and muddy conditions. It helps to reduce the friction by absorbing the energy during motions. The water-proof composite repels the dust and mud that stick to the chain. In that way, it delays the rusty process and enhances the life expectancy of the chain.

Secondly, made with biodegradable materials, the chain lubricant is environmentally friendly. It is highly approved by parties who concern about the environment.

Lastly, the customer-focused design underlines the comfort and easy to apply the approach. Besides smelling good, the lube bottle releases the oil with average squeeze pressure. Also, the head shape facilitates deep and accurate penetration into the details.

This lube is my top favorite for its lightweight and handy, though I wish it was bigger compared to the price.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extra effective and durable
  • Enable deep and thorough penetration
  • Light and easy to use


  • A little bit small and expensive

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8. White Lightning Wet Ride

Best for noise elimination

3.5/ 5 star


This White Lightning best chain lube for mountain bikes has superior technology in combining pure premium synthetic oils and water-repelling polymers. It creates lube wear to enhance the smooth of the chain under extreme weather conditions.

The wet film is effortlessly created after applying the oil to the links. That film helps to protect the chain against rust and dust contaminants. Not only does it enhance the longevity of the chain, but it also keeps it smooth and quiet on road.

However, oil has poor maintenance. It can work well for approximately 80-90 miles, then it requires constant cleaning and supplement. The mud and dust build-up may create noise and reduce the effectiveness of the chain. Thus, regular checks and removal of such contaminations are needed after a maximum of 90 miles.

Designed with a handy and lightweight bottle, the container, however, requires careful protection. High-temperature or drop-off may lead to oil leaks or an uncontrollable amount of oil when pushing out.


  • Extra water-proof
  • Good anti-rust and contaminants
  • Lightweight and handy


  • Constant clean required
  • Bottle protection required

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9. Rock n Roll Extreme Lube

Best for multi-usages

4/5 star


Rock n Roll Extreme Lube is one of the best bike chain lubes that can be applied to the chain in either dry or wet environment. It is an ideal product for people who love to travel through different areas in different seasons but can still save room in the backpack.

The chain is designed with the 2 main functions: clean and lube. To activate it, users have to let the lubricant penetrate deep into the chain. Then, supported by the force of wheeling backward, all the dust and dirt will be trapped and forced to the surface. Keep wheeling for at least 5 seconds and then wipe out the clods.

Without any further steps, the bike is ready for a ride. The remained lube helps to reduce the friction, as well as keep the chain run smoothly. To ensure the effectiveness to the maximum, I recommend repeating all the steps before riding because the lube does not last long on the chain.


  • Multi-environment allowed
  • Duo functions
  • Easy to use
  • Handy and lightweight


  • Constant application required
  • Pricey

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Best ceramic lube

The last group on the list is for the best ceramic lubes. There are 5 best products that I would love to show you.

10. CERAMIC SPEED UFO Drip Chain Coating

Best for reducing friction

4.5/5 star


The UFO Drip is unique for the method it applies: the lubricant comes out as a liquid and then curves and forms a solid coat around the chain. For the best use, this lube is not for an immediate ride – let the liquid sit until it forms a film.

That coat helps to encapsulate and prevent the chain from the dust and contaminants. Also, the film reduces the friction to enhance the life expectancy of the chain and keep it wheel quietly.

Made from a blend of waxes, trace oils, and friction modifiers, the lube can maintain protection for over 124 miles. After that approximate length, users should apply more to the chain without cleaning the chain.

This Ceramic Speed bike chain lubricant can work well under several types of weather, so users do not have to worry when riding through a dusty route or under rainy conditions. Thanks to the long narrowed head, the lube can reach to protect the deep and small details in the chain.


  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting
  • No weather limited
  • Thorough penetration facilitator


  • High price
  • Time needed

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11. Finish Line Ceramic Wax Bicycle Chain Lube

Best for dry climate rides

3.5/5 star


The third-on-list Finish Line presents one of the most advanced and effective products of the branch. Applied superior technology and ingredients, the lube can form a thick and appropriate coat surrounding the chain. With the clean solid film, the chain is no longer attracted to dust and grime which affects the longevity and efficiency of the bike.

The wax-based product features a durable ceramic coat. The ideal area for this lube is dry and dirty conditions since it can be easily washed off by rain.

The maximum route that a one-time application can take is up to 120 miles. This is an average number for lube to fully active, so Finish Line is considered effective and long lasting.

With the impressively lightweight and portable design, this lube chain can be taken in a small pack. Notice that the bottle is breakable easily over time and oil leaks may occur through a cap or the barrel.


  • Durable film
  • Extreme protection
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Easily breakable bottle
  • Not for wet environment

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12. Muc Off C3

Excellent performance in wet and damp

4/5 star


The Muc Off best bicycle chain lube is specially designed for the rides in wet and damp conditions. Like other ceramic lube, the C3 facilitates the solid firm to encapsulate the chain and it remains well with the influence of water.

This wet chain lube contains Boron Nitride and Fluoro Polymers which enhances the performance of the bike chain against friction. Energy, as well as muddy contaminants, is absorbed and dispersed, so the chain can run smoothly and no noise is caused.

Biodegradable ingredients make up 95 percent of the lube. Also, to ensure the full coverage of the ceramic coat, users can use the UV light. The combination with tracer dye in the oil makes it visible under it.

This best bike chain lube excels in long distance. With one time of application, the bike can run for miles before another addition is required.


  • Excel in wet and damp conditions
  • Dramatically reduce friction
  • UV light check facilitator
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Limited in dusty condition

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13. Zefal

Excellent wet ceramic lube

4/5 star


The Zefal lube scores for the superior Teflon technology. Thanks to the ceramic-reinforced, Teflon-based formula adds 15% effectiveness to the whole compared to the sole Teflon method.

The ideal environment for the lube is either dry dusty areas or wet rainy damp. The contaminants, whether they are dust, grime or mud, stuck to the chain are trapped and then easily eliminated. The longevity and efficiency of the chain are thus extended.

However, from my experience, this bicycle chain lube fully activates in wet and high moisture conditions. Its long-lasting reduces significantly in grit and grime atmosphere, in the meantime, affects the smooth chain.

The bottle design generates easy to use experience for users. The thick yet flexible plastic prevents deformation and oil leaks under pressure, so there is no doubt when packing it. Additionally, the long small head allows extra penetration into deep detail of the chain.


  • Extra long-lasting
  • Best effectiveness in wet condition
  • Durable container
  • Easy to use design


  • Limited in dry seasons

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14. SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube

Excel in dry areas

3.5/5 star


The last but no less impressive lube on the list is a Silca product. With the large size offered, this chain lube can be a very useful mate for the mountain bike ridings.

The main materials of the lube are wax and nano-scale tungsten di-sulfide which effectively contribute to energy absorption and limited friction. It helps to ensure the smooth wheeling and safety of the chain.

This product shows its effectiveness extremely well and durably in dry and dusty areas. Trails, mountainous or city roads are the target routes of the product designers. Using under wet or rainy weather may result in the deficiency of the lube.

One minus point of the product is the structure of the head. In spite of being narrowed and long as some previous product, this lube containers feature short and a little bit large hole. Although it still can reach the chain on the surface, the deep parts are hard to be fully covered. It would be more reasonable if the shape is adapted.


  • Good prevention of friction
  • Extra lube in the bottle
  • Deal well with dry and dust


  • High cost
  • Season limited
  • Unreasonable-shaped head

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How to choose the best bike chain lube

So, these are the brief of 14 best bike chain lubricants divided into 3 main types of lube: dry chain lubes, wet chain lubes and ceramic chain lubes. Following are the detailed clarification of these 3 types. You are going to have a more thorough insight into the best type for you

  • Dry chain lube

This is the ideal chain lube for your bike when you are going to take a dry and dusty road. Usually, dry lube features a wax-based formula that contains around 10 % synthetic oils and additives and 90% carrier fluid. When coming out of the container, the lube tends to be solid and neat.

Thanks to the solid form of the lube, this type is probably least attracted to dust and grime on road. If the contaminants build-up occurs, the lube does not require much effort or method to remove.

The ingredients in the lube make it light and clean to apply on the chain. Normally shaped with a long and narrowed head, the bottle allows users to lube their chain without any mess.

Dry chain lube is easily washed off by mud, water or rain.

  • Wet chain lube

If you are doing to ride your bike through muddy, rainy and high-moisture areas, then you should apply wet chain lube instead. Compared to dry lube, this special design for the watery route contains higher synthetic oils and additives.

Because of the formula, this type of lube attracts more dust and dirt on the road so it requires more constant cleaning and reapplies of the lube. Nevertheless, it lasts longer under rain and water conditions and deals well with the mud.

Due to the liquid form, wet chain lube is usually formed with a less thick layer on the chain, and users must be careful of a mess when using it.

  • Ceramic chain lube

The third famous type of chain lube is ceramic chain lube. Although it has been introduced in the last few years, I do believe that it has many superior applications.

Ceramic lube is somewhere between the 2 previous types. Coming out as wet lube, it will form a solid film to encapsulate the chain. Users must let the lube sit for hours before going on a ride.

Thanks to the transformable lube, it is easier to squeeze out and it works as multi-effect as both dry and wet lube. Some lube can work in either high and low moisture conditions.

Overall, ceramic chain lube products are more expensive than the other types.

Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most common questions you may wonder when learning about chain lube. May my answers for them supply you with more understands.

  • How to use a bike chain lube?

To apply the lube to the chain correctly, there are some basic steps to follow regardless of what type of lube it is.

First of all, the chain must be clean up. To avoid contaminants is to ensure the maintenance of the lube on the chain. You can use a soft handkerchief with a degreaser to clean the outer surface and inner link as clear as you can.

On the second step, apply the lube directly to each and every link. The narrow-shaped bottle is highly useful in that step. Deeply penetrate the lube to the link and make sure you maximize the coverage of it. You may wheel the chain backward some revolutions while lubing it.

Next, you use the soft tissue or the handkerchief to clean the excess lube on the chain. This is to avoid the messy or build-up on the run.

Lastly, let the lube form on the chain for some minutes. If it is a ceramic lube, you may have to wait for hours until the film is formed depend on each product.

  • How often should I use my bike chain lube?

Normally, the chain lube can be most effective in 100-200 miles. After such a distance, the lube may less efficient and need to clean and reapply. If you are an active rider, 1 or 2 times per week are probably enough.

However, the frequencies can be varied depends on conditions

Make sure that you use the right chain lube type for the right route. Applying the wrong type may result in the more unnecessary build-up and harmful to the chain.

Also, even when you apply the appropriate lube, you still need to check on the chain if you sense the loud or unsmooth motions of the wheel. Loud noise or stuck dry motions refer to the lack of lube on the chain.

Under those circumstances, clean up and reapplication is needed after each individual run.

  • What factors affect a chain wear?

It seems that there are subjective and objective factors that affect the longevity of a chain wear.

Subjective factors may include what type of chain lube you use, what branch or product it is and how you lube the chain. Each type and each product may offer a different limited distance for the best use. In addition, the correct method to apply the lube decides whether you take full advantage of the chain lubricant or not.

Objective factors are related to surrounding environments such as the weather, the dust and mud, temperature and moisture. Extreme weather may negatively affect the efficiency of the lube. 


Above are the 14 reviews of the best bike chain lubes for you. Also, some further guidelines are added to support you in choosing the most suitable products.

So far, Finish Line DRY Teflon is the winner of the race, along with Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube and CERAMIC SPEEDUFO Drip Chain Coating are second on the list for they are durable, effective and easy to use.

It’s now your turn to make up your mind. Hope you have a great time using the chain lube.



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