Best Bicycle Helmets For Women

best bicycle helmets for women

You are a woman, and you have a passion for bike riding? You are looking for a stylish but still safe?

Here is my recommendation of 15 best bicycle helmets for women.

My top favorite women bike helmet is GIRO Synthe MIPS, followed by KASK Protone. They score high at their appearance as well as the security and ventilation.

1. GIRO Synthe MIPS

Best overall

GIRO Synthe MIPS Helmet

I was really impressed by the design of this Giro Synthe women cycle helmet. The colors are well-mixed. There are a variety of colors that fit your style ranging from cool to adorable lady.

The structure of the backward allows ladies to put their ponytail through. This ponytail accommodator is even adjustable. Women customers do not have to worry about the uncomfortable hairstyle thanks to the ponytail-compatibility design.

Along with fashion, the security system is highly estimated. Bars and liners play the main role of redirecting and reducing the force in case an accident occurs. Users can adjust the chin strap to fit their own size the best.

Also, air tunnels are cut widely on the products, which ensures the air-clear degree of the GIRO helmet. Thus, an hour of cycling cannot deform your hair at all.


  • Personalized ponytail-compatibility
  • Impressive look
  • Adjustable parts
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Age limited
  • Partially cover

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2. KASK Protone

Best for road riding

KASK Protone Helmet

This KASK Protone is the runner-up in my best bicycle helmets for women list. Compared to GIRO Synthe MIPS, this lady bike helmet looks no less interesting. Different colors are available, so you can feel free to choose the one that fits your style best.

The best feature of this helmet lies in the soft pads inside the product. It helps to absorb the outer force, and more than that, this part is odor-resistant. It keeps you from a long smelly trip pretty well, which is crucial for women bikers. Also, these pads are removable and very comfortable when they are on.

There is a fixed hair-facilitator. The point is you got to adjust your ponytail to fit the hair-hole.

The ventilation system is a positive point of the KASK. The secure cradle is adjustable and well-fit for all aged users.

From my experience, KASK Protone is definitely a clever choice for women who love road riding.


  • Odor-resistant
  • Removable and comfortable soft pads
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Adjustable cradles


  • Fixed ponytail accommodator.
  • Partially cover

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3. Smith Forefront 2

Best for trail riding

Smith Forefront 2 MIPS Bike Helmet

This female bike helmet is outstanding for its safety. If you love adventures and your riding route you choose is a trail or rocky road, then this mate is for you.

Smith Forefront 2 provides extra protection for your head. There are an extended multi-rotated visor and hardcover to both your front and back. All the ventilation holes are specially designed to ensure the air-flow but prevent the direct hit. Your safety is the most focused point of this design.

There are 2 main holes in this helmet. The first one in the back facilitates your hairstyle. The second allows the camera to attach on. If you are on the way to discover a virgin trail, you can record it with the camera stick tight on your head.

The security strap of Smith Forefront 2 holds tight under your chip to enhance the stability of the helmet. It is adjustable as well.


  • Extra cover of your head
  • Adjustable security parts
  • Personalized visor
  • Camera-facilitator


  • Fixed ponytail-hole

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4. POC Tectal Race Spin Helmet

Best for protection against injury

POC Tectal Race Spin Helmet

Having a lot of things in common with Smith Forefront 2, this women road bike helmet provides superior ventilation. 15 vents are offered to fully activate the air-flow through the shell. I can feel the cool atmosphere even in summer rides.

This design emphasizes the safety of users with full coverage and an adjustable visor. The shell is made of materials that help to absorb and redirect hits if the is a crush.

The chin strap is probably the part that I like the most about the product. It can be adjusted to fit your head size and it is user-friendly.

The ponytail-accommodator in the back is also fixed. It is a bit small and in a high position for me, so it requires adjustment of the hair whenever I use it.


  • Superior ventilation
  • Adjustable parts
  • Extra protection


  • Hard-to-use ponytail hole

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Best for ventilation

LAZER Z1 Helmet

This women road bike helmet has a really impressive ventilation system. The whole shell is combined with bars and lines that create long and full holes. Users do not have to be afraid of hot tired riding trips.

This is one of the best bicycle helmets for women because of its design. The appearance of the shell is outstanding and different from the usual products.

There are soft pads under the hard shell. This structure helps to protect you from the direct force between the obstacle and your head, as well as between the hard outer and your skull.

However, I would prefer it if LAZER Z1 offers removable pads and more coverage of the soft pads. With the current design, the best route is the city road, because the skin may meet the rocks or small stuff on the ground if the crush occurs on trails.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Adjustable security


  • Limited protection

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6. GIRO Aether Spherical

Safest road helmet

GIRO Aether Spherical Helmet

Another helmet from GIRO branch! Still, the design is one of my prime choices.

The shell has a well-done appearance. It has sophisticated curves and lines, which may fit plenty of ladies’ styles. If you are looking for the best bicycle helmet for women, perhaps this one will meet your expectation.

This GIRO Aether women bike helmet has a stunning structure. The ventilation made of lines and curves works well under extreme weather. The outside protection is made of good material that can absorb energy from the crush. Also, the soft inner layers create a comfortable and safe zone for the skin.

The design makes a comfortable and large room for almost any hairstyle.

The strap is indeed endurance. It can be adjusted to fit your head size if you are aged 5 and older. This is absolutely my priority for my road rides.


  • Sophisticated design
  • Protective inner layer
  • Adjustable security system
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Aged limited

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Best for commuting

BELL Z20 MIPS Helmet

Here comes an eye-catchy cycle helmet for women! BELL Z20 MIPS helmet is designed with an upgraded outlook that makes you look like a fashion biker.

The upgraded version adds a new layer of foam– now there are 2 instead of 1. This layer makes me feel as it the helmet is doubled with safety and comfy.

To be honest, what I like most about this female bike helmet is the soft pads. This one is extra effective when commuting in hot weather because it absorbs sweat well. This feature is crucial if you travel on the city road where a traffic jam is always a problem.

Additionally, the ventilation – thanks to bars and lines, allows the airstream to flow through. In the meantime, the shape of the shell redirects the force and reduces drags in the worst scenario.

That helmet for commuters is suitable for people aged 5 and older.


  • Stand-out design
  • Extra foam layer
  • Superb ventilation
  • Adjustable parts


  • Age limited
  • Partially cover

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8. TROY LEE DESIGNS D3 Fiberlite

Best for downhill riding

TROY LEE DESIGNS D3 Fiberlite Helmet

Frankly saying, this helmet ranks high in my best bike helmet for women list because of its extra protection.

So far this is the first full-cover women bike helmet on my list. The hard shell covers all over from your skull to your chin, and there is even an adjustable visor that facilitates even more cover.

That makes the helmet a great choice for downhill racing!

In spite of the serious appearance, D3 Fiberlite is actually lightweight and very comfortable. It has the cheek-pads inside to fit your best and ensure the satisfaction of the skin.

The ventilation is accommodated through the windy tunnel which posits in the front, back and upper back of the helmet. Compared to the previous helmet, this one is slightly hotter to wear than others.

Inspired by the racing helmet model, this product is a great choice for a cool adventurous racer.


  • Full coverage
  • Inner soft pads
  • Superb protection
  • Lightweight


  • Limited ventilation
  • No hairstyle accommodator

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9. GIRO Aerohead MIPS Helmet

Best triathlon helmet

GIRO Aerohead MIPS Helmet

This women road bike helmet has a really special feature – a transparent visor can play the role of a glass that protects your eyes from direct wind, sunlight and other dust and bugs in the air. Thus, it serves well in the high-speed triathlon.

Not only in a race, this product can be really casual. The visor is adjustable and removable because of an anchor. I like such a user-friendly and personalized helmet.

There are some large holes running along the top and the back of the helmet. It activates the ventilation through these holes. This helmet suits various types of weather regardless of hot or cold degrees.

GIRO Aerohead MIPS partially covers your head and the size is available for people over 5 years old.


  • Extra protection visor
  • Adjustable and removable parts
  • Fair-enough ventilation


  • Age limited
  • Partially cover

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10. Giro Fixture

Excellent ventilation

Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

This helmet is considered one of the best bicycle helmets for women for its design and impressive features. It may go well with diverse clothes and fashion, from a cute sweet to a cool street racer.

Ventilation is one of the main focused points. 18 large vents run along the top and sides of the helmet, which ensures the air-clear while riding. Soft pads are added in order to enhance the comfy and safety of users

There is an adjustable visor on the front of the helmet. It increases the stylish look of the product and helps to keep the water-drops out of your eyes in case of a bad route or weather.

Giro Fixture offers this women-specialized design, and it so far does a good job in either appearance or other features.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Adjustable parts
  • Affordable price


  • Partially cover

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11. SMITH Session MIPS

Best budget helmet

SMITH Session MIPS Helmet

Here comes another product from SMITH branch – SMITH Session. This particular version contains an upgraded layer of foam which helps to reduce the damage if any occurs.

What is highly estimated from this bicycle helmet is the coverage of it. The hard shell protects ¾ of your head and a part of your ears. In case of an accident, the back of the skull is under the protection and the ears can hardly be injured.

The inner pads which look like a honeycomb are an energy absorber, as well as comfy your skin. The multi-position visor can protect the customers under different situations.

One more thing about the inner pads: There is an odor-resistant liner to stay in to decrease the sweat and smell. This is an ideal feature that I always consider while picking a helmet for a long riding trip.

Ventilation is somehow limited by the honeycomb-shape of the inner layer. However, I personally think that 15 vents and plenty of air channels make the riding trip totally bearable in the summer. In the winter, this design is indeed a cozy head-protector


  • Extra coverage
  • Odor-resistant
  • Upgraded protection
  • Adjustable parts
  • Reasonable price


  • No ponytail-hole
  • Limited ventilation

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12. Bern FL-1 Pave

Best for recreational cycling

Bern FL-1 Pave MIPS Helmet

Talking about the top 15 best bicycle helmets for women, I cannot forget Bern FL-1 Pave. The Bern can be used daily as if riding is your recreation!

One of the reasons lies in the security of this women bike helmet. The material can deal with the impact well. The outer structure aims at reducing the speed of rotational fall. Also, the hard shell covers widely the back of your head. In other words, the soft important part of your head is carefully protected.

The ventilation of this one is another positive point. The bars and lines make the helmet look so up-to-date as well as active in the air-flow system. There are 18 holes in total.

The chin strap has a knob on it, which makes the helmet so user-friendly and easily adjustable. This feature, along with the fit of the helmet, ensures the security of such equipment.

Last but not least, there is a removable visor. You can put it on to avoid sunlight, or you can personalize it by omitting it.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Adjustable and removable parts
  • User-friendly
  • Extra protection


  • No ponytail hole

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13. Smith Convoy

Best to match with eyewear

Smith Convoy MIPS Bike Helmet

First of all, the Smith Covoy women cycle helmet scores for its extra protection. The extended hard shell covers the back of your head to prevent damage in case impact is from the back.

The soft part inside the helmet is thick. It is essential that this part prevents you from the impact of the outer force and the hard shell.

The chin strap is well adapted. Users can loosen or tighten it so that the helmet fits your head best.

In addition, the air-flow system is enhanced with up to 20 vents divided equally all over the shell. There is also a visor that is integrated into the shell. I would love it more if the visor is not fixed.

Last but no less important: This design aims to facilitate the eyewear. This is a strategically outstanding move to personalize the helmet.


  • Good ventilation
  • Extra protection
  • Facilitate eyewear
  • Affordable


  • Fixed visor

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14. Bontrager Starvos

Best budget for roading cycling

Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Cycling Helmet

Bongtrager Starvos‘s design has an impressive looking: it suits well with cool girls.

The helmet protects the upper part of the head, although it leaves the ears and back parts uncovered. The surrounding edges are added with soft pads to comfy the skin.

There is a net layer that plays a crucial role in protecting the skull. It lies under the hard shell to avoid direct impact from the outside. In the meantime, it generates the air-flow through the shell. I personally approve of this layer for it creating a cozy shell in cold weather and an air-clear channel in the summer.

Also, another layer is offered to absorb the moisture. This layer can be easily removed and washable.


  • Extra useful layers
  • Washable and removable parts
  • Adjustable security system


  • Partially cover

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15. GIRO Timberwolf

Best for the winter riding

GIRO Timberwolf Helmet

I highly suggest this Giro Timerwolf for low-temperature weather.

There are the extra warm pads put into the helmet to ensure your winter trip will be as cozy and warm as possible. These wind-proof ear-cover pads are a bonus to keep users from dust and wind in the cold weather.

The soft layers are purposefully placed inside the helmet to create comfortable feelings and decrease the impact of a hitting situation.

In the summer, these pads can be removed to enhance the ventilation channel of the shell.

The design emphasizes the safety of users. Hard parts cover all over your skull, and the chin secure cable has a soft layer that ultimate the protection of your chin. This structure creates a safe shell that fit people aged 5 and above.



  • Wind-proof
  • Adjustable soft layers
  • Superb protection


  • Aged limited
  • Weather limited

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How to choose the best bicycle helmet for women?

Perhaps after reading my reviews, you already have some favorite products on your cart. There are only some notes that you should consider before picking one.

When selecting a helmet, there are 3 categories that a good helmet must have: fit, safety and ventilation


First and foremost, the best bike helmets serve as your most crucial protector, so it must hold your head tight. When an accident occurs, the helmet has to stay on your head.

However, you may feel really uncomfortable if the helmet is too tight. An extremely tight helmet is as bad as the too-loose one. It may become suffocate, hurt, or lack room for other devices like glasses.

There is normally the technical statistics of the product. Different sizes are offered with the appropriate numbers. I highly recommend you to choose the helmet that allows you to personalize the size with removable soft pads and an adjustable secure system.


After defining your head size, it is the next step to pick the helmet that is qualified.

There are various designs of helmets. It can partially cover (BELL Z20 MIPS), fully cover, cover with ear-pads (GIRO Timberwolf ), etc. Maybe you can pick amongst these designs to fit the route and the weather you are going to ride.

The designs of the hard shell should also be taken into account. The shell must be hard enough to deal with the extreme impact. Some are designed with energy-absorb and redirect bars and lines. Most of them have inner layers to soften the hit. Make sure that the outer layer is sturdy and the inner layer is comfortable for your skin.

You may check the description again because there is some helmet used with a particular purpose. For example, D3 Fiberlite is a special design for downhill races

There are some standards you can learn about the helmet. Safety technology such as MIPS, SPINS and WaveCel is applied in almost all the introduced products.

MIPS techonology makes sure the protect devices can bear the rotational hit without much move from the head. SPIN provides silicon pads, while Wavecel enhances the strength of the inner lines. GIRO Synthe (MIPS) or Bontrager Starvos (WaveCel) is an outstanding example for such technology .

Safety verification (CPSC, ASTM) is also a reliable standard.

The first one refers to the test and certify of the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). ASTM, also, is responsible for testing the qualification of the products with the industry standards. These two institutions are known as the international third-party certification programs.

Smith Convoy, BELL Z20  or GIR Aether is qualified to both of the standards.


Compared to 2 previous factors, the ventilation system is no less crucial to fulfilling your trip.

You may consider the following tips to define how many air holes in the front, top, or rear of the shell sound enough for you.

First of all, the ventilation depends on what route you mainly ride your bike.

If it is an urban area with a clear atmosphere, almost no dust or bugs flying in the air, you just need to choose the one with fewer vent holes. In this case, Smith Forefront 2 is a clever choice.

If you love city roads, where traffic and temperature are terrible, you may consider buying a helmet with more vents like POC Tectal.

Next, the weather also closely influences your choice. The ventilation needed can be varied among seasons.

There are designs for your summer rides: lightweight, excellent ventilation, and washable soft pads. LAZER Z1, on this occasion, is considered a good choice.

Also, some designs for winter-only is on the table: less air-hole, extra soft-pads, fully cover. Some of my recommendations are GIRO Timberwolf Helmet and  D3 Fiberlite

If you are a year-round bike rider, then the helmet with an adjustable ventilation system, user-friendly and personalized parts is for you. GIRO Synthe and KASK Protone are on my top-list.


From my using experience, I can tell that GIRO Synthe is the best bicycle helmet for women, and KASK Protone is definitely on the second of the list.

Overall, these helmets serve well in diverse routes and surrounding temperature. Not only the fit and adjustability are highly estimated, but they also have the excellent qualification and smart ventilation.

So, it’s time for you to decide on which candidate is suitable for you. I hope you find the best female bike helmet for your own!

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