Best Bar Tapes

best bar tape

With the duration of your all rides, your hands will hold the bar tape for a long time. It would be a small detail to be overlooked but can affect your riding experience. Many people think they don’t need to pay more for the bar tape. However, the material and the quality of bar tape which will define bicycle handlebar characteristics and offer your riding feels.

We suggest these bike handlebar wraps based on their price for the budget and their quality. After considering hundreds of road bike handle tapes, we think SUPACAZ Super Sticky Kush Star is the best bike grip tape. Because this tape stays tacky for a confident grip, even when wet.

1. Race Comfort

Best bar tape for people on a budget

Race Comfort Bar Tape

Race Comfort is the best handlebar tape for comfort and grip. We love this bar tape at a reasonable price. With durable layer construction, cyclists will feel a better grip with no pain to hands. This tape is quite lightweight including plugs to handle since of its thickness. Holding this bike tape will avoid annoying from rough terrain and racing would be more additional smooth. However, with an individual whose hands are small, it could be awkward because of the thick design and 3 layers structure.

If you are sweaty when heat or ride, this bicycle tape is breathable. It is so tacky in damp or dry conditions that no sliding on a bumpy road. Compared to other brands, it’s affordable and good in looks. This tape can wrap well around bike bars except for color variety.



  • Good price
  • Durable and breathable materials
  • Adjustable around bends


  • Not suitable for small hands
  • Limited color choices

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2. SRAM Supercork

Best for the cork bar tape

SRAM Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape

Like other bar tapes with the cushion and grip, SRAM Supercork bike tape with the tight stretch that you can wrap the handlebar. The tape has an adhesive to keep the tape stay secured. You must wrap the tape without an instruction included. But it looks amazingly wrapped with multi-colors for choice.

This wrap also came with an additional palm cushion to wrap into the grip. Unfortunately, this cork bar tape gets dirty easily because the tape has a porous surface. You should wash it more often to keep it clean.


  • Reasonable price
  • Multi-colors to buy
  • Cushion grip


  • Get dirty easily
  • No instruction

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3. Bontrager Gel Cork

Best for a vibration-damping gel tape

Bontrager Gel Cork Handlebar Tape

Another bike bar tape for people on a budget we recommend is the Bontrager Gel Cork in a wide range of colors. This classic bar tape with the vibration damping power of gel to keep away from the unpleasant territory.

Prior to wrapping this handlebar tape, you don’t need to measure the length of the bar with the ideal stretch. You can easily set up the tape with no instruction. The surface of the tape is washable. However, we think this bike handlebar tape is heavier than others in the budget because of its gel.


  • Easy to install
  • Clean
  • Included the vibration damping power of gel


  • Heavier

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4. Domain Cycling

Best for the longest bar tape

Domain Cycling Extra Long Gel Bicycle Handlebar Bar Tape Wrap for Road Bikes and Cycling

We found that the manufacturers seem to cut out the costs by providing fewer bar tape in the box every year. If you’re searching for an extra-long wrapping tape, Domain Cycling is the longest bike handlebar tape that we recommend for you. Anti-slip leather was used to make this bike bar tape for its surface. It also has a cushion and gel underneath. Like other modern handlebar bike tapes, it contained end plugs and finishing tape with no adhesive backing.

However, it might not be tacky anymore after using it for a long time. In other words, the top layer separates from the gel or pillow layer. Perhaps the quality of the material was reduced to have a longer tape.


  • Quite comfortable while riding
  • Variety of colors


  • Low-quality materials

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5. Selle SMP

Best for a polymer bar tape

SELLE SMP Bar Tape Grip Gel

From a brand known for providing the saddles, Selle SMP also offers the users a bar tape that promises to be the best on a budget. This bike bar tape is made of polymer material and added gel for a comfy grip when riding on rough roads or gravel. Additionally, the micro-perforated pattern provides excellent breathability and grip. It fits well with or without gloves. You can keep the bar for such a long time, even in the rain.

Since it was made of polymer, so it had outstanding longevity. They made us feel smushy and are relatively dense. Other labels are thick and expensive but they have a surface that can wrinkle and gradually peel so far. Unfortunately, this bike handlebar tape just 2 colors in Black and White. It would be dirtier if you were to pick a white one.


  • Polymer material for the durability
  • Added gel and cushion for a comfortable grip


  • Only had 2 colors

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6. Kingou

Suitable for people in love with bright color bike bar tapes

KINGOU Bike Handlebar Tape PU Anti-Skid Bicycle Bar Tapes with Adhesives, End Plugs and Finishing Tapes

With a reasonable price tape for the bike bar again, we highly recommend the Kingou with adhesive, end plugs, and finishing tapes. This bar tape was made with vibrant patterns on the performance and ultra-light for the weight. The material is anti-slip for a relaxed and soft ride. The adhesive on the back is nice and tacky to help a lot when wrapping. The finishing tape is difficult to separate.

There’s no stretch to the tape, though which makes it harder to mount and get a good finish. It would be great if there were at least a little bit of it. If your hands are sweaty or otherwise wet when you use it, you can get a little slippery.


  • Color full design
  • Ultra-light


  • No waterproof
  • No gel for cushiony grip

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7. CINELLI Cork Tape

Best for a durable and washable bar tape


With people choosing a conventional bike bar tape for cost savings, CINELLI Cork Tape could be a good choice. The tape itself is large and comes with a sticky tape on the back that helps to locate it and keep it in place while you wrap the bars. No tape can withstand a tear-free accident, except for general use. We considered it to be a lot sturdy and easy to clean. This bike handlebar tape is reliable, with a small bit of stick, but can be re-tapped as needed, soft on the hands, but provides a good grip.

Despite the nice look, this tape can get slippery when it’s muddy. We’ve found it hard on a bumpy road or gravel. It’s worse while riding in the rain. So this bar tape is not a smart idea when you’re in a wet condition.


  • Good durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Traditional looks


  • Slippery when wet

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8. SILCA Nastro Cuscino

Best for a unique material bike bar tape

Silca Nastro Cuscino Bar Tape

As far as the consistency of the specific material is concerned, SILCA Nastro Cuscino seems to give a peek into the potential future of bar tape. Not happy with the available traction and wear resistance of the regular bar tape, this brand used car racing tires and running shoe foam to contemplate the next development in the handlebar tape. Provides outstanding durability for bar wrap. It can be used anywhere except for their terrain.

The only downside is that it’s a little harder to bundle up because of this thickness. But the result is worth the time and patience to get it right. The finishing tape remains in place, and the exterior has the right texture.


  • Durable and excellent longevity
  • Unique materials


  • Thick to wrap

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9. SUPACAZ Kush Star Fade

Best for a super dense bar tape

SUPACAZ Super Sticky Kush Star Fade Bar Tape

SUPACAZ Kush Star Fade is one of the good-looking bar tapes that we’re offering to young consumers. In order to absorb more sounds from the rough terrain, a special tacky surface and a slender pillow layer were placed. The tape remains tacky for confidence, even when it’s wet. The padding does not make your hand painful under gloves or bare hands.

The feel is very gripping—more so than most of the tapes. If you like it or you hate it, it’s your own choice. The downside is that the tape was really hard to wrap because it was dense and rigid. It’s hard to wrap it around the bar.


  • Iconic design
  • Tacky in any conditions


  • Thick to wrap

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For people who love the trendy bike bar tapes


One of our suggested bike bar tapes is LIZARD SKINS DSP. The brand has revised and modified the products for a better grip and ride feel. The thicker tape makes it comfortable. This bike bar tape also has a color palette to choose from with a stylish design.

We think it would be better to wrap this tape around the bike bar with a wringer as it’s harder than other tapes. But a stronger tape offers a greater grip while riding.


  • Variety of colors
  • Revised and updated materials


  • Thick to wrap

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11. FI’ZI:K Terra Microtex

Best for a rough terrain bike bar tape

FI'ZIK Terra Microtex Bondcush Gel Tacky Bar Tape

FI’ZI:K Terra Microtex is one of the simplest things to ride on the harsh ground. Unlike most of the bar tapes above, this tape has foam between the layers and an inner layer of Microtex that provides reliability and flexibility. When riding a gravel path, a sticky gel replaces adhesive tape to help users experience no damping impact. Instead of being too big, the hands hold the bar without feeling too mushy.

Due to its weight, we recommend a wringer to help you tie the bar tape around the handlebar. Has only one size with no extra length. This product lasts 2 years for warranty. However, we think that with hard quality, this product would last for a long time without becoming separate.


  • Cushion grip
  • 2 years warranty


  • Thickness
  • No extra length

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Best for water-proof bike bar tape

BROOKS ENGLAND Cambium Rubber Bar Tape

If you are bored with the traditional bike bar tape, you should look at the tape from BROOK ENGLAND Cambium. This bar tape is made of padded rubber with a textured surface for incredible traction in rain showers. It also prevents the distracting impact without damping the ground. It’s a lot more advanced than the typical bar tape. You don’t need to reapply it as much as you’d like to keep it looking fresh.

We can tell you that the longevity of this tape is powerful. Therefore it won’t wear out easily like other tapes, such as Lizard Skin. It spreads well and is easy to wrap. It’s super sturdy and grippy, whatever the conditions. However, it’s tough to match and not especially comfortable for all users.


  • Durable materials
  • Grippy wet or dry


  • High price
  • Average comfort

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13. SPECIALIZED S-Wrap Roubaix 

Best for water-proof bike bar tape

S-Wrap Roubaix Bar Tape

For cyclists often riding on the rough roads, we offer the SPECIALIZED S-Wrap Roubaix bar tape. It contained a vibration-damping foam gel. Your hands are not going to feel the effects of the terrain. Suede of the finishing tape is added to anti-slipping.

Using this bar tape for a long time, we don’t think it’s a perfect choice. You’re expected to change the tape regularly. Since the tape is no longer connected, the vibration of the road occurs lately.


  • Anti-slipping
  • Easy to wrap


  • Unendurable quality
  • Not good looking

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14. Fizik Performance 

Suitable for a small hand cyclist

Fizik Performance Bicycle Bar Tape - Soft, Tacky & Classic Professional Bike Handlebar Tape

A smart choice for users who love classic professional bike bar tape looks is Fizik Performance. It was made of leather, combined with a range of colors to choose from. Leather with breathable holes lets the hands stay damp.

The thin and slight stretch to the material also makes it very easy to wrap. This tape has almost no padding. It’s a synthetic felt, but it doesn’t even have a vibration damping effect. The lack of stretching also makes the tape more difficult to apply. This bar tape is recommended for users with small hands searching for something to keep while sweating profusely during hot weather.


  • Thin and breathable materials
  • Many colors


  • Not slippery and grippy
  • Suitable for small hands

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How to choose the best handlebar tape for your bike?


First, it must offer stability in all conditions regardless of whether the rider’s hands are wet with sweat or numb with cold. Second, the tape can make the handlebars easier to handle. Third, it needs to be used constantly for a long time. Due to these demands of the grip bike bar, Bontrager Gel Cork might be the smart choice at a reasonable price. It included vibration gel for damping to get a better ride.


  • Cork

Cork helps to absorb dirt and sweat. Cork might be the best choice to ride on hot days. It offers a padded feel under the hands. Cork is regarded as a natural material, which makes it more difficult to clean than other synthetic alternatives. It can tear and fry under heavy use. You can also notice that you have to wrap your bar on a regular basis. We recommend the CINELLI Cork Tape mentioned as sturdy and easy to clean bar tape.

  • EVA foam

EVA foam helps keep your gloves safe on the bar, even in hot or rainy weather. It’s also sturdy and fits well in both on-road and off-road riding. As far as the specific material is concerned, SILCA Nastro Cuscino bar tape would be a perfect option. You can clean it quickly only with soap and water. This sort of material can be stretched to wrap as long as you can.

  • Microfiber

Microfiber can prevent the disturbing effect of damping the territory. It transmits a road feel without harshness and doesn’t get squishy or slick like the typical gel tape. It’s better for us than cork. It’s great for those with sweaty hands. We suggest Selle SMP for those- a bar tape that promises to be the best on a budget. This bar tape contains the breathable holes in black and white.

  • Leather

The leather tape can be tricky to wrap, as you expected. It’s relatively rigid and lacks cushioning. Although it’s smooth to the touch. It looks really sharp. We offer Fizik Performance for those who love classical design. It was made of leather, combined with a range of colors. Your bike bar will look so amazing with this luxury material tape.

  • Polyurethane

Made with a polyurethane platform, its shape is lightweight and simple to handle. The tape is fade-resistant, even after washing and a lot of squeezing during cycling hours. Over time, the colors remain strong. One of our favorite Polyurethane handlebar tapes is Domain Cycling. It also has a fantastic length to wrap, unlike other bar tapes. Another contribution to this bike handlebar tape is its water-resistant ability. This helps users who don’t mind a few raindrops to keep riding in the rain without too much thought.


Fitting with your handlebar tape based on your riding position on the bike. If you hold your bike bar so tight, you need a soft tape to ride for hours. SPECIALIZED S-Wrap Roubaix is what we would like to offer due to the good grip of a bar tape. It made of suede to be not slippery.


Most cyclists prefer a thin bar tape. You don’t need a wringer to wrap. However, being thick doesn’t mean not feeling well while riding. Nowadays, many manufacturers provide a dense bar tape but for a better grip. SUPACAZ Kush Star Fade is known for a super thick bar tape for bike handlebar that we’re offering to young consumers. The tape remains tacky for a stable grip, even when it’s wet.


Choosing the best handlebar tape for your style will reflect your characteristics. With several color choices, young or older cyclists can easily buy the right one. For example, darker colors are a smart choice for those who don’t want their tape to get dirty. Or with a bright tone, which means revealing the dynamic characteristics. We would list many bike bar tape brands with many colors like LIZAR, KINGOU , and SRAM  with stylish design.


After considering the list of bar tapes, we think SUPACAZ Kush Star is the best bike grip tape. Because this tape stays tacky for a confident grip, even when wet. The feel is quite grippy — more so than most tape.

Another bike bar tape we would recommend is Bontrager Gel Cork in a wide range of colors at an affordable price. One more of our favorite bike bar tape is Domain Cycling. It is the longest bike handlebar tape we suggest for you if you’re looking for an extra-long tape to re-wrap.

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