Best 16 Inch Bikes

best 16 inch bike

Children’s early exposure to cycling will help to increase their health and sport skills. A 16-inch wheel bike is a solution for parents who seek a bike for their child.

Here is the list of 16 best 16 inch bikes for children.

The best-of-all bike on the list is Woom 3, followed by Prevelo Alpha Two and Trek Precaliber 16. For all the consideration, these bikes have the best design and function of brake, wheel and frame.

Best premium bike

There are 5 best premium bikes to take into consideration

1. Woom 3

Best in all categories

5/5 star

woom 3

The Woom 3 is specially designed for children aged 4 and older, who wish to learn to ride a bike. With reasonable statistic numbers, this bike is indeed the winner of the list for its 2 emphases on balance and high security.

Weight only 11.68lbs, the bike is considered lightweight. It is contributed by high-quality AA 6061 aluminum frame for sturdiness and durability. The design of the frame allows easy handling with good stability and balance.

Utilizing well-designed wheels integrated with SOOPA DOOPA HOOPS aluminum rims and Aluminum hubs, the Woom is additionally enhanced with 16 stainless steel spokes for extremely lightweight and durability.

The design also focuses on the security of children. Constructed with rear brakes, the bike requires minimum force to pull. Children can thus control their bikes and stop safely in emergency cases.

Shocking-absorbent tires accommodate low resistant, yet well-designed grip for braking. Reflective strips on the sides alert other people of the rider’s existence for safety reasons.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Sturdy and durability
  • Effective braking system
  • Light-reflective

Cons: none so far

2. Priority Start

Best for durability

4.5/5 star


The PRIORITY START features a cycling product for children from 3 to 7 years old. With a weight of 15.9lbs, this 16’’ bike is light enough for a kid when cycling.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this design is the braking system. Dual hand brake with Front and Rear V-Brakes allows the highest level of control for its kid-friendly design. Also featuring Rear Freewheel, the bike facilitates free-riding development of kids.

The seat and grips of the bike are water-resistant, which makes it more durable and comfortable to use regardless of rainy or sunny conditions. The aluminum frame also helps to remain the balance of the bike quite well. Low-maintenance, grease-free and belt-driven makes it an excellent bicycle for children


  • Lightweight
  • Customized brakes
  • Water-resistant parts
  • Durable


  • High price

3. Guardian Original

Excellent adjustable seat

4/5 star

Guardian Bike Sweet ride! The 16 Inch Original Bike comes in these great colors

The Guardian scores high for its impressive adjustable seating system. Quick-release details allow adjustment to the seat, so it can fit children’s growth.

Using kid-specific Geometry design, the proportion of the bike is made to match with kids’ physical features. Smaller grip, short distance between pedals or low step-over is a necessary point for a kids’ cycling product.

Designed with a one-sided Safer SureStop Brake System, the bike aims to reduce the chance of kids confusing between the front and rear brakes. Nevertheless, the brake requires pulling force which may be heavy for children.

An aluminum frame with premium heat-transfer decals makes it a durable bike regardless of weather condition. With a weight of 16 lbs, children may find this product easy to keep balance when riding.


  • Durable and rigid
  • Good balance
  • Adjustable seat
  • Lightweight


  • Heavy brakes

4. Prello REVO

Best for wheeling system

4/5 star

Pello REVO 16 inch

This Prello is another impressive product designed for kids aged 4 and above.

Mainly constructed with aluminum, this 16-inch bike is indeed lightweight and durable. Measured with 16 lbs, the rigid structure makes it a good balance and effective training equipment.

Benefitting from both front and rear brakes, this product is considered high security. Tektro-aluminum V-brake and thin grips design, children can feel the ease in pulling the brakes. The reasonable size of this part contributes to the safety of children when riding a bike.

Like Guardian Original, Quick release seat is integrated for adjustment, although it is a bit too rigid. Yet the most outstanding feature of this design lies in the wheeling system. Kenda K-50 tires with Presta tubes are sturdy, high traction and durability. It plays a key role in providing good balance and safety on road.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Effective brakes
  • Outstanding tires


  • Rigid seating adjustment

5. Norco ROLLER

Excellent quality

3.5/5 star

Norco ROLLER 16

This 16-inch wheels Norco has rigid and highly balanced shapes thanks to the proportions of frame and wheels. Made with lightweight aluminum, the whole bike is easy to control on road.

The bike is specially designed for kids aged 4 to 5. All the proportions including pedals, brake, saddle and step-over are constructed with an appropriate measure. It would be better if adjustable details are added for a bigger range of ages.

Taking advantage of the front and rear brake, the security of this bike is high approval. The suitable gap allows small hands of kids to easily pull. However, the over-rigid and room-taking brake strings make it a bulky bike.


  • Well shaped
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good security


  • Low range of ages
  • Bulky brake strings

Best for multi-purpose use

Next, there are 4 best 16-inch bikes specially designed for multi-purpose use.

6. Prevelo Alpha Two

Best for multi-purpose use

4.5/5 star


Like many other previous bikes, the Prevelo is made with aluminum for the sake of longevity and lightweight.

Low and narrow geometry is enhanced to keep rider stay balanced, low-point and in good control. The lightweight 6061 aluminum frame makes the whole bike a rigid structure. High traction wheels play a huge role in guarantee the safety of kids

Being considerably secured, the brake system utilizes front and rear brakes. Tektro front and rear v-brakes are attached to increase the easy control of speed. Small reach brake levers make it suitable for kids’ hand sizes.

Probably the only drawback of the design is the chain. It is too tight for free pedaling, so it requires technical adjustment for more smooth rides.

The structure of this product is in the best use for children aged from 4 to 6.


  • Excellent balance
  • Good traction
  • Effective brake system


  • Tight chain

7. Early Rider Seeker

Best for cross-country ride

4.5/5 star

Early Rider Limited Seeker 16 Kids' Bike

This Early is probably one of the best bicycles to deal with extreme terrains. It produces high performance regardless of mugs, bumpy or rocky roads. With the active appearance, the design would impress the kids with cool style

Constructed with a majority of 6061 aluminum, the bike weighs only 13lbs, which is significantly lighter than other bikes. Easy-pull and short-lever V brakes facilitate easy control of children.

The 16-inch wheels with Vee Crown Gem tires are a huge bonus point of the product. Designed with a sturdy yet versatile surface, the tires of this Early Rider provide a durable, high-performance shell with good traction. Flat incident hardly happens, and it can keep the bike stay rigid even in gravel mountain routes


  • Highly rigid and balanced
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent tires and wheels


  • High price

8. Cleary Hedgehog

Best for sturdy frame

3.5/5 star


When putting on the same table with other products, this Cleary 16-inch bike has a relatively sturdier frame which can handle the force of children and recreational activities.

Made with a Lightweight 1020 alloy steel frame and fork, the frameset contributes to the balance of the bike. Children usually like to stand on the bike, and the strong frame keeps their fun moments safe.

The brake system makes use of Tektro junior V-brakes and brake levers for a quick response. Either front or rear brake is installed, but it is hard to adjust.

Also, the wheeling system is carefully designed with stainless components and sturdy tires. However, the wheels still feel untrue, and it needs technical adjustment.


  • Sturdy and balanced frame
  • Lightweight
  • Good security
  • Durable tires


  • Untrue wheels
  • Hard-to-adjust brakes

9. Raleigh MXR

Best with training wheels

4/5 star

Raleigh Bikes MXR Kids Bike

This Raleigh is the first 16-inch bike with training wheels so far on the list. It is specially designed for kids aged 2 to 4 who are cycling starters.

Mainly focus on providing balance for kids, the bike features a sturdy Aluminum frame with low geometry, which is durable and above all, can stand straight itself. 12-inch wheels are integrated for the use of small customers.

The brake style is a coaster, constructed with easy to pull handle brakes. The two training wheels effectively support children in cycling, and it is removable.

However, there is a problem that down-rates the product. The whole bike weighs up to 19 pounds, which is too heavy for children of target ages. Consequently, the pedaling system is heavy and it requires parent’s support to start moving.


  • Removable training wheels
  • Effective brakes
  • Good balance and longevity


  • Heavy weight
  • Difficult to pedal

Best budget bikes

The third category would focus on recommending 7 16-inch bikes at an affordable price.

10. Trek Precaliber 16

Best for people on a budget

4.5/5 star

Trek Precaliber 16

The Trek is probably one of the best products for people with a limited budget. The appearance of the bike makes it more like boys 16-inch bikes, but it is still impressive for girls.

Constructed with a simplified structure, the design aims to facilitate an easy fun trip. Children don’t have to encounter difficulty in controlling the bikes, instead, they can enjoy lightweight riding.

The actual weight of the bike is 17.98lbs, and it can lift to 80 pounds of rider and gears. Thus, with the high capacity, the bike can still company with children when they grow.

There are 2 training wheels attached to the bike. They are easily removable with bare hands, but it would be better if bigger wheels are provided for better stability


  • Easy to control
  • High capacity
  • Adjustable components


  • Small training wheels

11. Guardian Ethos

Impressive balance

3.4/5 star

Guardian Ethos 16 inch bike

Here comes another Guardian bike, but this Ethos has some distinctive features compared to the original version.

The Guardian impressed people with its sturdy and well-ratio frame that is durable and balanced. The low focus and kids’ proportion designs contribute to the easy riding and good traction of children. With a total of 17.5lbs, this Ethos version is a little bit heavier than the Original, but it is considered not heavy for target users

Constructed with a Safer SureStop Brake System with a one-sided brake, the Ethos successfully prevents children from being confused between the front and rear brakes. Adjustable seat height makes it useable even when children grow up.

There is one more different feature of this Ethos version. Instead of as smooth as the Original, the grips are designed to be uneven for better traction against sweat or moisture. However, such design results in hard feeling and uncomfortable against children’s hands after a while


  • Easy balance
  • Secured control
  • Adjustable components


  • Uncomfortable grips

12. Co-op Cycles REV 16

Best for daily cycling

4/5 star

Co-op Cycles REV 16 Kids' Bike

This Co-op 16-inch bike with training wheels gains scores for its casual look that fit daily practice with all genders.

Constructed with Aluminum and steel for most of the parts, the 16lbs bike is indeed durable and well-balanced. The sturdy 6061 aluminum single-speed frame facilitates the capacity of the rider and gears up to 80lbs. Kids may gain weight but the bike can still bear them.

The Co-op benefits from a rear coaster brake. The training wheels are easy to attach and remove, which accommodates children’s development of independent cycling. The only problem is that the training wheels are not so endurable, it may start to crack after some months.


  • Easy to adjust components
  • Lightweight
  • High capacity


  • Unendurable training wheels

13. Schwinn Elm

Excellent bike for girls

4/5 star

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids

The Schwinn introduces special girls 16-inch bike with adorable decoration and proportions for baby girls aged 3 to 5 years old.

Mainly coloring with teal and pink, the product focuses on designing an adorable girly bike that is eye-catchy for girls. Attached with 2 small training wheels, provides major support for learning cycling.

Adjustable saddle and slack seat-tube angle are bonus points of the bike. Parents can easily adapt height and proportion to fit with children’s growth. Light frame, smaller grip and simple one-handed brake structure target at the easy traction of this early ages.

Also, the light materials are utilized for better and slighter control of the bike. Steel frame, accompanied with hard plastic cover, forms a lightweight but rigid structure. However, the hard plastic parts such as the front basket or bearings are breakable in outdoor conditions.


  • Impressively girly design
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable components
  • Rigid form


  • Unendurable parts

14. RALEIGH Rowdy

Excellent padded saddle

4/5 star

RALEIGH Raleigh Bikes Rowdy Kids Bike Boys Youth Years Old Bicycle

The next bike is a RELEIGH with a unique design for kids from 3 to 6 years old. 16-inch wheels with the concentrative design would focus children on practice riding and riding only.

Constructed with an Aluminum frame, the bike is certainly lightweight for kids. Single-speed is allowed for this bike, so kids can focus on cycling instead of worrying about shifting gears.

The braking system benefits from front and rear controlling system. Alloy V brakes facilitate easy and smooth stops. The Raleigh Jr. Mountain saddle and Soft PVC grips create comfortable feelings when riding.

The biggest flaw of the design lies in the proportion of the bike. The handlebar is too long, which results in the unbalanced and unstable of the whole. Thus, this bike may be more suitable for kids aged 5 to 6 and kids who have experience in riding a bike.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Smooth braking system
  • Comfortable components


  • Unbalanced proportion

15. RoyalBaby

Best for extra components

3.5/5 star

RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle BMX Bicycle Gifts Children

This Royal 16 inch bike with training wheels features an outstanding combination of original kids’ bikes with additional customer-focused details.

Integrated with a unique seat with a rear handle, the design makes it easy for parents when supporting their children. A water bottle holder under the saddle is available to keep water safe and clean. Children may find this useful for they can fill it with other gears.

There are training wheels attached to the bike for easy practice. The triangle pattern and reasonable distance offer effective and stable support for kids. These legs can be detached when children no longer need them

Built with lightweight steel as the main material, the bike weights up to 24lbs, which is much heavier than any other products on the list. The heavyweight leads to difficulty in pedaling the bike. Also, the chain and pedals show unendurable through noise and abrasion.


  • Good stability
  • Good security
  • Useful additional details
  • Easy to use training wheels


  • Heavy
  • Unendurable chain and pedals

16. Electra Sprocket

Excellent smooth ride

4/5 star

Electra Sprocket 16 Kids' Bike

The last product on the list introduces Electra Sprocket with standardized features and safety.

Benefiting from Aluminum as the frame material and steel for some other parts, they contribute to the whole weight of 20lbs. Although it is a little bit heavy, it creates a controllable transport for kids.

Single-speed with front alloy linear-pull brake and rear coaster brake is installed for better security. Quick response and smooth operation allow children to stop when they want to. Also, Patented Electra Flat Foot Technology allows kids to land their feet on the ground when stopping for safety reasons.

Removable training wheels are attached to the bike with no tool required for installment. Kevlar Guard tires make it durable flat-free tires


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Adjustable parts
  • High security
  • Flat-free tires


  • A little bit heavy

How to choose the best 16-inch bike

Above are 16 best products divided into 3 categories. On the next step, let’s see what criteria you should pay attention to when choosing a bike for kids


A 16-inch bike is not cheap equipment. The price can range from a hundred to many hundred dollars.

On the list, the premium bikes usually have a cost of approximately 400$. Budget bikes price is in the average of 200$. Along with the price, the quality is significantly different. Expensive products often go with lighter weight, more stable frames and have additional items.


Since it is a kid bike, being lightweight is important. An appropriate weight helps children to enhance their control, and thus the safety.

On average, a bike may weigh 14 to 16lbs. Some cutting-edge technology allows the bike to be integrated with a lighter frame and materials. Woom 3 and Early Rider Seeker successfully make use of ultra-light design for a lightweight product.


Frame mainly contributes to the whole weight of the bike, and it plays a key role in keeping the ride balanced and sturdy. Usually constructed with aluminum or steel, the designs always aim to increase the stability and durability of the bike.

The proportion of the frame must match with kids’ physical features. The step-over must be low enough, and the low-point geometry must be double-checked to support children in keeping the bike work.


There are several types of brakes offered on the list. Double-sided brakes, one-sided brakes, front and rear brakes are some of the types.

The most important quality of the brakes lies mainly in 2 things.

First of all, kids must find that the brakes are easy to manipulate. The grips should be distanced reasonably so that kids’ hands can reach the brakes without effort.

Secondly, kids must feel that the types of brakes are easy to remember. If they are too small, I suggest one-sided brakes bikes like Guardian Original or Schwinn Elm.


For 16-inch bike wheels, I recommend sturdy, good versatile wheels for kids. Although it is recreational cycling, kids deserve smooth and safe rides.

Also, bikes with training wheels are highly approval for their effectiveness in training kids’ independence and love for the sport. There are many products facilitating supportive legs that are removable. Prello REVO and Raleigh MXR are some of the bikes with training wheels.


Overall, Woom 3, followed by Prevelo Alpha Two and Trek Precaliber 16 ranks in the top position for the high quality in a braking system, frame design and lightweight materials.

So far, these are things that you need to know when considering a 16-inch bike for kids. I hope you have a great experience

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