Benefits Of Cycling

benefits of cycling

More and more countries encourage their people using bikes in daily life instead of other forms of vehicles to have a heathier and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

This trend is introduced the first time in 1999 in Amsterdam through bike-sharing system and now become popular in various European countries such as England, Copenhagen, French, …

So why cycling is a preference of individuals in so many developed countries?

In this article, I will help you get insight the truly benefits of cycling.

1. Weight loss

Cycling would help you have a good shape of body through burning-fat and increasing metabolism. You are able to burn 300 calories per hour by steady riding and the more you cycle, the more calories per hour you burn.

Though biking is not required intensive effort like many strenuous sports such as running or going to the gym, it still raises your heart rate gradually and burn body fat. Therefore, riding is a suitable and comfortable exercise for any age.

And up to your weight target, you should have a good strategy between diet and cycling in order to calculate the reasonable calorie input and output. If your intake calorie is less than the calories you burn, your body will be more well-proportioned. In contrast, you will gain weight naturally.

Having an application to track your daily exercise and calories is a good idea to make sure you still be on your plan.

2. Consume guilt-free snack


It is quite unreasonable when losing weight and enjoying snack are simultaneous. However, it is possible in case you balance your exercise and diet.

The more you ride, the more calories you burn and the more types of food you could consume. However, do not break the rule that calorie input is less than calorie output to lose weight!

3. Avoid heart disease

As you know, obesity could cause cardiovascular disease which included stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack. Fortunately, there are a great number of methods to reduce the rate of this disease and cycling is one of them.

Maintaining riding as a daily hobby does not only helps our body gradual improve and stimulate our heart muscle, blood circulation but also reduces our cholesterol level through burning excessive fat.

4. Better lung health

Cycling dose not only improve your heart muscle but also strengthen muscles in lung. Furthermore, bike – riding every day grow the circulation with enrich oxygen thorough organs including lung.

The faster you ride the higher breath rate you raise and the more blood flow into your lung.

5. Decrease stress and anxiety

When we cycle or do any exercise, our brain will produce a happy substance called dopamine. This is a hormone which influences in our emotion by enhancing the expectation of pleasure in human. As a result, cycling help us boost energetic and motivated.

If you are suffering anxiety or bad mood, taking your bike to the nearest park to you house and riding, this may help you get rid of stress and stimulate your optimistic energy.

6. Sleep well

sleep well

I used to struggle with lack of sleep and this issue is quite popular in our modern world where we need to work hard to make ends meet to support our family.

A study by National Sleep Foundation found that exercisers sleep better than non-exercisers. People who do exercise regularly also have a good quality sleep compared to those who sit more than 8 hours a day.

And sleep deprivation affects negatively to our over health and mental wellbeing.

One promising solution is that individuals should activate themselves by a variety of exercises, for example, the high- impact workout like HIIT cardio, running or gymnastics, the low-impact workout like LISS cardio, cycling or yoga.

The choice is up to you but in this article, I recommend cycling for all ages who want to gentle to your body, still need time to work and have a good quality sleep due to the convenient aspects of this exercise.

Again, cycling is easy to suit not only your strength but also your daily routine by riding to working place, shops, school, and so on.

7. Boost brain power

Getting out on your bike might be more beneficial to your health than you think.

Like all exercise, cycling maintains your blood flow with full of nutrients and oxygen through your whole body, especially for your brain. Hence, we can think faster and precisely.

A Dutch study in 2014 showed an evidence that after six months, the brain function of riders increases significantly and their problem solving, decision making skills perform better than those of non-riders.

As the result of another study in 2013, practice exercise like cycling regularly could improve some aspects of cognition including memory, reasoning and planning.

8. Have breakthrough ideas

When it comes to creative work such as artwork, dance, writing, filmmaking and composition or any work acquires breakthrough ideas, cycling may help you in some ways.

Sometimes, we stuck in our mind and we need to get out of the table and relax. Many say walking around or cycling gives them a chance to rest and the good ideas usually come up in their mind at that time.

9. Improve navigational skills

cycling improves navigational skill

Cycling around your house is a fantastic idea for the beginners, but when you are into this exercise, you probably want to cycle longer routes to discover more the outside.

And through these long trips, your navigational skills would improve incredibly. In the long routes, sometimes the Internet and smartphones are useless and these situations require you learn using a paper map or other traditional methods to navigate your arrival destination.

Most cyclists say that after practicing riding, they are confident to make their own cycling route by themselves and ready to guide a small tour of cycling.

10. Reduce cancer risk

Exercise is a good way to manage the rate of cancer and this is a reliable result from various scientists. One study in USA has demonstrated the regular activity is associated with lower risk of cancer recurrence.

Some healthcare providers suggest that regular cycling reduce the rate of breast and colon cancer.

11. Diabetes and biking

Obesity or overweight is one of the factors cause and or exacerbate diabetes type 2. Passive lifestyle is a major reason of this condition. In automatic world where we use robots to clean the house or go to work by cars instead of walking or even sitting in front of the computer in hours because that all the requirements of our jobs.

Our body is created to active so if we do not use that body’s function, it is replaced by diseases like diabetes type 2.

Cycling is not only the effective exercise but may also the suitable activity for daily life. It helps us decrease level of fat and activate the whole body during the day when we go to work or riding in leisure time.

12. Increase endurance

Doing exercise or playing sport improves your overall endurance. It is the same with Cycling.

When you cycle in sufficient level you will achieve result in strengthen your muscles and bones. It also has a good impact in your immune system by maintaining the T-cell, which plays a role like a guard in our body.

In Covid 19 pandemic, doing exercise as cycling to develop our health is necessary to protect us before this dangerous disease.

A lot of cases showed that patients who have healthy condition against not only Covid 19 but many other diseases better than those who have worse health.

13. Open social cycle

cycling opens social cycle

Joining a cycling club or a cycling group in your neighborhood is the great way to make new friends and open your social cycle.

There are a lot of activities for the cyclists in the club besides cycling in fix routes. For instance, after finishing one route, members usually have a cup of coffee to get to know each other. Through these meetings, your list friend has a chance to be expanded and if you are lucky enough, you are not only meet friends who are like-minded but may also create potential clients or a full of promise business.

14. Improve self- esteem

When you belong to a group you have prospect opportunities to improve your self-esteem owing to training your social skill or even leading skill.

In the cycling club, where all members are full of energy with sport spirit, it easy and comfortable to converse face to face with people. From that, you have chances to learn and practice communication and then develop your self-esteem.

Furthermore, in case you get permission to guide a route, this is your time to show your leader ability or at least discover that power in you.

15. Bonding time with family

These days, families tend to look at their smartphone than spending time with each other. To solve this problem, one feasible measure is getting away from these technology devices and participating in an outside activity like riding bicycle together.

Biking activity helps families create enjoyable times together and have various memorable memories which make relationships among members in a family tighter. Parents could understand their children due to teaching them about biking and children also feel their parents love through learning how to bike.

16. Eco-friendly vehicle

bicycle is an eco-friendly vehicle

Bicycle is a viable means of transport in large and crowded cities.

Along with the raising awareness of climate change of citizens, bikes perform well as environmentally friendly transport. Instead of using fossil fuel, we ride bikes and this lead to reduce a large amount of pollutant from vehicles emitting to our environment.

In fact, to encourage more people to become cyclists, the governments have created dedicate cycle lanes and developed bike-sharing systems and these policies are being successful.

Besides, the increasing number of bikes in many routes would help us to save a considerable amount of petrol for our future generation and this is an acute problem because fossil fuel is finite.

17. Slower Aging

When you have a heathy lifestyle, there is no doubt that you will look younger than your true age.

Cycling helps your physical health improves as well as your mental well-being. You are always in happy life with friends and family. You have strong health to enjoy the beautiful things would come to you. Hence, aging is just a number for you.

18. Improve sex life

Yes, it is true that cycling makes us more sexual to our partner.

Scientists proved that regular riding develop cardiovascular system and increase blood flow. And these are contributors of quality sex life.

A study in British Heart Foundation found that responders tend to believe that cyclists perform well in many aspects than others.

19.  A solution to save time in traffic

cycling in the street

A difficult problem in a lot of big cities is most people would struggle with traffic congestion in peak times. To begin with, I want to count two reasons of traffic jams. One is uniform working hours across the city leads to many cars on the roads and the another is bad road conditions.

Fortunately, however, a possible step could tackle to this issue is Cycling.

First, bicycles are suitable for short distance due to the compact design and light weight. The number of cars would decrease when people replace driving by riding when it comes to routes less than 5 kilometers. As a result, people would less be caught in a congested street and save time to travel.

Secondly, bikes are lighter than cars which beneficial for roads. To many heavy transports at the same time could damage traffic constructions and cause the short span of time for roads.

20.  Easy to use

Not like cars or other automatic transports which require you months or even years to learn how to drive and license to travel on the roads, cycling is much easier.

You just need equip for yourself with a bike, which is cheaper than a car, and take few hours to learn and practice in the park near your house or your front yard if it is big enough. And then you are a cyclist.

However, like every other forms of vehicle you should protect yourself by a hamlet and other security facilities to have a safe travel.

And comparing to running, you do not need a lot of physical strength to cycle. Bike-cycling may be comfortable for you but you could also sweat if you want by riding faster or longer.

In conclusion

I used to wait for the moment to change my weight, my health and procrastinate to have a healthier life. However, I realized my problem and attempt to transform beginning with Cycling.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start to be a cyclist today and obtain a great number of benefits from cycling.

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